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Could Light Therapy Be Effective For Hair Loss?

Are you suffering from serious hair loss? Have you tried scores of oils, shampoos and topicals only to end up with no result? Don’t worry, there is still hope. According to modern dermatologists, light therapy could be really useful for treating hair loss. Several studies have been taken to check the potency of light therapy in eliminating hair loss issues and growing new hair. You will be glad to know most of them have met with astounding success.

Light therapy is a broad umbrella. When it comes to light therapy for treating hair issues, it’s the red light phototherapy which is the most preferred. As per research studies, red light therapy has led to a visible enhancement in hair density, hair count as well as hair thickness for both women and men alike. In fact, the therapy is not effective for humans but also for dogs as well as other kinds of mammals. The best part is, you will reap these benefits sans any kind of side-effect

How does it work?

The red light phototherapy devices emit concentrated and safe natural LED light that are free of harmful UV rays and chemicals. These near infrared or red light wavelengths work to stimulate mitochondria which in turn lower oxidative stress and eventually increase circulation. Improved blood circulation enables the body to generate more energy to empower itself. A healthy flow of blood circulation also channelizes a steady flow of oxygen throughout the body that further helps to awaken the decaying hair cells.

When energy is generated more efficiently across the body, it works to amp up physical function as well as speed up healing process. Not only that, it even reduces pain and inflammation. Additionally, it stimulates dermal-papilla cells – the very cells which regulate hair growth and cycling. Strong stimulation of the said cells result in re-growth of healthy hair.

Before getting further into how red light treatment can treat hair loss, understand the cycle of hair growth. There are 3 phases to remember here-

  • Anagen phase or growth phase
  • Telogen phase or resting phase
  • Catagen phase or shedding phase

As mentioned previously, the red light therapy works to enhance blood flow across the scalp. This in turn helps to stimulate metabolism right in telogen or catagen follicles. The stimulation of the stem cells right in the bulge of hair follicles will shift follicles into the anagen phase.  The end result is accelerated growth in the anagen phase. In other words, you will fast experience growth of new hair in just a few weeks.

Benefits of red light therapy

If someone is suffering from androgenetic alopecia or has lost hair from chemotherapy, red light therapy will be immensely effective. It is a noninvasive, safe and painless process to regrow healthy hair.

Below is a list of the main benefits of taking to red light therapy for hair loss problems:

  • Natural, painless, noninvasive and safe
  • You will get light therapy devices to treat the condition at home only. It will be less expensive compared to at-clinic treatments. Just make sure to study the reviews of multiple devices to find the best red light therapy devices.
  • Hair growth will occur on top of head plus along forehead hairline
  • You will see visible results in just 4-7 months of usage.

As mentioned previously, various studies have proved the efficacy of red light phototherapy in treating hair loss. A meta-analysis conducted this year (2019) only examined eight clinical studies that comprised of randomized 11 double-blind controlled trials. According to reports, the analysis showed significant improvement in the hair thickness and density for those who took the red light treatment in comparison to placebo or sham treatments.

Best red light phototherapy devices

Let’s wind up the discussion with a sneak-peek into some of the best light devices for treating hair loss problems.

iRestore Hair Growth Laser System

This red light device has proven to offer excellent hair growth in women and men alike. There was a medical trial back in 2007 to check the efficacy of the device. The result showed the device has led to a solid 42.23 percent increment in growth of new hair.

iRestore is a completely non-invasive device and assure a safe process to stimulate hair follicles so that it can become fuller and thicker- yet without any negative side effect. The device is comfortable, lightweight and very durable. If you are down with problems like alopecia or receding hairline, this could be the solution for you

iGrow Laser Hands Free LED Light

The fun part is the device looks like a modified headphone. The best part is the device is clinically proven to improve thinning hair, Androgenic Alopecia as well as Pattern Baldness for both women and men. The product is approved by the USFDA and hence you can be assured of complete safety. You will just need it use it for 20 minutes thrice a week.

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