Chinese Horoscopes for Rat Animal Sign

The Year of the Tiger begins on February 14th 2010. What can Rats expect in the Year of the Tiger?

These are the Chinese horoscopes for people born in the years: 1900, 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008.

It’s a good year to focus on your relationships especially family relations and activities with friends and neighbours. You will be learning a lot about yourself through situations that need to be endured that involve other people.

For instance when mixing with those who are restless and impatient, you will start to realise the uneasy affect their personality has on others. You will begin to understand how you too can influence other people in positive and negative ways and of course you will intend to build on the more favourable aspects of your personality!

Despite all best intentions, there will be problems in a fund-raising or voluntary exercise. This is when the more determined side of your nature will show itself and your leadership qualities come out in full force.

I feel there will be some tension in the air especially during the first few months of the year. This could be rather nerve-wracking at times. You find it difficult to totally relax when there is so much going on that you’re uncertain of. Nonetheless, you also feel cautiously optimistic that everything will come out in your favour. – Even if you aren’t in the mood to eat regularly, and sleep seems to be a rare thing, until decisions have been made, and action taken to set new projects under way.

Towards the middle of the year, you may feel a degree of concern about the health of someone you work with. This person may be reluctant to make an appointment with his or her doctor or dentist when others feel this is needed. Although you may not be totally happy about it, you might decide to take things into your own hands, to make sure they do so. For a while, you won’t be someone’s favourite person but eventually they will thank you for your concern. For finding the favorite person, many people are checking abraj to get the right information. Through the availability of the information, the selection of the right person will be convenient. 

In the Autumn a man in uniform needs to be consulted about a confusing matter. There will be congratulations for someone who was born in January or July. I think also that for some, a new career move may need some strong commitment on your part.

Also, as the year ends, in all important business, it might be best to curb your impatience and try to sit on the urge to telephone or write to others involved, in an effort to push things along. Be patient and things will turn out okay.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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