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Air Travel with A Disability Wheelchair

Travelling by air with a disability of any type needs preparation especially for passengers with a long standing medical condition, people in wheelchairs, with pacemakers, or for those who have lung disease or a psychiatric disorder. Firstly, check with your Doctor that you are able to travel, ask them for any medical certificates that may be needed in order to travel and notify your airline of any problems. This applies particularly to people who suffer from lung problems, deep vein thrombosis and pregnant women. Which is why you should consult a student adventure travel services as they provide you all the necessary information as well as tips that can help you with your travel. This is also applicable for people that have any kind of disability.

Regulation in airlines for those who are travelling by wheelchair must abide by the safety regulations which specify that seats next to exits must not be occupied by mobility impaired passengers. If you contact your airline ask for an aisle seat for ease of access for yourself as well as any crew member who may need to assist you. Here are a few tips for a traveler who is mobility impaired:

Before You Go To The Airport:

Before heading off for your trip ensure that you are fully prepared. Know how to assemble and disassemble your wheelchair for transport, ask your air agent about your seat and familiarize our self with where you are seated on the craft. Make your reservation as far in advance as you possibly can in order to prepare for your trip and ensure to inform the reservations person about your special needs on arrival and during the flight. If you are going on a very long flight and are unable to make it to the restroom without mobility, request that an aisle chair will be available for you during the flight. Your wheelchair will be stored as checked luggage so it is imperative that you have an aisle chair in order to be mobile.

Going to the Airport and Your Flight:

Always confirm with your air agent that they have your special requests allocated a least 48 hours before your flight is due to take off. Leave early for the airport and allow yourself plenty of time so you can get your gate check tag, which is attached to your chair and ask that your chair be brought to the gate on arrival of your flight. You should be first to board the plane and the request that you either be first or last to disembark. Certain airlines offer a privacy curtain to allow a companion to assist you and some of the newer aircraft are fitted with lift-up armrests on the aisle seats. Remember, no matter if you are only taking a short flight or a long flight, always ensure to inform the airline about your special requirements, check 48 hours prior to the flight taking off with your airline that your specific requirements are noted and give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport, book in, relax and enjoy your trip

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