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Super hero latest hearing aid : Affordable and Quality

As we grow older, there is a high tendency that we lose our sense of hearing. It is considered as one of the most common conditions that affect older people and even elderly adults. Based on studies, about 1 in 3 people in the US aged from 65 and 75 have hearing loss or having […]

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Prepping the Kitchen for Your Diet Resolution

Every New Year’s Eve as celebrators sip on bubbly stemmed filled glasses, copious amounts of people continue to resolve to lose those pesky pounds gained throughout the year. Along with the cheer filled pounds gained through the holiday season, this can be quite the daunting task when the house is still decked out with celebratory sweets and high-calorie leftovers. You will find More Like This by clicking here and you can finish your preparations and make your kitchen ready for your diet.


In 2019 my New Year’s Eve Resolution I was very successful at retaining my planned diet/healthy lifestyle goals; it is my plan to continue this successful journey throughout 2019! Similar to running a marathon, it is just as important to prep for ones’ weight loss as it is when training for a race. Here are the tips that I found to be the most helpful in getting my kitchen prepared for the 2009 New Years’ Eve Resolution to start on January 1st. If you apply these tips, it can help you out too in 2010.

Preparing ones’ kitchen is the first step in achieving success in ones’ “weight-loss resolution” plan. Here are the steps that I found helpful last year:

Step #1: Remove the Temptations

Temptations are hard to overcome, especially when the family kitchen is loaded with unhealthy selections. My goal each year is to entirely clean out the bad and replace everything with good selections. Yes, that even means emptying out the chocolate drawer in your office desk, chocolate cabinet, and/or hidden sweets in the back of the freezer. Even if not everyone is on the diet goal plan, it is helpful to get rid of anything that is not healthy. For instance, if you have little children in the family you must ask yourself – “Is this healthy for your little tikes if it is not for your body?” I once read somewhere that the most popular first vegetable most children eats in their lifetime is a French fry from a fast-food restaurant. On the other hand, the same parent will not give the family a beloved dog one since it is not healthy for the furry child. Double standards when the human child gets the shorter end of the stick.

Just a few things that need to be removed that may slip your mind: jam, cereal, high-fat butter, whole milk, frozen television dinners, white flour bread, gravy mixes, drink mixes to just name a few. As you do the next step, you can double-check nutrition facts labels to assure that everything going back into the kitchen is healthy and good for human consumption.

Step #2:Sanitize the Kitchen

Just as a simple quality assurance program, deep clean the cabinets, fridge, floors, and so on. A clean kitchen makes dieting easier for a few reasons that may make sense but are rarely thought about beforehand. One being the no trace left behind the theory, similar to the eight days of Passover during the days of Jesus Christ on Earth. Being an Episcopalian, I never generally had an interest in learning traditional Passover preparations until I read Mary Called Magdalene by Margaret George. The authors’ research suggested that wives holding the ceremonies would take special precautions in stripping the entire household of all unholy foods, either in the kitchen cabinets or lying around the house. This included days of scouring the entire kitchen to free it of even the tiniest breadcrumbs. If you can’t see it, you will not eat it. Secondly, a clean environment is healthier than a dirty one, free of bacteria and other viruses lurking around left behind from all the people traipsing around the kitchen during the holidays. Thirdly, a clean environment means a clean, fresh start which may just be psychological but works nonetheless.

Remember to completely clean out the refrigerator and sanitize the shelves, drawer and all condiment containers that you have chosen to remain in the house. Use rubbing alcohol to clean all dials and small trinkets that will remain in the kitchen, this works wonders on oven handles too!

Step #3:Remove Non-diet Cookbooks

Just looking at those high-calorie, high-fat recipe photographs can turn a successful diet plan into something very sour. Remember that these cookbooks are part of the problem; hence it is important to rid your kitchen of them and place the cookbooks away for a few months. It is important for the first few months to stick to healthy recipes so that you can train your taste buds and learn about healthy eating before you start to transform your old recipes into healthy ones. In addition, if you surround yourself with healthy influences such as photos and recipes, your mind will transform

Step #4:Stock Up

Now that your kitchen is clean and clear of all tempting unhealthy foods and grime, it is time to fill in the empty holes. Do not expect your diet plan to be successful if you do not prepare for its startup. For your first week simply go crazy at the grocery store and purchase all sorts of colorful vegetables. Purchase a few different vegetables that you have not eaten before so that you can have a little fun while getting to know your vegetables. In my household, we try to take all of our vegetables out of the clear plastic bags from the store. Showcase all the vegetables in your refrigerator so that when you open the fridge door the cheerful colors will brighten your mood and remind you of your lifestyle change.

