DIY Tips For Creating Storage Space For Tools In Your Garage

For the do-it-yourselfer, creating garage storage for tools may take more creativity than either time or money. With the use of a few basic items, a variety of combinations are possible to accommodate a variety of needs. Pegboard and pegboard hooks,storage hooks, 2″ PVC pipe, junction boxes and a few 2x4s create a lot of storage that is customizable to your tools and to your space.

It is generally desirable to leave floor space free, so up is usually the way to go. This is mind, garage storage for tools is easily created on walls and even from the ceiling.

Hooks and 2x4s

Storage hooks come in a wide variety of styles. Some of these are suited to a particular purpose, yet will work for many other purposes as well. Others are more universal. A 2×4 nailed to the garage wall accommodates numerous hooks from which to hang your tools. Many simply screw into the board with no other efforts necessary.

Some hooks are also made specifically to hang from rafters, or to screw into them, and would work suit a variety of needs. In any case, use of the rubber coated storage hooks works to protect your tools from scratches and from slippage.

One note of caution, when nailing a board to the wall, make sure it is secured to the studs, or the weight of the tools could cause issues.

Pegboard and pegboard hooks

This is a very versatile system. The pegboard hangs on the wall, and pegboard hooks fit into holes on the pegboard, so are easy to arrange and to rearrange at will. Pegboards made from masonite are common, though other types of wood is also available.

A metal pegboard offers added strength to hold heavier tools than the wood versions, though the hooks also make a difference. An added benefit to the metal pegboard is that magnets or magnetic strips are also an option to hang small hand tools with. Place a magnet on the pegboard to hold tools with metal parts, or just attach a magnetic strip to the tool itself.

Plastic is still another option. Regardless of the material, junction boxes of various sizes are also easily attached to a pegboard for even more storage.

PVC pipe

PVC is durable, even weatherproof under normal conditions, along with being highly versatile. PVC glue is strong, yet easy to work with. A myriad of combinations are possible in using PVC pipe to make shelves for holding or hanging your tools. This works well for walls, and for hanging from the rafters. A creative do-it-yourselfer could even make a freestanding shelf to hug a wall, instead of attaching shelves directly to the wall. Sand in the base pipes makes these sturdy enough to keep from tipping.

A note of caution here is that severely cold weather may cause some types of PVC pipe to become brittle. This won’t be an issue for most. Ask the expert where you buy PVC in your local area if you have any concern.

Additional options

A ladder that isn’t often used may double as shelf space when hung from ladder hooks. Bungee cords are a handy way to hang some tools from it.

Corner shelves make good use of space that may otherwise go unused. Looking at any unused space in your garage as potential storage for tools may spark creativity for still more storage for your tools. Lastly, your work will be done easier if you use the right equipment. You can visit for reliable and helpful tips and information about the right tools that you need for your project.

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