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Best Spy Cameras Under $99

Spy cameras are not the costly investment they use to be. A good one that will provide the details needed guaranteeing your continued confidence in people you hire or to confirm the safety of those you care about can be purchased for less than $99.

It is the starting point of the cost regarding a spy camera and some may not afford the most expensive one but nevertheless, even the smallest one is not like your regular Facebook spy tools but much more advanced and hi-tech that it would put others to shame.

Spy cameras can be so inconspicuous no one will ever know their actions are under surveillance. They can be placed in the home, office or just about anywhere without being detected. When you’re not home but need to know what’s going on or when you need to know what your employees are doing while you are away, a spy camera placed in a calculated location is the perfect mechanism. You will have documented evidence of all the activities you may have some idea are occurring but need documented proof to prosecute or terminate employment.

The iShot 2.0

The iShot 2.0 is a battery powered, motion activated, portable alarm clock camera with a built in DVR. On full charge, the battery will last up to 10 hours. Retailing at $74.95 the iShot camera is virtually ignored because it’s hidden within a compact portable clock. Place it wherever the majority of the activity takes place in your home or office. You can even take it on trips to record activities in your hotel room while away. The iShot 2.0 guarantees you have the details of all activity occurring while you are away. The 720 x 480 10 hour video continuously operates on a single charge. The clock is ‘take out of the box’ ready. Charge it, insert the micro SD card into the slot, flip on the power switch, press the remote control and begin your motion detection recording. As an added benefit, the clock works as an alarm clock, has customized alert tones, has a long battery life, is motion detection activated and you can view the video recordings on your computer.

Smoke Detector Day/Night Hidden Camera

Retailing at $99.95, the Smoke Detector Day/Night hidden Camera can be mounted on any wall in your home or office. Capture everything occurring without anyone being aware they are under surveillance with every move being recorded. Today, over 99% of homes and offices have smoke detectors. No one will ever know this one has a hidden camera inside. Concealed inside the unit is a micro size Covert Hidden Camera (CCD) ideal for all surveillance needs. Information collected is recorded by connecting the camera to a DVR, or comparable power source. The camera has a high quality Sony image sensor which captures professional grade video images. Use the television or any standard monitor to view, transfer or record information. As an added perk, this camera is also a functioning smoke detector/alarm.

USB Drive Hidden Video Recorder

One of the most innovative video surveillance hidden cameras on the market is the USB Drive Hidden Video Recorder. Retailing at $74.95, the USB looks like a standard computer flash drive. Leave it plugged into your computer and place the computer in the area to be monitored. While away, no one will be the wiser. If your suspicions are that your files are being accessed, the USB will capture the guilty party while using your computer or going through your personal files. Their actions will be recorded communicating every detail of their comings and goings during the day. The USB is motion activated. You never know who might be going through your private files while away. The system is capable of date stamping all actions. The good thing about the USB is you can take it with you wherever you go. It will capture activities wherever and whenever needed. It also can be used as a webcam on your windows system.

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