This showcase of color is also important for the fruit in your kitchen. Place a large basket or bowl on your dining room table and in a clear vision on the countertops. Fill these containers with lovely, bright fruits for nibbling. Try to purchase all shapes and sizes of fruit so that there are many options and colors sitting around the kitchen.

Step #5:Fill Up On Substitutions

Part of a healthy diet, lifestyle change is all about making healthy choices. It is important to get rid of everything that is not good for the body and your new lifestyle. Temptations will arise so you might as well be prepared for it ahead of time and have healthy substitutes on hand. Here are my healthy substitutes:

*Agave nectar and honey instead of white sugar

*Soy flour or whole wheat flour instead of white flour

*Traditional Instant Oatmeal and/or Irish Oatmeal instead of individual instant hot cereal packets with tons of sugar

*Soy/Rice Milk instead of Whole Milk

*Whole, raw nuts such as almonds, walnuts, pecans, and et cetera instead of candy

*Sugar-free, all organic jam instead of sugary, processed brands

*Natural peanut butter instead of sugary brands

*Herbal teas instead of instant sugar drinks

*Whole wheat bread instead of processed white bread

Step #6:Clean Up the Water

Scientists and dieticians highly suggest drinking at least eight glasses of water a day for a healthy lifestyle. Not only will eight glasses a day help with losing weight but studies have also found that a persons’ complexion clears with a day’s full dosage of liquidation. Studies have also found that even though the local governments have taken a stab at cleaning up the water system, it is not enough to be clean enough to drink in large quantities. For instance, many cities have found that the instant solution to cleaning water is chlorine. Unfortunately, a large quantity of chlorine is unhealthy for the body and must be removed before drinking water. Home water filtration systems are now very inexpensive and come in all sizes. In our house, we purchased and installed a full home filtration system that was connected to our full water supply. For our townhouse, we have a smaller system that attaches to our kitchen faucet. We fill up 5-gallon water bottles to place on top of a water dispenser in our dining room. It may take a little longer than grabbing a pre-packed bottle of water but at least it is helping to reduce unnecessary waste in the landfill systems while we drink to a healthy lifestyle.

Solar Hot Water, what it is?

This article, the third in the series, will cover the passive solar hot water heating system. One of the simplest systems of heating your hot water using nothing but the energy from the sun, it is also one of the least expensive to build.

Just as the name suggest, passive means there are no moving parts in its system it relies on gravity and thermal dynamics to heat the water in your storage tank. I will explain this as we get further into this article. For our purposes we will cover the most common and the oldest type of solar hot water heater known, the “Batch” type. Surprisingly enough the remains of a rudimentary batch type system consisting of a large can painted black were found at the “Robber’s Roost”, the hideout of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, in Utah.

Basically what you have is tank that is located on the roof of your home in a position to harness as much of the sun’s energy as possible. This tank is usually coated with a heat transferring coating, such as flat black paint, so as to absorb as much heat as possible and transfer it to the water inside. Attached to the house water supply, cold water follows in under normal household pressure to replace the hot water as it is used. In most applications the solar tank is used in conjunction with your original hot water heater to provide for back up heating during the night or during colder weather.

You can further reduce the use of back up heat by placing the tank inside the roof instead of on top of it and providing for access to the sun through a glazed opening. This also negates the need to remove the tank when you have to replace the roof. Another option for keeping the water in your tank as hot as possible during the night is to install an insulated lid that can be lowered over the glazed part of the tank at night. There are several automated lowering devices available that are commonly used in the greenhouse world.

So if you are looking to get the most out of your solar hot water heating system, while leaving the smallest carbon footprint, this is the way to go. With minimal parts to buy, and no moving parts at all, this system is by far the easiest to install and maintain. In addition, Solar Hot Water is also considered as the commercial water softener alternative as it also helps in removing some toxic chemicals from the water supply. 

So now that we’ve covered the basics of how solar hot water heating works. In the next article we will begin looking at installing one in your home from choosing the style to having free hot water.

The Truth About Cell Phone Spying Software

If you’re seeking information on cell phone spying, then be ready, because these are the basics.

