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It is irrefutable that now beard and mustaches are in the top trend, but no look can beat a smooth, clean shaved look. With modern trends, wet shaving has lost its importance, but still, there are some people who prefer staying clean and smooth with wet shaving. In the early days, shaving was highly preferred, but nowadays, it is considered to be a waste of time, and most people avoid it as it is a difficult task to wet shave. There is a risk of getting a cut on your face if you don’t shave use the razor carefully.

Wet shaving refers to removing facial hair using a razor with shaving foam, water, or soap whatever you feel most comfortable with. It is necessary to wet the area to be shaved as it enables the razor to move smoothly on the skin and lowers the risk of getting injured from the blade. Wet shaving is highly efficient as it gives you to most smooth and clean look as compared to a barttrimmer, and making the area wet opens up the pores in the skin and increases the flow of oxygen and blood, which relaxes the muscles and gives you a great glow. Some tips can help you to wet shave in the best possible manner.

Some of the most amazing wet-shaving tips

Make proper preparations

Before wet shaving, it is necessary to make some necessary preparation to prepare your face for shaving with the razor as, without proper preparations, the razor can cause some damage or rash on your face. There are various things that you do to make your facial skin ready for a wet shave, such as applying some pre-shave oil or lotions on it. You can also use a hot towel and dab with it on your face. You must use a lot of warm water on your face before starting the shaving. If you have thick facial hairs or dense beard, then it is better to lubricate it beforehand so that razor doesn’t get stuck in it. Using a good quality pre-shave oil on the beard would be better.

Listen carefully to the razor

It might sound a bit stupid, but the razor creates a sound when it glides on your skin, removing the facial hair. You must listen to it carefully as it helps you to use the razor at the right angle and wet shave in the best possible way. You must turn all music, fan, or any other noise so that you can hear top the razor easily. You will get used to the sound of the razor, and soon, you will be easily able to recognize whenever you hold the razor at the wrong angle.

Go slow

Rushing into anything is always harmful, and especially when it comes to shaving, you should never rush. Most people fail to get a perfect lather while wet shaving, and then they try to rush, but it is not the right thing. Shaving should be done being calm and patient as a quick wet shave is of no use. You must do it slowly, enjoying it and when you will do it, you would be able to get a perfect lather easily. You must keep loading the brush until you achieve the perfect lather.

Replace the razors regularly

Shaving razors have a limited life; although there are some specific types of razors such as double-edged razors that can give some additional number of shaves, they also need to be replaced after three to four shaves. You should never keep the same razor for more than four shaves to save money as it can cost you even more than its price. Using old razors can be harmful to your skin and cause considerable damage or infections on your face. There are various modern shaving razors, so you must replace then razor and buy a new one after a couple of shaves when you could notice that the blades are no sharper enough to provide you a neat and clean shave.

Use water carefully

The amount of water is highly essential to get a perfect lather for a wet shave so you must do it carefully. You must squeeze the brush after dipping it in the water so that all the extra water can be removed.  Add a few drops of water on the brush using the fingertips. It is necessary to take care of it as you can add more water to a dry lather, but if there is a solution to the excessively wet lather as water cannot be removed from it.

The right temperature of the water

The temperature of the water is also an important thing to consider while wet shaving as too hot water can make the lather evaporate quickly. So you must use a moderate temperature of water to shave so that you get a good lather and shave it smoothly. Each shaving product has different temperature tolerance, so you must begin with normal water and then, according to the tolerance of your shaving product, adjust the water temperature.

Stay attentive to avoid cuts

Cuts are the most common injuries suffered by men while shaving, and one of the biggest reasons for this is a distraction. You must stay away from all types of distractions when you are shaving so that you can focus entirely on shaving. It is better if you are alone while shaving so that you won’t get cut. You should never rest the razor on your face, and whenever you feel like the razor is cutting through your skin, you should stop immediately and check.

Use alum bloc

Alum bloc is highly beneficial for wet shaving as it tightens the skin and also helps to cure any cuts or rashes. You can use it by applying some water on it and rubbing it on your face. It will make the skin tight and will give you a smooth and clean shave. Moreover, it doesn’t cause any burn or discomfort and is used by most of the people before and after wet shaving.

Get a perfect lather

The lather has a huge impact on the quality of shave you will have, so you must put the perfect lather, and you can follow some steps to do it. First and foremost, you must shake the brush and then put a few drops of shaving cream on it. Then you should take the shaving bowl and whip in it with the brush without adding water, and once you get the right texture of lather, you can add few spoons of water. You must keep an eye on the texture and look of the lather while adding water so that you won’t end up adding extra water. Adding to much water will make the lather thin, and a thin lathe is of no use as it will not stay on your face. After a few shaves, you will get a clear idea about the amount of water to be added to get a good lather.

To put it in a nutshell, wet shaving is an art that has lost its importance to some extent, but there are still some people who like to wet shave. For them, some tips can help them to get the best shave and become a perfect wet shaver.

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