5 Best Virtual Data Room Software Systems To Consider In 2019

If your business deals with highly sensitive and confidential data, it is important to ensure that your files or documents are well protected. You must also be able to organize your documents so when situation requires, say your client would like to know more information about the property that you are selling, you would be able to deliver it to your client in a timely manner. This will give you efficiency in serving your potential buyers of the needed information or data that they are looking for. But obviously, managing your file manually would require you huge amount of time and great effort. So you need a tool that would help you to do the job of organizing and protecting your files for you. This is when virtual data rooms come into the picture. Basically, a VDR or virtual data room is a technology that analyzes, organizes, processes and protects your files or documents in a more efficient manner. That said, having a VDR in your business is definitely an advantage. However, there are several vendors of VDR in the market and looking for the right one can be challenging. So to help you out, we picked the best VDRs in the market for you.


One of the most popular and trusted virtual data room software providers is eFileCabinet. This service provider provides a VDR system that helps businesses to get rid of paperwork and at the same time, process some workflows of automation that allow them to be efficient. Moreover, the modules of the workflow are specifically designed to meet the HR, accounting and other legal document processes.

Google Drive

Another great VDR system is Google drive. This software is the most used and popular cloud system storage across the globe. One of the best things about this platform is that its storage doubles up with the capability of handling office suite collaboration solution, own word processor and even spreadsheet programs. It has 15G for fee with live chat features. Lastly, it also works with different file formats.

Box Virtual Data Room

Another platform that most businesses use in protecting and organizing their documents is the Box Virtual Data Room. This system is so easy to deploy, use and maintain. Box Virtual Data Room provides wide levels of security access and watermarking. Moreover, this system also allows users to hide their collaborators. In this way, you can ensure the high level of protection when using the software.

Sharefile Virtual Data Room

If you are looking for VDR software that ahs the ability manage and facilitate confidential business transactions, Sharefile Virtual Data Room got your back. This system automates workflows for requesting approvals, providing feedback, co-editing and obtaining legally electronic signatures to boost productivity.


Anotehr great platform is the Egnyte VDR that secures your content collaboration. It also provides functions such as infrastructure modernization and data protection. Other reasons why you should choose this VDR software are hybrid deployment, securing confidential data and flexible platform.

Ultimately, there are several VDRs that you can see in the market. However, by carefully considering all the key factors and critically analyzing and comparing brands and models of VDRs, you will be able to choose the best and right software for you.

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