An Ultimate Guide To Connecting Your PS4 Controller With The PC!

When it comes to PC gaming, the importance of the gaming controller becomes more significant. There are various controllers with varying features in the market, but the PS4 Dual Shock controller is one of the most popular and best controllers available for the console as well as PC gaming. You can connect it easily with the PC through USB or Bluetooth, whichever suits you. Most of the users face issues in connecting the PS4 controller with their PC. There are some simple steps that can get your controller connected with the PC.

If you are a gamer and prefer playing the game on your PC, then the PS4 controller is the best controller because of the fantastic features it offers. You can also design a unique controller, tailor-made for you on, and enjoy gaming. To connect the PS$ controller with your PC, you need certain software and need to follow specific steps for proper installation. You will need a dual shock 4 PS4 controller, along with its cable for the micro-USB port. If you are going to connect it with Bluetooth, then you can go for the Bluetooth adapter to get wireless connectivity.

Tips for proper installation of PS4 controller in your PC

The first thing that you need to know is you will have to install specific software in your PC to connect the PS4 controller with it. You can choose among Microsoft.NET Framework 4.5, DS4Windows, which can be installed on all windows except windows 7; for it, you will need the Xbox 3602 controller drive. If you want to play merely steam games, then you need not make any configurations, you can directly connect the controller and play, but for other games, you need to follow an installation process.

What are the steps to connect it with your PC?

Get the software

The first thing you need to do is downloading the software suitable for the operating system of your computer. You can install any of the software, as mentioned earlier on your PC. If you have windows seven or lower version, then you need to install the Xbox controller driver 360 first, but in windows 10 and 8, there is no need to do this as they have the software already installed in them.

Plug-in the controller

The second and the most important step are to plug in the controller on your computer. You can connect to it using a USB cable with port 2.0, and if you face any issue with that, you can try the 3.0 USB port. It is the final step if you only want to play steam games as now you can enter the setting the get started by configuring the controller.

Using the controller for other games

If you want to play games other than steam games, then you need to get your hands on the DS4Windows to connect the installer with the PC and then follow the following steps.

Downloads the DS4Windows

First, you need to download the latest version of DS4Windows and create a new folder for saving it. It gets downloaded in the form of a zip file, so you need to extract it. Install it and then enter the settings to start the configuration. Don’t forget to check the DS4 controller box so that it won’t create any hindrance to the settings of the game.


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