Easy Eco-Friendly Indoor Lighting Projects

Simple eco-friendly changes to your indoor lighting is one of the easiest ways to lover your energy consumption. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, 11% of the average American household’s energy bills go toward lighting. Taking steps to reduce energy consumption for lighting can save your budget while you do your part to save the planet. These energy saving ideas are all simple enough for even the home improvement novice.

Energy Saving Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs

The most popular, easiest, and best-known energy saving method for indoor lighting is to replace old-fashioned incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescents. While these bulbs do cost more, according to the government Energy Star program, they use 75% less energy and last up to 10 times longer. Savings on energy costs and new bulbs more than makes up for the increased initial investment cost.

Before buying just any compact fluorescent bulbs, you’ll want to make sure it will work for your needs. Light fixtures that use a dimmer feature, or three-way lights may require special compact fluorescent bulbs, so read the package before buying. Also, compact fluorescent bulbs use a lower wattage, but most packages list the equivalent incandescent wattage so that you can choose the right compact fluorescent for your needs. Energy Star labeled bulbs are your best bet for getting the most energy savings for your indoor lighting.

Eco-Friendly Indoor Dimmer Light Fixtures

Installing a dimmer switch saves lighting energy by allowing you to adjust the brightness of a room as needed. A traditional light always turns on at full brightness (and full energy). In many cases, a lower lighting level is sufficient for our needs. We have a dimmer switch as our main kitchen light, and I rarely need to turn it all the way up. It’s especially nice at nighttime when I don’t really want to turn on a harsh, bright light.

Dimmer switches come in styles that look like a regular light switch, or a dial, or a sliding bar. You’ll be able to find one is a style and color that will complement your interior design plans.

Even if you’ve never done any electrical work, installing a dimmer switch is a simple home improvement project. Most home improvement stores supply a dimmer switch kit that contains all the parts you need as well as detailed instructions. Making the eco-friendly switch from traditional switch to dimmer takes only minutes to do. Always remember, before doing any electrical work, however, to shut off power to the area of your home you’re working on.

Save Energy with Smaller Area Lights

If you have a room that uses several large overhead lights, you can save energy by using smaller area lights instead when possible. A small, low wattage desk lamp, or an under the cabinet kitchen light may be all you need. Installation of these lights is as easy as plugging in a lamp, making it a super simple eco-friendly option. The variety of styles available makes it easy to match your decor as well.

Let the Sun Shine In

If you don’t want to have your windows open for privacy reasons, you can still let in some extra sunlight. Use light colored drapes that allow some light into your home, or use blinds that can be opened partway. Taking advantage of the free energy of the sun is the ultimate eco-friendly indoor lighting technique.

Eco-Friendly Light Timers and Motion Sensors

If you tend to forget to turn off a light when you leave a room, technology is here to save energy for you. There are sensors available that will automatically turn off the lights in a room after a certain amount of time if no movement is detected in that room. There are also timers that will turn off lights after a pre-determined time frame.

This option may not work well in every situation, like if you tend to sit very still while reading for long periods, you wouldn’t want your lights going out on you. But if you often fall asleep with your bedroom lights on, or forgetfully leave the bathroom light on all day, these little gadgets will come in handy.

These energy saving sensors are also easy to install and available at most home improvement stores.

So without wasting time, you should go to the nearest store in your vicinity and get all the essentials for lighting by getting some of the best models available and you can follow this tutorial to play the game on your PC, which is your mind that creates many innovative ideas.

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