In this article, we’re going to look at three important points to help you understand cell phone spying software, quickly and easily. First, we’re going to be talking about the applicability of spying software. Next, we’re going to be talking about the capabilities of tracking cellular phones. Finally, we’re going to examine the legal aspects concerning mobile phone spying. After reading this article, you’ll be able to decide if phone spying software is worth using.

First, let’s discuss the applicability of cell monitoring.

Human relations should be based on mutual trust. However, sometimes life has its way of making us suspicious.

Do you think your spouse is having an affair? Painful as it may be, is better to know for sure if your loved one is cheating on you. But how can you tell, unless you’re a mind reader? Well, the simplest way to find out (while not raising suspicions) is using phone monitoring software. This is a surefire way to end the tormenting uncertainty.

While your wife/husband may be faithful, your employees may not. Even if you don’t suspect them of anything, the technology allows you to know exactly their location with minimum cost. You want to be ware if they’re sharing classified info, or maybe looking for another job.

Another important use of cell spying is with your children. No matter how well you think you know them, is better to be sure they’re not interacting with the wrong peers or even strangers. Especially in the Internet age, where there are more and more ways for malicious people to influence our kid.

So, whether is your spouse, employee or child you have suspicions upon, monitoring software may be a good solution.

Second, let’s discuss the capabilities of spying cellular phones.

Almost every Smartphone on market today may be spied upon by (secretly) installing spyware. From call log monitoring, phone book access, GPS tracking, remote bugging device, reading of SMS (even deleted ones) to actual call interception, anything can be achieved. Even James 007 Bond would be jealous!

The capabilities vary from platform to platform, and there are lots of available solutions.

Most spying software is undetectable once installed on the phone, and can be monitored with the use of a regular PC with Internet connection. The calls details of the smart phone can be checked through the Spiare un telefono android application. The application can be installed from the play store of the smart phone.

You probably wonder if it is legal to spy someone’s phone… and the answer is: Yes, if you own the phone or if you have permission (so it probably is ok for your spouse’s, employee’s or child’s phones).

So there are many sides of phone-monitoring. First, you can use it on your wife/husband, employee or children, if you feel like you should. Second, there are endless possibilities of tracking someone. Finally, you should own the phone in order to do the tapping legally. In the end, is your decision!

Great Plumbing Work at a Low Price

Got plumbing problems? Tired of paying an arm, leg and your first born to get it fixed? Well Tri-City area, there is a new sheriff, I mean plumber, in town. A-2-Z plumbing in Horn Lake is taking the area by storm. This up and coming service company offers good solid plumbing work for about half the price of the national chains. With licenses in MS, TN, and AR they can be at your beckoning call no matter where you live.

I personally had the pleasure of meeting one of their techs when my water heater went out a few days ago. I had already called a national company for an estimate when I received a 10% off coupon on a door hanger with the name A-2-Z Plumbing on it. Considering the price I had just gotten I figured it was worth the phone call. I was right.

The tech was courteous and professional and the price, well , try half the original estimate, and that was before the coupon. I couldn’t have been more pleased. As it turns out the owners/techs are not new to the plumbing business at all. They have been working under the umbrella of another company for 12 years in this area. All of the plumbers employed by A-2-Z are union trained and take their jobs very seriously.

The company is licensed, bonded and insured. They are open for business Monday-Friday but are available for emergencies 24/7. What’s even better? They give free estimates. If you decide to give them a call, feel free to ask questions. Not only are they knowledgeable about all aspects of the plumbing business, they don’t mind explaining the problem to you and ,if possible, telling you how to prevent future problems saving you even more money.

Did you know that white food items such as rice, potatoes and pasta are the worse things you can put down a drain or garbage disposal? In fact, Rice can actually cause a pipe to burst. Who would have known that the same foods that harm a diabetic can ruin your plumbing? I didn’t until A-2Z sent their tech to my home. Amazing what you can ask a man while he is in your closet (water heater closet).

So as for the newest plumbing company in Horn Lake, MS. This customer gives them two thumbs up. Life is messy and pipes burst and make it even messier but that doesn’t mean you have to get ripped off on top of everything else. Give these guys a call, I promise it’s worth it. Tell em Lisa sent you and I bet you get an even bigger discount. You can also visit

 for more information about the best plumbing services at a low price.

