Lose Weight and Feel Great with a Quick Breakfast!

A quick breakfast can get your day off to the perfect start, and will help you feel energized to tackle whatever your morning throws at you. Breakfast is often called the most important meal of the day, but that doesn’t mean there is always time to whip up an omelet, toast, and hash browns in the midst of a hectic morning routine. However, even the busiest people can find thirty seconds to try out one of these quick breakfast ideas. Making time for a quick breakfast is scientifically proven to help you shed extra weight, which is reason enough to give it a try. Plus, as well as keeping you trim, these fast and tasty breakfast menus will make you feel great. One of these quick meals packed with healthy fuel like protein and complex carbohydrates will give your body and mind enduring energy so that you stay vibrant all morning long. Read on to learn more about why you need breakfast and the key nutritional elements it should contain, then enjoy the menu ideas at the end of the article that will help you put your new knowledge into practice.

Breakfast And Weight Loss

When you eat a healthy breakfast first thing in the morning, you kick your metabolism into high gear, which spells speedy weight loss for dieters. In addition, a healthy breakfast will help you stay vibrant and satisfied into the afternoon, so that you will be able to make smart choices about snacks and lunch. Your metabolism is smart: when there is a lot of food available, you burn calories fast so that you stay lean and agile, but when food is scarce, you burn calories slowly, storing as much energy as possible in fat deposits so that it will be there later if you can’t eat. A good breakfast lets your body know that there is ample food available, so that you burn calories instead of storing them. In addition to boosting your metabolism, a good breakfast will keep you from making bad dietary choices later in the day. When you try out one of these quick breakfast plans, you’ll enjoy a meal packed with protein and complex carbohydrates. These will keep you feeling satisfied for hours, so that you can avoid getting hungry enough to reach for a donut instead of for a balanced lunch. A quick breakfast takes only a few minutes to prepare and eat, but the effect on your waistline could last the rest of your life!

Complex Carbohydrates

A quick breakfast of almost any kind is better than no breakfast at all, but the best morning meal will give you fuel that lasts until lunch. Complex carbohydrates, which are found in whole grains, take time to digest, which makes them a great part of a morning meal. When you eat simple carbohydrates, such as those found in white bread, your body is able to break them down easily and quickly. This means that they offer an almost instant spike of energy which feels great- until you use it up and your blood sugar and energy levels plummet and crash. Complex carbs are much better fuel. Because your body can only break down complex carbs gradually, a quick breakfast loaded with them will give you a steady stream of energy that keeps your metabolism chugging and stops you from a mid-morning slump.


For a quick breakfast that will keep you feeling and looking great, the perfect companion to complex carbs and their enduring flow of energy is protein. Protein, found in beans, cheeses, nuts, and meats, gives your body the power to sustain and maintain itself. Protein is the building block of many of the different kinds of cells in your body, including everything from your skin to your hair and even your muscles, so an ample supply will keep you healthy and strong and for more information we can look up to regarding these concerns, which can later be beneficial for us . Put together the endurance of complex carbs and the strength of protein, and you’ve got an ideal quick breakfast foundation. Read on for easy menu items that combine these nutritional power players.

Quick Breakfast Ideas

For the perfect quick breakfast, look for ways to mix protein and complex carbs. If you have three minutes, whole wheat toast with peanut butter is a fast and easy choice that will give your body a boost all day. If you only have ten seconds, a handful of cashews and a handful of a whole grain cereal will nourish you on the run. For more variety in your quick breakfast choices, try planning ahead. By preparing a few items the day before, you can widen your breakfast repertoire so that you keep the breakfast habit up without getting bored. Make up plastic baggies with a mixture of protein-heavy items like hardboiled eggs, sliced cheese, or sticks of ham. Then, on the way out the door, grab a baggie, pair it with a whole wheat roll, and you’ve got a breakfast that you can eat on your way to work. It’s so easy, anyone can do it, so give it a try and see how much better you look and feel after making time for a quick breakfast.

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