5 Reasons All Men Should Cut Their Own Hair

Learning to cut your own hair takes a big leap in confidence and self esteem, but it’s worth learning. Following I’ll explain 5 reasons all men should learn to cut their own hair.

#1 Cutting your own hair will save you tons of cash

Getting your hair cut on a consistent basis can be very expensive. On average, I’ve saved $80 dollars a month since I started cutting my own hair (not including tips) – That’s almost $1,000 dollars a year! If you don’t know how to cut your own hair there’s no alternative to avoiding the high cost of visiting a barber or hair stylist whenever your hair starts looking funky.

#2 You can avoid the hassle of the barbershop

If barbers weren’t the one and only authority on cutting hair, you’d never be caught dead in a one. Imagine avoiding the long waiting periods, travel, meaningless conversations, high costs and at the same time crossing your fingers in hopes that your barber gets your haircut right. By cutting your own hair, you’ll be able to avoid the barbershop politics of deciding to tip or not tip, determining how much to tip, having customers jump ahead of you, or waiting for your barber to finish eating or talking on their cell phone (which happens far too often).

#3 Learning to cut your hair will always keep you looking fresh

By cutting your own hair, you eliminate all excuses to not look your best at all times. You’ll be able to cut your hair in the same manner and as frequently as you shave your own mustache and beard. I take haircuts for granted nowadays, but I was recently reminded of “rougher times” when I didn’t have this skill “under my belt” and I’m glad I made the decision to become my own barber. Also, there are some cases wherein barbers are not able to do our desired hair cut style. So to avoid this disappointment, it is better to cut your own hair. 

#4 Cutting your own hair allows you to do it at your own convenience

Being able to cut your own hair will save you lots of wasted time driving to the barbershop, waiting for your barber to finish with other clients, scheduling a trip to your salon, or going out into the cold, rain, or busy traffic to get your hair cut by someone else. You won’t have to wait for the barbershop to open or for your stylist’s shift to start if you can cut your own hair – you will be your own barber and stylist

#5 You are your own best barber

Recently a coworker complimented the fact that my hair always looks crisp and professional and I was able to respond; “I’ve known my barber my entire life” – which shocked her. She must have imagined me training my barber to cut my hair since grade school, but I just thought it’d sound better than saying “I cut my own hair”. No matter what your barber tells you; no one cares about your appearance as much as you do (well, maybe your spouse does). The sooner you start cutting your hair, the sooner you’ll start getting better at it. You will become a personal barber to the most important client you’ll ever have – yourself.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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