All You Must Learn About Spray Foam Insulation For Household Use

Home insulation is important for many homeowners today. It helps control temperature especially during extreme weather months, while keeping energy bills on relatively low rates. That’s when you try to find the best insulation choices available, with spray foam often popping out through your search. But is spray foam insulation worth it for your home?

What is Spray Foam Insulation and how it helps Households today

Spray foam insulation or spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a liquefied solution which is usable by spraying on certain spots. Upon spraying, it quickly expands and fit certain gaps, cracks and holes easily. It has different type’s namely high, medium and low density as well. Moreover, spray foam insulation comes in different pressure to choose from.

And that’s how it delivers big benefits for your household.

  • High Heat Resistance

Spray foam insulation has an impressive resistance rate against heat. It offers air-tight sealing, so heat transfer cannot easily take place all over your home.

Heat transfer is when cold and air exchange happen. This usually take place when your air conditioning unit or thermostat is functioning during hot or cold weather respectively. Say, you’re air conditioning unit is running and its blistering heat outside. If there’s a gap on your wall, cold air from your machine tends to seep out and hot air goes inside. That would make your unit work harder to cool your home, meaning it would pull up energy bills.

Yes, having quality insulation prevents some of your appliances from working harder. That’s the basic key on how spray foam insulation helps in controlling your energy use.

Aside from energy efficiency, controlling temperature through SPF means keeping your family safe from some sickness as well. For example, when your walls and floor have lots of gaps, draughts can easily seep inside. Draughts are cold air from the soil which carries disease causing elements.

  • Blocks Air and other External Elements

There’s a long list of environmental elements you don’t want to come inside your home. Think of dust, sand particles, too much moisture, molds and even insects among other stuff. They cause a lot of mess in your home, and pose serious health risks to your family as well. Pollens, for example, easily triggers people with allergic reactions on pollens.

Another good example are molds. When more molds enter your home, expect them to form on your walls, floor and other damp areas. You don’t want to experience headaches just by trying to clean and remove them up. Of course, they cause food to spoil faster as well.

Thankfully, spray foam insulations provides superior sealing capabilities. It helps block any holes, cracks and gaps where unwanted elements may enter. Not even small contaminated air and dust particles can pass through.

Yes, you may need to block air as well, especially when you live in an urban city area. Think of smoke, smog and bad odors among other signs of dirty air. SPF is also capable of blocking those away from your home.

  • Provide Sound Barrier

This is probably the least popular benefit of spray foam insulation. But any musicians or other people who deal with sounds every day enjoy these perk.  SPF is helpful as a sound barrier, so sound cannot easily go out or inside the home.

For example, you want to enjoy loud music on a day off. If spray foam insulation covers your home, you don’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbors for a good time.

Another good example is when you plan to do an audio production. Such kind of barrier keeps external noise away from you, so your microphone won’t capture it while recording. Having clean audio tracks also makes the editing phase much easier for you. Use spray foam together with reliable acoustic blankets and you’ll surely get highly satisfactory raw audio output.

  • Convenient Installation

Spray foam insulation is fairly easy to set up in a home. That’s why many homeowners favor it over any other insulation solutions. You don’t need to work hard such as cutting pieces of panels, pounding nails and deal with adhesives for it. All you need is to spray the substance on your wall. 

Be sure, however, to carefully follow the basics of using its sprayer. Here are few tips as a guide:

  • Begin by wearing proper protective gears such as rubber gloves and face masks. This is to avoid getting the solution on your skin, and prevent inhalation of its fumes.
  • Properly plan your move before you begin spraying. For example, cover surfaces you don’t want to include such as light switches. Place ladders on areas where necessary.
  • Note that you need to replace the tip of the nozzle when you stop spraying for 30 seconds. That’s because the solution eventually clogs the tip. So, it’s best to work with an extra tip on hand, or move as fast as possible.
  • Be sure to put enough layer of spray foam on each surface needed. Merely ½ inch thick of layer is fine, since it would expand to 1 inch. Don’t put more than 2 inch of layer for best results. 
  • Lastly, note that each spray foam insulation product may have specific instructions from the manufacturer. Carefully read labels and manuals before installing.
  • Practical

Spray foam is more practical than other insulation in many ways. As mentioned earlier, it helps in pulling down your energy bills. Aside from that, it demands lesser expenses for maintenance as well.

Yes, spray foam insulation kits are certainly expensive to purchase. But it lasts for a long time on your home, with some even capable of reaching 20 years or more. It doesn’t require frequent replacement or fix. Meaning, you don’t have to spend big throughout its lifetime, making it more affordable than other insulation solutions on a long-term perspective.

Spray foam insulation certainly offers tons of perks for any households. Buy the best quality option today, and hire expert installation services to make the most benefits from it. It will cover your home with a high quality insulation system which causes you no hassles after set up.

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