Renting Housing After a Foreclosure

After a foreclosure, your credit report is going to suck. You can pretty much forget about buying another house anytime soon. So you are probably wondering if you will have a really hard time trying to renting an apartment or home.

The truth is, yes, it is difficult to rent after a foreclosure, because most landlords will do a credit check and eviction check to make sure you’ve never had any problems paying your housing expenses, and if they see a foreclosure they may believe you will have issues paying your rent on time. They will think that you don’t take your housing bills seriously. But it is really up to the landlord, they may give you a break if you have a good story, and are able to pay a few months of rent in advance.

Save Up

The first thing you want to do after a foreclosure is to save your money. If you are blessed, you’ll have a family member or friend who will take you in on a short term basis until you get on your feet. This is not the time to get comfortable and put up your feet. You need to work extra hard to save up money so that you can find a new place to live for your family. You are going to be more attractive to prospective landlords if you can offer them a higher deposit or a few months of rent in advance.

Try to Rent a Room

Your best bet at this point is to get a week to week or month to month roomer agreement as a temporary place to stay until you get yourself on your feet. Your likelihood of getting accepted for a room is higher because 1) homeowners are less likely to do a full credit check and 2) a week to week or month to month agreement is less of a risk to a landlord or homeowners. So this may be tough a tough choice if you have a family, but try to find a roomer arrangement that would accommodate your needs.

Develop a Good Relationship with the Prospective Landlord

When looking to rent an apartment or home after a foreclosure you had better learn how to put on the charm. You are going to have to make the landlord feel extremely comfortable with you in order to convince him or her to give you a chance.

This may be a bit difficult task so you will need to sweet talk your way into the situation. Agreed that a landlord will not be easily taken in by the words of a stranger but if you add a bit of authenticity and genuineness to your personality then you can definitely achieve ends but make sure that you don’t put up a façade as that will expose you as a phony person. Keep in mind that you are going to discuss about rent and not the Parc Central Residences price of the locality that you need to kiss your way to the level of sycophancy.

Landlords want as little drama as possible. Their main objective in renting out space is to get paid, bottomline. So when you’re trying to rent after a foreclosure you have to do everything in your power to assure the landlord that they will get paid. Whereas before you only had to apply to maybe three apartment complexes, now you have to apply to ten or more.

Top 5 Best Free Apps For Pc

If you are looking for some apps that you can download in your PC, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with some of the best and free apps for PC. We chose various apps on this list that can be helpful in different requirements and interests.

Avira Free AntiVirus 2015

Certainly, one of the important things that you need to download or install in your PC is an antivirus software. This will protect your device from any malware of virus that may damage your system. However, some antivirus software are quite contention. That is why it is advisable to choose a software that has been highly recognized by a lot of users. One of those is the Avira Free AntiVirus 2015. It is k known for its consistently solid antivirus capabilities. It also covers the basics with on-demand and real-time virus scanning.

Music Bee

Aside from protection, you PC also needs some entertaining app. Thus,  music is the way for that and Music Bee is certainly one of the best in that category. MusicBee is a free music player that  makes your life easier when you want to listen to music. This app also supports a variety of formats from the ubiquitous MP3 to more unusual ones like APE, FLAC and OGC. Another good thing about this device is that it has a library management system that supports in synching devices like android and iPods.  This is like Songify for PC that also offers music platform on your device.


You may also want to consider downloading or installing a gaming digital distribution juggernaut that serves as an all-in-one games marketplace, launcher utility and discovery engine. You may also purchase games from steam’s massive selection of triple-A releases, classic titles, and indie gaming gems. One of the popular things about Musicbee is its wealth of social features like trading, messaging and gifting. It has also seasonal sales so it can be a great addition to any PC gamer’s desktop suite.

FactStone Image Viewer

Another app that you may want to install in your PC is the FastStone Image Viewer. This app comes with a host of editing and conversion tools. Also, it has an explorer style interface that makes tagging, managing and navigating images simpler as it also supports wide variety of image formats. The app also allows you to perfrom editing such as resizing, cropping, and applying several corrections and operation in order to clean up your photographs. The good news is that FactStone Image Viewer is still in the process of developing and the creator is still trying to improve and tweak the app to provide quality service to users.


It is also important that you have a powerful note taking app in your PC. This is when Evernote comes into the picture. This app allows you to save and sync text, images, audio and video clips and even entire webpages into notebooks that you can access in different devcies.

