Best Ways to Make Money in Runescape

Hello everyone and welcome to my definitive shortlist of the very best ways of making money in Jagex’s popular MMORPG, Runescape. All the methods listed will be both quick, effective and for both free players and members alike ( I will be releasing a members-only guide shortly).  

  1. Cowhides

Cowhides are always in demand as people tan them and use them to increase their crafting level as well as make products out of them (leather boots, gloves, etc). They are easy to get and virtually risk-free to obtain, I doubt that any adventurer has ever been killed by a cow (although you never know). When you have filled your inventory, you don’t have to travel far to deposit them. The bank in Lumbridge castle is a mere stone’s throw away. At the time of writing cowhides are worth 211 GP on the grand exchange, so don’t let anybody rip you off. You may want to tan the hides before you sell them as it adds an extra 44 GP to their value, but personally I can never be bothered. Also, people are more likely to buy untanned hides as they can either make it hard or soft at their own discretion. Another benefit of this method is that it gets your combat experience up.

  1. Mining

The best spot both to get precious ores and increase your mining XP (one of the most important ones) is the Al-Kharid mine. There is a huge range of ores up for grabs there, including coal, gold, and mithril. There is, however, a big drawback. Level 14 giant scorpions skulk around the area preying on weaker adventurers, so don’t go there unless you are prepared for it. If the prospect of Al-Kharid is too daunting for you, I suggest you try the dwarven mine. There are still a few scorpions but only in certain areas. If you avoid these bits you’ll be as sound as a pound. There are 3 ways of making money from ores. You can either sell them in their natural form, smelt them and sell them as bars, or make those bars into items and sell them.

  1. Combination of the two

This is my personal method of making money on Runescape. I start off in Lumbridge, then I get myself some cowhides, about 200 or so. I then travel to the Al-Kharid mine and mine a combination of gold, silver, iron, and coal. These I take back, smelt into bars and bank. I continue this for a while then go into Varrock and sell on the grand exchange. I then use the home teleport spell and the whole process begins all over again.

  1. Game Boosting

This is a method in which you get to level up as you pay the boosting services such as lolboosting for that. This way players that are really interested in the game but are unable to devote a lot of time can improve their levels and play with some of the best high-rank players. 

There are lots of other easy ways of making money (quests, monster killing, etc) but none of them are quite as effective. So, until next time I wish you all luck on your path to a fortune!

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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