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Finding the Best Motorcycle Loading Ramp to Purchase today

Loading motorcycle for transport on a truck seems easy. But it’s quite complex since calcul pente is necessary to avoid mistakes. You want the process to be as convenient as possible, considering the weight of your motorbike. Avoiding falling accidents which may cause injury to you and damage your precious motorcycle is important as well.

Thing is, buying the right motorcycle ramp is a big factor for easily loading your two-wheeled vehicle on a truck. Now, the next thing to worry about is to find the best ramp to buy. Hence, here’s a list of tips to help you.

Buy the Best Ramp for Loading your Motorcycle on a Truck

  • Measure the Height of the Truck Bed

This is crucial in buying the right length of motorcycle ramp you need. The height of the truck bed will dictate the ideal length of ramp you need, since you should achieve a suitable slope when the ramp is leaning on the truck bed. The shortest possible ramp is ideal since longer ones have quite higher price tags. But it should be long enough to give you around 5% to 15% slope inclination to avoid difficulties in loading your motorbike. 

  • Materials of the Ramp

Next, consider the materials that make up the motorcycle ramp you’re buying. It must provide sufficient support for the weight of your motorbike without breaking apart. You don’t wish the ramp to suddenly fall down while you and your motorbike is passing over it.

Most motorcycle ramps today are available in steel or aluminum. Steel doesn’t easily break, but tends to be too heavy. On the other hand, aluminum ramps are capable of carrying more than 500lbs, and boasts significantly lighter weight than steel.

  • Light in Weight

As mentioned earlier, aluminum is quite more favorable than steel because of its weight. Weight is important to consider since you need to get the motorcycle ramp to and from leaning the truck. That’s for moving or storing it before and after use. You don’t want a hard time carrying the ramp for such reason.

  • Foldable Structure

Motorcycle ramps come in non-foldable or foldable types, with the latter being the better choice. Similar to lightweight ramps, foldable variants also have better portability when moving to and from use. In addition, foldable ramps tend to be stronger than non-foldable types, since it have better support for carrying heavy weight.

  • Surface Traction

It’s important for motorcycle ramps to have enough traction above its surface too. Traction prevents slipping accidents which lead to injuries and damages. When buying ramps, you’d noticed evenly drilled holes on it. Those holes actually serve as traction between the ramp and the wheels of your motorbike.

  • Stability of the Ramp

You need a stable ramp for loading or unloading a motorbike to and from a truck. A shaky ramp poses risks of undesirable accidents such as slip and falls, hence it must have features which keep it in place. Find one equipped with sufficient straps and rubber bottom surface.

Straps help in holding the ramp to your truck easily. Moreover, a rubber surface at the bottom of the ramp helps in keeping it in place. These features allow you to move a motorbike to and from the truck—even while driving your motorcycle.

  • Usable as Bed Extension

Some trucks are too small to accommodate a motorcycle. If you have such problem, some motorcycle ramps have bed extension feature today. Bed extension literally extends the truck bed to accommodate a motorbike on it. Be sure, however, to purchase one with reliable bed extension to avoid accidents of your motorcycle falling while on transport.

  • Holding Straps for the Motorcycle

It’s not merely about loading and unloading your motorbike to and from the truck. It’s keeping it safe while being transported as well. Hence, purchase a motorcycle ramp which comes with straps that would hold your motorbike while on the truck.

After loading your motorcycle, use the straps to keep it in place. If you observe it still shakes a lot, your motorbike is probably unsafe. Hence, be sure to buy a ramp with reliable straps today.

Take note of these points as you search for a motorcycle ramp. Be sure to buy the right option for conveniently and efficiently transporting your motorbike through a truck today.

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Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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