Can MMA Be Good For Self Defense?

Mixed martial arts or MMA is a sport that needs a lot of training and hard work. The training allows you to fight in an amateur or professional field. Some people say it is good for self defense and some people say otherwise. However, MMA training teaches you on how to be confident about yourself, will allow you to be fit physically as well as mentally. There are a lot of benefits that you can get from MMA training. You might want to check out townsvilledragons MMA for a very competitive training. There are many moves in MMA that can be used in self defense however, the MMA training itself will not teach you the actual street situation.

Let’s face it, MMA is designed to do your fight in a stage or a ring, the fights are being supervised. They have some rules and regulations in fighting inside the premises and this is not the case with the street fighting that most people call as self defense. Most of the MMA trained individuals were not trained to fight in a violent environment and with a lot of emotion. MMA has its rules and regulations when using a fighter’s skills, this prohibits them from engaging in violent situations.

MMA teaches individuals who aspire to be fighters to be calm in a very emotional situation. They do not encourage violence towards other people outside their fighting ring. However, it is different when you encounter a bad situation that you need to defend someone or yourself from a bad person. For example, someone is robbing you and you very well know the weak points of the robber in the position that he is in, you can then use your skills to defend yourself. You may disarm the robber or injure him to the point where he can’t do anything to you and then call the police. Not every situation is similar, so it might be a case to case scenario.

MMA does not give training that involves weapons such as guns, knives and other deadly weapons. Its training is primarily focused on fighting in a specific place or arena. In a street situation, it is likely that your opponent will possess such weapon. In this case, you can use your mental skills with strategizing what to do. There are times when a trained MMA fighter gets overcome by his emotions that will result in a very violent situation.

MMA is mainly focused in fighting just one challenger. Most of the street fights have multiple people ganging up in a single person. Whenever you are out in the streets and someone gang up on you, it might not still be preferred to give them a fight, just keep your cool and walk away. But it may be different if they are provoking you so much that you can’t do anything but fight them with your fist and with the strategies that you have learned.

There are certain rules in sports that will never be able to apply in self defense or in the streets. There are no referees, no judges, or whoever it is that will remind you of the right thing to do. Losing your cool in the streets may get you into trouble and may lead to serious injuries for the people you will fight. You are fully trained to accept kicks and punches and is physically ready, but once you are out in the street and do that to other people, you might inflict serious injuries, and worst, death. If you are responsible enough and value your moral ethics as an artist, you will take a back and think first before doing anything stupid in the streets.

You might encounter some bad ass jerk in the streets but it is always your responsibility to take mind over matter. It is safer to be cool headed than let your emotions rule and ruin you. MMA can certainly help with self defense but it still needs proper precautions not to hurt the one you’re fighting seriously. You can definitely give them some lessons but not to the point that your reputation will be compromised. There are times when you just need to set things aside and call the authorities so that they should be the one to take action.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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