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Dogecoin A Bit Cryptocurrency Fun – Check The Level Of Fun 

To make the cryptocurrency market a more fun environment, Jackson Palmer founded Dogecoin as the result of a joke in November 2013, believe or not.

Billy Markus helped him turn this funny cryptocurrency into a reality. Of course, we must not forget “Shibetoshi Nakamoto” – an obvious joke on the name of Bitcoin’s creator – Satoshi Nakamoto.

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Because Bitcoin gives a sense of complexity, Dogecoin was designed to be a more friendly form of cryptocurrency (practically, is a coin with a dog on it). After its launch, people have started to become more and more open to this currency, making it a friendly huge crypto community.

The Dogecoin community became bigger and involved in many charitable acts globally such as:

– ₤25,000 raised to help build a well in the Tana river basin from Kenya, for World Water Day in March 2014. The community had planned to raise a total of 40,000,000 Dogecoins, and they did it!

– In 2014, the Jamaican Bobsled Team were qualified for the Sochi Winter Olympics but financially they needed ₤41,000 to go, which they didn’t have. Dogecoin community succeeded this time too, at which point, Dogecoin to bitcoin exchange rate has raised by 50%.

– One of the largest amounts collected within the community was 67.8 million Dogecoins (₤45,000 at that time) to sponsor Josh Wise NASCAR driver.

Dogecoin also has a Reddit community called Shibe group, they built a tipping system, using the Dogetipbot where the users can tip each other with Dogecoins for the good content or other services.

Nicole Hennig
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