Choosing a Bathing Suit Color That Will Compliment Your Body Shape

There are so many sites on the internet that give information about what type or style of bathing suit you should wear for a particular skin type but what part does the color of the bathing suit play in the look? The color of your bathing suit could be blemishing the look of your overall appearance on the beach. Choosing a bathing suit color that compliments your body shape is vital to achieving an overall appearance that is flawless and worthy of sunbathing at the beach or by the community pool. Here are some tips for choosing a bathing suit color that will compliment your body shape! As you are done with all these tips you can get a perfect bathing suit for yourself on one piece swimwear online with their best service and products.

Black: A black bathing suit is great for areas of the body that are large and you wish to draw attention away from. If you have a large chest then it may be a good idea to wear a black or dark-colored top with a bold light-toned bottom. For a large bottom, a darker bottom should be paired with a lighter top.

The pattern of the bathing suit material also plays a key role in how your body shape is or is not flattered by your suit. Diagonal lines will draw attention away while horizontal lines tend to make the bust or the waist area look larger or at least the same size. Vertical lines will create a lengthening appearance while cut-outs will create a slimming and shortening appeal to lengthy parts such as a long torso.

Pink: There are so many shades of pink that you can get a pink bathing suit that will complement nearly any body shape. A bold and dark pink is perfect for creating a slimming effect or to draw attention away while a lighter tone of pink can be worn to draw attention to a specific body part or area. Pink is a great color for both dark and light skin tones as it creates a warming tone that is perfect for sunbathing bodies!

White: A white bathing suit is perfect for dark skin tones. White will definitely draw attention to a specific body part or are so if you don’t want a part to be noticed then don’t cover it in white! A white top will create a larger looking bust area, especially when paired with a black or dark lower bathing suit piece.

Nude: A nude color bathing suit is for perfect beach bathing bodies only. This bathing suit color is very difficult to pull off for even the most perfect body shapes! Nude works well when you want a body part seen by all!


Blue: Blue bathing suits are most suited for darker skin tones. Bold bright blues can be worn to attract attention to a specific body part while a light baby blue will draw attention to a rounded overall look. Blue patches are perfect for creating a slimming look for unsightly body shapes or areas.

Red: Want to get a specific area of the body such as your bust noticed? A bold red bathing suit top will definitely do this! Take care to pay attention to your skin tone when deciding on a red bathing suit as certain cooler skin tones may clash with a bold and bright red suit. A maroon suit is perfect for lighter skin tones and it really will flatter a mid-drift that may be slightly bulgy!

Stress-free Classroom Birthday Parties

If your child’s birthday falls between August and May, chances are you’ve had to host your share of classroom birthday parties. Elementary school students love treating their classmates to cakes, treats and games each year. But the classroom birthday party can be tricky to pull off. Here are ideas to host themed classroom birthday parties your child’s friends will love and make the event smooth and seamless for his classroom teacher as well.

First, contact your child’s teacher at least two weeks before you plan to bring birthday treats to her classroom. If your child’s birthday falls in the middle of the week, her teacher may request you wait until a Friday afternoon to host the party. Tell the teacher what items you plan to bring, any goodies or favors you want to give away and ask her if there will be time for a few party games. Especially in younger elementary-aged children, teachers have to be cautious of foods with nuts, flour, dairy or other common allergens. The teacher probably has a list of allergies for each student in her class, but be sure to ask just in case.

If your child’s class has an afternoon recess, it is best to plan the party just before or during that time. Kids will be more energetic after sugary foods and recess offers a chance to burn off the energy before transitioning back to classroom mode. Whatever your child’s teacher recommends, or requires, be respectful and honor it. Remember, your child might not be hard to handle. But the teacher knows her students and the triggers that set them off. She is ultimately responsible for her classroom management, and combining 30 young children with sugar and a change in schedule is usually a recipe for headaches and meltdowns.

Next, enlist a few volunteers to help you conduct the party so the teacher can focus on classroom management. Ask other family members, older siblings or cousins, or family friends to help you carry in your supplies, set up and serve refreshments, and clean up. Make a supply list so you don’t forget any essentials, especially large garbage bags, plenty of plastic silverware and napkins, and larger serving spoons. These are the most common items left out of party planning, and usually make for larger messes. School janitors hate dumping tiny classroom trashcans crammed with leaking drinks and cake plates. And trying to cute and serve ice cream cake with only a plastic fork inevitably leads to major messes and frustration. Bring your own and offer to carry all the large trash bags to the school’s dumpster before you leave.

