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Improve Your Home by Naming It!

Everything has a name. Annie Sullivan taught that to Helen Keller. However, sometimes we can choose what we call something rather than just call it what it is. We can pretty it up, make it more descriptive, or just make it feel more our own by giving it a name that comes from our heart.

Many people do this with vacation homes. Anyone who has ever traveled to the beach has seen the homes with signs out front like “Birdie’s Nest” or “Welcome Retreat”. However, the first house I ever knew to be named was much less fashionable than the typical beach home. This place was simply a home in the correct sense of the word. It was far off the beaten path from the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and no one was going there that had no business there. The family who owned the property – almost thirty years ago now since I knew them – were named Milton, and they had appropriately titled their kingdom as “Paradise Lost”.

I suspect that if they ever had to sell that property that the name increased the value. The locals probably knew the property by that title. Certainly the name increased the property’s value to its owners – it made it a paradise beyond price. Well, perhaps it was more than the name that did that, but the name surely helped.

We have yet to name our home although we’ve now lived her ten years. However, we have named rooms beyond what they are typically called. For example, I have a room that is mine and mine alone. It is meant to be for the nursery as it is attached to the master bedroom and has a tiny closet such as would be for a child’s things. I have made it into a makeup room, study, beading area, and all and all girly-girl place. It is naturally painted pink. It has rose bud drapes and oodles of feminine things. It is called, of course, “The Pink Room”.

Old southern homes usually have a mud room and ours is no exception. To someone from another part of the country this room might seem like a closed in porch. Perhaps. It is a place for dirty boots, tools, and the like. Recently my husband has been working on this room to make it more conducive for me to use for sewing. He made some comment to the effect that it would now be called the sewing room – certainly not! It is the mud room even if we eat in there!

Our house is on the corner, and on the side that faces the house next to use we managed to fence off a small area to hide things like lumber, pots, bags of mulch, and so on. We call this “The Corral”.

Granted, it may not be that the name, by itself, increases the value of your home monetarily. But I believe these names give our house personality. They make us want to give it better care because we are more personally involved. Don’t you feel more personally involved with someone when you know their name instead of just thinking of them as a man or a woman?

Besides, what other home improvement project can you do so cheaply?

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Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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