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Flexibility. What is it? Why don’t we seem to have it now? When did we lose it? Why did we lose it?

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Are these good questions to ask ourselves?

Flexibility (the ability to bend or be bent repeatedly without damage or injury) is the body’s ability to move in all directions to the best of its ability thus minimizing the effects of strain and trauma.

Not able to stand quickly after squatting for a few minutes? Feeling stiff standing after watching that show? Difficulty tying your shoe laces, cutting your toenails? Difficulty getting out of bed? Why?

OF COURSE, I know. It’s because we are getting old! I can’t do this or that. I am old. I am 40, 50 60 70 etc.

I say WRONG! We feel that way because, barring some significant health problem, we have lost some, lots, or all of our flexibility!

Okay so we are not as strong, supple or limber as we once were – so what? By now we realize that if we don’t use it we lose it. Want strength, pump some iron. And still we aren’t as agile as we used to be. Why?

Because we have lost our flexibility!

Get back the flexibility, and we will get back that younger feeling.

As we age, we are so busy taking care of our present needs, taking care of family etc. through work (on site, at home, at the office) that we gradually deteriorate from our previous form, especially as we get into the routine of our jobs, and perform the same actions over and over. Then one day we suddenly realize that we are no longer the physical person we were, nowhere near the man/woman we once were.

What do we do?

Join a gym? That’s it: join a gym! But wait! Do you really want to show off your weak stiff body to all those tough agile looking people at that gym? Besides, it is going to cost a quite a bit and then the time factor. At least 2 hours per gym visit from leaving the home to returning.

Walking? Yes! One of the best all rounder exercises for overall health. Highly recommended. But, after a month of that, and feeling somewhat better (maybe even slimmer), your neck and mid back are still stiff and uncomfortable. Your lower back feels better, but it too is still stiff and a bit achey.

Looking on the w.w.w. for exercises? Looking on the web is a good bet. But? Which exercises suit? Stretching, strengthening, cardiovascular, pulmonary, rehabilitative this or that, and then how many, how often, in which order?

Strengthening doesn’t give you stretching and stretching doesn’t give you strengthening.

Experience has shown that if we “limber” up the body through stretching exercise, we can then move on to strengthening exercises a whole lot easier. So if you want to be stronger, start with stretching.

Stretching when done in the right order, such as beginners, intermediate and advanced, and taking 10-15 minutes per day, in your own home, can impact your life dramatically.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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