The supply list should also include a package of moist wipes to clean up each child’s face after messy party snacks. Add some disinfectant wipes to wipe down any tables and desks on which food will be served and eaten. Most classrooms now have hand sanitizer or sinks in the room, but bring an extra bottle so children can wash their hands just in case. Finally, be sure to bring plastic cling wrap, aluminum foil and some disposable storage bowls to deal with leftover cake or treats.

Try to include your child’s administrative staff or alternate teachers, such as music, art and physical education instructors, in your party planning. Something as simple as sending a small tray of cake slices to the front office will brighten the principal’s day. Office staff, like secretaries and front-desk staff, lunchroom workers and janitors are often overlooked on special occasions. Bring colored plastic cling wrap and small party plates to prepare single-slices to send to these workers around the school. Older elementary children might want to deliver these treats themselves, if the teacher allows small groups to go around the school alone, and tell these workers how much they appreciate them.

Try to plan birthday treats and snacks that are classroom friendly. Opt for cupcakes to omit all the hassle of slicing and serving. Cupcakes also have the same amount of icing, decorations, and usually come with a single favor (like plastic rings or small toys). This eliminates melt-downs because one child thinks another got a bigger slice, more icing or more decorations on his piece. Cupcakes are easy to eat without silverware, cutting down on waste as well.

Instead of buying and scooping gallons of ice cream, give each child a small single-serving cup – the kind with wooden spoons attached to the lid. These may seem more expensive, but can be more cost effective. You can buy multi-flavored packs so each child can choose a vanilla, strawberry or chocolate.

Its not just the above flavors, but various others can also be included like black currant, orange, mango, treacle tart and a combination of one or more of them because ice creams are of different varieties and the flavors are too many to be taken into consideration. Kids are never fond of caricature so in a bid to make a unique combination, make sure that the basic ingredient is not ruined.

Prepare goodie bags or favors well in advance. Ask the teacher for a class list of names. Label each bag with a child’s first name to make handing out party favors as easy as possible. Skip large amounts of candy-kids will already be an a sugar overload from the refreshments, and many parents like to watch their kids’ candy intake. Instead, look for fun toys, games and school supplies in the party theme. Pencils, mini-notebooks, erasers and pencil sharpeners come in millions of colors, designs and shapes. Avoid making “boy” and “girl” favor bags with traditional pink and blue favors. Don’t assume girls won’t enjoy your son’s favorite frog pencils or boys won’t use your daughter’s Dora the Explorer notebooks.

To really demonstrate the spirit of giving to your child and her classroom, consider giving a birthday gift to the entire class. Consult the teacher beforehand and choose something the entire class can use for the remainder of the year, like a huge colorful parachute (many teachers use these on activity days and the entire class can play at one time), a bag of kick balls for recess, or new art supplies for the classroom.

Finally, before planning party games, ask the teacher what they are studying in science and art. Look for a craft activity that can tie in to your child’s birthday theme, but still have educational value in the classroom. Crafts that use photos of the child or her handprints, fingerprints or footprints, make great keepsakes that other parents will cherish. Offer to bring all the supplies and help the teacher conduct the activity. Bring an instant camera so children can take home photos of themselves to their parents.

Bitcoin- Set Cash Registers Ringing

What is the quickest way to earn money in the current times? The logical answer is through a well paid job or setting up your own business? Well, to be frank, they are more of old school if you compare it to today’s times.

Also, the youngsters who have just freshly graduated from college have little to no experience on how and where to begin, not to mention the cash crunch in their families. 

Children from business families don’t want to join family business and want to try it out on their own but cannot do so as they don’t have an idea of what to do and their family is not so generous as to waste millions on his capital.

Luckily, cryptocurrency market that came into being in the late 2000s proved to be a god gifted boon for such luck deprived individuals which they utilized to the fullest extent as soon as they got the opportunity.

Granddaddy of Crypto Money

Leading the pack in the crypto world is bitcoin, which is far ahead of others in the game like litecoin, ethereum, etc. as it proved to be an enormous success overnight and has the reputation of turning paupers into princes.

Thus, it can also be considered the granddaddy of cryptocurrencies as it is so relatable to everyone and doesn’t distinguish between rich and poor. It is the same for both classes and whether you are a success or a failure in it entirely depends on your skills in bitcoin trading and purchase.

