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Inns and Bed & Breakfasts Are Romantic Choices for Travelers

If you are headed out of town and looking for the perfect place to stay you might take a close look at the pros and cons of Inns vs Bed and Breakfasts. Both have their positive and negative sides, and the following information should aid you in deciding which one is best for you and your family.

First of all, most people choose an Inn or B B; because they offer a more personal experience for over night and extended stays. Unlike hotels where you are bustled in and out, there is a certain charm and attention to detail that surround a stay at an Inn or Bed and Breakfast. If you’re looking to avoid the hustle, bustle and and traffic sounds an Inn or Bed amp; Breakfast just might be the ticket for you! Most Inns and Bed amp; Breakfasts are located in quiet and isolated venues. This definitely gives them the edge over hotels that are normally based right off of the interstate.

One of the more charming attractions of lodging at an Inn or B B; is the feeling of staying with a close friend of relative. The overall feel is ‘my home is your home’. There are normally common rooms for which to mingle with some of the other guests. However, if you feel that you might not want to be sharing the romantic fireplace with another couple these tight quarters may not be for you. Many Inns or Bed amp; Breakfast do offer private tables for enjoying a meal etc, but as can be expected, such a luxury is limited.

Another great thing about an Inn or Bed amp; Breakfast is the fact that many of them have on-site activities such as horse-back riding or trail riding on bikes. Since they accomodate just a hand-ful of guests at a time, property owners can lend things such as bikes for your enjoyment as well as book and videos to enjoy in your room. You are bound to enjoy the ‘home away from home’ environment. Many Inns and Bed amp; Breakfasts decorate lavishly with ornate antiques and breathtaking artwork. Now, you can agree that ‘antiques’ and ‘children’ are not synonymous! Bed amp; Breakfasts and Inns are ideal for a couple escaping for a romantic weekend or even a honeymoon, however if you are toting children it would be best to choose a family oriented hotel or Inn.

If you choose a Bed amp; Breakfast or Inn, you will be pleasantly surprised to know that, according to the Professional Association of Innkeepers International, or PAII, 88% of Inn and Bed amp; Breakfast owners actually live onsite! This tells us a few things, one being that the property owners have probably lived in the area for years and have strong ties to the community. It can also be assumed that they are area experts and will be able to help you plan a local excursion if you are looking to get out of your room.

So what about pricing? If you’re wondering where Inns and Bed amp; Breakfasts compare with regular hotels, you can bank on the fact that most B B;’s charge an average of $144 per night with Inns in the $163 per night range, according to PAII. This fee is usually a flat fee meaning you do not normally have to pay extra for things like internet or parking.

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