Different Factors That Should Be Considered For The Cost Of Owning A Dog

Many new dog owners do not consider the financial implications of dog ownership. They soon find out that the cost of owning a dog involves more that just buying a bag of dog food once in a while.

A forty pound bag of an inferior, poor quality brand of dog food, such as one of the best selling brands, Walmart’s Ol’ Roy Dogfood, costs about $20. A premium, high quality, healthy dog food, such as California Natural, is almost three times that amount.

What are some of the other expenses of dog ownership?

The cost of owning a dog includes veterinary care for the dog. After the new dog’s puppy shots are complete, the dog will require a yearly physical exam, tests and vaccinations from your veterinarian. I recently paid $185 for one of my dog’s annual visit. This included an examination and all the necessary vaccinations including rabies, dhlp/parvo, corona and bordatella. Also included were an intestinal parasite screen, heartworm blood test and canine blood panel.

In between your annual visit, your dog may need to visit the vet if he gets sick or has an accident. The cost of office visits will vary. Recently I took one of my dog’s to the vet for an ear infection. The cost for an examination, an anti-inflammatory injection, Tresaderm ear drops and ear cleaner was $100.The food of the dog should be included in the expenses of the dog. There should be selection of the members mark salmon dog food websites. 

Additional expenses of dog ownership include monthly heartworm medication recommended by your vet. A six month package of heartworm medication, such as Heartgard Plus, is about $30 to $45. Your vet may also suggest flea protection especially in the summer months. A six month supply of flea protection, such as Frontline Plus, is about $80 to $90.

The new dog will need food and water bowls, a collar and a leash. Since these items are usually available at dollar stores, this may be one of the minor expenses of dog ownership. However, fashionable ceramic bowls may cost between $12 to $60 each and high quality stylish leashes and collars may run anywhere between $10 to $60. Click here to view leashes and collars. Click here for dog bowls.

Whether the new dog is a young puppy or adult rescue dog, a suitable dog crate for training purposes is another cost of owning a dog. Dog crates vary in price depending on the size, material and construction. A small plastic crate will run about $30; a large well constructed metal wire crate may cost several hundred dollars. Click here to view dog crates.

New dog owners will need to have first aid products on hand. These items include ointments and solutions such as Betadine solution and Neosporin, medications such as Immodium and Benadryl, bandaging products and more. Prepared first aid kits for dogs are available for about $30 to $100, or a first aid kit can be created by the dog owner for about $20 to $30. For more information see How to Create an Emergency First Aid Kit for Your Dog.

Grooming supplies are another cost of owning a dog. These products include dog shampoo, brushes and combs, dental care items and nail clippers or electric nail grinders. Each of these grooming supply items costs between $5 to $10 each, with the exception of a nail grinder, which costs about $25 to $55. The cost of professional grooming including a dog bath and nail trimming will run between $30 and $90 depending on the size of the dog.

Puppy obedience classes are recommended especially if this is the dog owner’s first dog. An eight week class will cost between $40 to $125 or more.

There are plenty of other extra items that pet owners typically purchase adding to the cost of owning a dog. These are items that are not absolute necessities but add to the health and well being of the dog. They include such things as dog vitamins, dog toys, dog beds and other items. Pet vitamins and other supplements can cost from $10 to $35 or more per month. Toys of poor quality can be purchased at dollar stores, but well constructed toys that are made in the USA can cost anywhere between $10 to $35 per toy. Dog beds run between $25 to $140 or more depending on the size and quality of materials.

In conclusion, before adding a new dog to your family, it is best to go over your finances and determine whether or not you can afford the cost of owning a dog.

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