It is easy for naysayers to say that Bitcoin was born out of despair and is virtually the last resort for people who are at a dead end in life and have nowhere else to go other than taking extreme steps.

Some other experts are of the opinion that bitcoin is nothing but a gambling technique and is basically a lure for the gullible minded fools who are looking out for opportunities on how to become rich overnight without the need to slog it out in monotonous 9 to 5 jobs in office.

While they may have strong arguments in this regard but it is a known fact that there is no such thing as free lunch in this world and you always have to pay for what you eat.

The granddaddy, bitcoin, does not differentiate between elite and underprivileged, as mentioned above, but what matters is that the people who are interested in purchasing bitcoins need to have a keen analytical mind as well as sound knowledge of market currencies in order to succeed in this trade.

Creating Awareness

After a booming start in the initial stages, bitcoin suddenly declined to abysmal depths in the early 2010s as people started to dismiss it as a flash in the pan and a get quick rich scheme.

Soon, it became so ridiculed and vilified across the world that people gradually abandoned their faith in it and started looking out for newer options. Indeed, it was the worst case scenario for the makers of Bitcoin as there was a nadir in business trade.

Therefore, before trying out for Bitcoin, beginners are advised to understand it in its entirety and need to create awareness that it is not as easy as it is made out to be and it may have similarities to an investment scheme, it is far different from it and depends on the market value of crypto currency.

Being decentralized in nature, it does not have a central bank to govern and regulate it and it is its own boss. For youngsters who have purchased bitcoin just for the sake of making money, there are numerous measures on how to do it in a safe way without incurring losses.

Some are as follows:

  1. Bitcoin Mining: It is similar to gold mining in the sense that the miners have to bring out the gold, bitcoin in this case, and make it known to everyone. While paper money is regulated by banks, bitcoin has a unique software to solve problems and have bitcoin exchange
  2. Take help from a website called Bitcoin Faucet as they generate their revenue from different ads
  3. Pay to see websites will give you bitcoin if you watch their videos in their entirety

Online Dating After 50 Can Work

When I was in my mid-50s, I was single, happy, and ready to meet the love of my life. I didn’t know where to start. I didn’t go to clubs and I had been in the same job for years. Friends tried to set me up, but it was awkward, risky, and didn’t offer me much chance to select for myself.

I had seen ads about online dating. I went to a website and signed up. It took two years and many encounters to finally meet the woman who would become my wife. In that experience, I learned a lot about myself and about the process of online dating “in the gray.”

While I am not a big fan of a free dating app, still I thought I should try out modern technique for once in order to move on with times and I found a mine of information in this regard and dating suddenly felt like child’s play to be and the very thought that I am way too old to be indulging into something like this slipped from my mind.

Here are some tips:

Embrace the experience. If you choose to participate in online dating, see it as an adventure and something that will pay off. Your attitude is everything in the way you approach the process and the people you meet.

Be Selective. Go in knowing what you are–and are not–looking for in a potential partner. Say yes only to what feels true to you, and be able and willing to say no if you see red flags. It will save you much time, energy, and hurt feelings (yours and theirs).

Be Patient. I literally met scores of women. I had single and multiple dates, and I even fell in love a couple of times, only to have the relationships end within months. Keep your head up and your eyes on the prize.

Be Smart. Exchange emails and texts at first. Get a sense of who the other person is and what his or her situation is. Again, watch for red flags and do not overlook or excuse them. Next, talk on the telephone. When you are ready to meet someone, set up short dates at first. Meet for coffee rather than for a meal (you can always run to a restaurant when the coffee date soars). Always be yourself. And look for the same in the other person.

Be truthful, thoughtful and courteous. If you follow the first guideline, you are happy and excited to be dating. You are dealing with other human beings, who have lives, troubles, and feelings. Everything you say and do makes a difference to someone else. Tell the truth upfront. Don’t display a photo of yourself taken 20 years ago. Don’t make up stories about your experience. If trust is broken in the first few moments, anything resembling a relationship from then on is on shaky ground. You will have to reject another person and you will be rejected by another person. It is part of the process. Do it nicely and try not to take it personally. Move on to the next person who has captured your eye and imagination. Expect an interesting, enlightening, and sometimes frustrating experience.

Online dating can work. I found my best friend, playmate, and lover in the process. Yours is out there, waiting for you online.

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