Be Airport Savvy: Eight Ways to Keep Your Sanity

  1. Checked Luggage.

Whenever possible, pack light so that you don’t have to check your luggage. This will help avoid standing in long lines, worries about your luggage being lost (you’ve seen Meet the Parents!), and the inevitable delays while waiting at the Baggage Claim.

  1. Travel Wallet.

A travel wallet will cost you about ten dollars, but the value is priceless. How many times have you rummaged around for your driver’s license, your passport, your boarding pass or money? A travel wallet will have a place for all of those things, as well as your credit cards and an extra slot for various currencies, helpful if you’re traveling internationally.

  1. Comfortable shoes.

Not only will you need comfortable shoes for standing in lines and walking around the airport, but remember that security checks all shoes with hard soles or metal tips/heels, so choose something easy to slide on and off.

  1. Avoid prohibited items.

No matter how many signs they post, people always seem to want to carry razors, pocket knives, scissors, lighters, matches, and hairspray. These items will not be allowed, so don’t slow down security.Place them in your checked baggage or just buy one at the local 7-11 when you arrive at your final destination.

  1. Liquids.

The newest airport security tactic is being strictly enforced. All beverages must be tossed prior to going through security, and any liquids or gels (i.e. makeup, lotion, sunscreen, shampoo) must be smaller than 100 mL AND must be in a sealed plastic bag. Again, don’t slow down the lines. You won’t get through with them, so help us all out and just follow the rules.

  1. Jet lag.

Get a good night’s sleep the day before you travel, drink plenty of water, and don’t get boozed up on the plane or during layovers. This will make the effects of jet lag much worse.

  1. Jackets.

For all of you who tend to be cold-natured, myself included, remember to bring a light jacket or sweatshirt with you for the plane ride. The flight temperature is set somewhat cooler than most people care for, as the body temperature of all those passengers and crew will warm up the plane considerably (it’s the same in restaurants, theaters, and cinemas). In order to keep the plane at a non-stifling temperature, it’s set to cool. A light jacket, sweatshirt, or blanket will keep you comfortable.

  1. Alcohol.

Though it was briefly mentioned under jet lag, alcohol can seriously affect your body while traveling. Drinking may seem like a great idea on a horribly long flight or layover, but keep it to a minimum. Too much alcohol will dehydrate you, and dehydration intensifies the effects of jet lag. Your body will have a hard enough time adjusting without you hindering it with too many miniature bottles of tequila.

Just follow the above points and you will find your flight quite enjoyable and with no trouble at all that will help you in maintaining your sanity without having to rack your brains at any airport in Washington State will not allow an insane person to travel on their airlines in any case.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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