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Helpful Guide To Repair Broken Iphone 11 Back Glass Cover

Everybody knows it. Using fragile glass for the back cover of a smartphone isn’t a good idea. Many people are already horrified after the back cover of their iPhone 11 shattered because of some accidents. And to add salt to the injury, Apple asks hefty price tag for iPhone 11 back cover repair.

Of course, you can’t simply spend another $600 or even $800 after buying a brand new iPhone. Hence, you want the best alternative in repairing it up. Fortunately, there’s a good method for you to try.

How to Repair Broken Back Glass Cover of your iPhone 11

The glass shell of some iPhone models certainly make it look sleek and fashionable. But that have severely decreased the factor of durability as well. Drop an iPhone 11 from waist level to a hard solid floor, and its glass cover will shatter into dozens of pieces. And you can’t risk using it on such state since it may injure your hands.

Now, repairing it would cost you around $600 (around $150 if you’d use AppleCare insurance). Certainly expensive, isn’t it? That’s why you want to resort fixing it by your own if possible.

Yes, it’s possible, but you have to deal with some technical works especially in removing the binding glue. There’s a strong glue holding the glass on the frame, and it’s not easy to get rid of it. You can’t simply wash it with water and expect good results.

To help you, here’s how to repair it properly:

  1. Disassemble your iPhone

Begin by disassembling your iPhone. To avoid mistake in putting them back together, make a note on how things must be placed. You can make a sketch as a guide.

Unscrew the assembly, then take the back camera, logic board, speakers, taptic engine and battery. Disconnect the charging port flex cable. Next, remove the wireless charging coil by heating it with an air gun. Lastly, remove the power switch volume flex cable.

  1. Repair the Back Cover

The objective of this step is to separate the broken glass from the middle frame of your iPhone. So, prepare enough dispersing agent into an Ultrasonic Cleaner container. Soak the back cover of the iPhone into the dispersant, and set the cleaner to 30minutes and 60 degree Celsius. Cover the container and leave it until it’s done.

Then, carefully remove the broken glass from the middle frame. After which, scrape off the glue residue. Prepare the replacement glass, and stick it on the middle frame using some glue.

  1. Reassemble your Device

Finally, carefully reassemble your iPhone piece by piece. Refer to your note or guide to avoid missing or misplaced parts. Then, test if the device work, including its wireless charging feature. If something goes wrong, try reassembling your device again, or consult an expert technician for help.

Note before Doing the Repair by your Own

As you can see, it’s really not that easy to repair a broken back glass cover. But it’s certainly possible with some effort. Thing is, be sure to have appropriate materials to have great results. And this includes buying the right glass cover replacement for your device.

So, be sure to purchase high quality back glass cover replacement before doing the job. You can also consider buying one from Apple itself. It’s far more affordable than paying Apple for repairs.

But if you think you can’t do it by your own, find a reliable technician near you. This is the best step you can do when in doubt.

To find one, specifically look for a reliable iPhone repair service in your local area. It’s best if they specifically indicate that they cater broken glass cover repairs. Look for online reviews as well, so you’d know which among all iPhone repair centers is reliable enough.

Then, ask for their price rates and warranty coverage. Warranty is useful if you encounter problem after the initial repair. If their price is too high, find another option or just use AppleCare insurance if you have.

No one would really want to have a broken iPhone. But in case mishaps happen, you now know how to fix broken back glass cover. This is great if you’re already worrying about one as well. Keep this guide to help you.

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