Borderlands – Welcome To Pandora, The Land Of Shooters

Borderlands is a nice change to the robot produced console games of the past three years. It’s a big change up from most first-person shooters with its own built-in leveling system. Different kinds of equipments can be made available from r3g site the talented players are provided with a rank at the site. it will make games interesting and enjoyable.. When you first start the start the game, you notice one thing in particular – multiple character selection. That is a nice feature to people who find it horrible to play some character that the developers didn’t think looked like enough of a douche already they felt the need to hire a voice actor with the same personality as that of a dying goat. I did find some of the dialog, mainly that generated from finding rare items or performing a “critical hit” on a Skag (one of the many enemies you will come across in this giant orgy of bad ass) or other enemy, very obnoxious, which is one of my biggest complaints about the game.

I did find the graphics to be a nice change of pace from the ultra high defintion “look at this tree it’s so realistic looking” graphics normally associated with next gen games. It’s been a while since I’ve played a cell shaded video game, and the comic book feel is very unique too. There are some minor graphic glitches. For example; I did find my self stuck inside a claptrap (Obnoxious robots who are only lovable because the fact that they are obnoxious) and saw no way to escape causing me to reload my game, but that problem was solved easily by the fact that there is a free save feature….No more of those “we auto save at shitty check points” in this game. but back to graphics, If you’re looking for a game with ultra realistic graphics and amazing beautiful scenes, this is not the game for you. Though the Visuals aren’t horrible, they aren’t up to par with some next gen titles.

The thing that really set’s this game apart from most others of the same genre is the fast paced and very in depth game play, at times i found it hard to stop playing. It really separates it’s self from other titles in the fact that it rarely gets boring and there is no lack of weapons in this game, I found myself upgrading guns about once every 15 minutes, which if you have the same attention span as me you will find that very enjoying. There is also another very interesting addition to this game that made me almost cream my pants….QUESTS. Being an ex-WoW addict (mostly thanks to my ex girlfriend) I really did miss the questing and time killing it had, which is one reason I drifted away from console gaming. so when I found out that this First Person/ Free Roam/ Rpg/Shooter had a fucking quest system and nicely built quest chain…I had to check it out. Now I’m not saying all the quests are good, I mean of course there’s going to be fillers in there which constantly made me rage, But for the most part they were very entertaining. Some of them were very interesting, I do remember one where I had picked up a quest In one of the many cities in which i had to travel outside of the city and search random dumpsters for a mans porn collection…which you will find many odd quests like this. So the game play is very nice and very entertaining.

To wrap up this review I just want suggest at least a rental of this game, and hopefully a purchase…it’s well worth it. All in all I give this game a 8.5 out of 10…Only experienced one or two glitches the rest was perfect.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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