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Hoover Elite Upright Vacuum Review

I hate buying vacuums, especially now with all the filters and screens and parts to buy. I went vacuum shopping with my boyfriend, and I was shocked. We not only had to buy a vacuum, but purchase new replacement filters to boot, and there were two filters, both different, and one cost over twenty-five dollars. Then you had so many styles, so many variations, that you would end up confused.

I was so glad when he made the decision. It is not one that I want to have to make in the future. What ever happened to the good old days when you went to the store, you looked at canisters or uprights, picked a brand you wanted, grabbed some extra belts and a package of vacuum cleaner bags, and you were on your way.

The vacuum cleaner that I have is the Hoover Upright Elite with a hard shell body, covering the bag. The bag inside is a paper variety that you change when full, with filtration system in the bag itself to keep the dust down. This vacuum was bought about 9 years ago. So when I have to find bags, I panic. I expect the bags to be out of style before this vacuum cleaner quits.

The suction power on this vacuum is amazing. It is rated at 17.0 amps. This thing will suck up anything it can, and believe me it has tried. It even sucked up a tie one day, and I had all I could do to get it back out. This vacuum cleaner is lightweight, and easy to use. The extra long cord is a great asset. Most vacuums these days come with shorter cords. Not very good for when you have to constantly unplug and plug back in when you have to move across the room.

The suction of this vacuum has never been a problem unless I have gotten something stuck in it. This vacuum will suck up pennies, leaves, small pieces of paper and kitty litter with no problems.

With the Hoover Elite, I have only had to change the belt once in the year that I have had it. And that was my fault, as I had sucked up a piece of metal wire that was still attached to something, and I broke the belt pulling the wire back out. I asked my boyfriend how many times he had changed the belt and he looked at me like I was talking in some foreign language. He had never changed the belt on this vacuum since he had bought it.

All of the attachments hold up to rough use as my daughters have hit each other with them, stepped on them, and played tug of war with the hose. I wouldn’t recommend doing this, as I was shocked that they did not break it. The bags, even though they say to fill only half full, seem to always end up almost completely full. I have never had one puncture or tear, even when it is very full, and getting it out of the body of the vacuum.

The sturdy plastic body is nice to have, it has been dragged around and in and out of the car, as I used to borrow it from my boyfriend before he decided to purchase a new one. The plastic clips that hold the front to the back are still working great and have not broken. The carpet height selector is easy to use, unlike some that have either high or low, this one has five settings with little pictures of how deep your carpet should be for each setting.

The brushes on this vacuum are still good, and show very little wear. They still pick up dirt and small items with ease, and I have not had to adjust it. This vacuum is a great buy, and still works great after all this time. I would recommend this brand to anyone who is looking to buy one, used or new.

All that it requires is a simple bodenstaubsauger test (floor vacuum cleaner test) to help you realize its potential and believe me, it will definitely meet up to your expectations.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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