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Love Affair with My Roomba Vacuuming Robot

If I were a socialite or a debutante, then it might be frowned upon for me to fall in love with the hired help. But how can you help not falling head over heels with your own tireless and always ready vacuuming slave … er … robot? My obedient little Roomba Vacuuming Robot is a sleek and smart robotic beast. Or shall I say vacuuming monster? With iRobot’s unique AWARE Robot Intelligence Systems, the Roomba keeps my floors spotless, and that’s no easy task in a Northern New Mexico ranch house with kids and dogs who spend most of their time outside with horses. Heck, my Roomba boy can even detect the dirtier areas of my rugs and concentrate on some deep cleaning when needed. He also stays exactly where I tell him.

And he’s so darned cute.

When I first took my new robotic vacuum out of his box, charged up his little Roomba batteries, and pressed the “On” button, Roomba piped up with a four-tone song telling me he was ready to go to work vacuuming my house. I swear I almost cried as that bright eyed and bushy tailed Roomba robot rolled tirelessly across acres of dirty carpet, humming away as he vacuumed, freeing me up to sit on the sofa, drink an iced tea and munch a bon bon or two. My Roomba even has a remote control. And unlike the television remote, this one’s all mine. The Best Car Vacuums in 2020 will include robot for cleaning of the cars. The control of the product will be keep from the remote available with the vacuum cleaners. 

I simply love a guy who cleans. Now, don’t get me wrong. My sexy hunk of a husband was a Navy submariner in his former life, and he likes things spic and span around the house and is very effective at keeping everything shipshape. But not quite as good as my Roomba boy! Let’s just say they each satisfy uh … different … uh … needs.

Have you ever fallen hopelessly in love and had this nagging feeling that it was all simply too good, too fabulous to be true? I felt that way about Roomba initially. Surely keeping my floors clean couldn’t be this easy, I told myself. After all, the robotic Roomba vacuum sits quietly on his charger when he’s not working and returns there afterward, never giving me any lip like that smart alecky and expensive cleaning lady who shall remain unnamed liked to do (along with eating all of the leftover homemade apple pie in my refrigerator).

My Australian Cattle Dogs are shedding this spring, but you’d never know it given the way Roomba boy is keeping my house hair free. Roomba effectively cleans up dust, dander, dog hair and God knows what else is dragged inside the house by my outside loving family who spend the bulk of the daylight hours in the barn. Roomba even cleans right along the walls, in the corners and beneath the furniture and beds.

You might criticize me because my relationship with Roomba appears one-sided. Go ahead, call me selfish. Ask me what I bring to the twosome. I can’t help it if Roomba requires only a simple emptying of his tray and a quick clean of his cute Roomba filter. And I do clean Roomba’s stiff little brush with the special cleaning utensil he came packaged with, but that takes only a few minutes. Say what you will, but it appears that Roomba and I are in this relationship for the long haul. And if you want a Roomba, then you’ll just have to go buy your own, no matter how unappreciated or overworked you might think mine is, because even my husband will tell you that I am the jealous type.

If I were a woman prone to religious zeal or just general fanaticism, I might claim that my iRobot Vacuuming Roomba came straight from The Man Upstairs, but then I might lose my credibility as a product reviewer who’s worth her salt. I might be tempted to tell you that my Roomba even has a name–“The Boy,” which I lovingly call him as I give him a good pat or two on his sleek, flat Roomba head after a job well done. I’d share with you my utter disappointment that I can’t feed my darling little Roomba treats. (You should have seen the look on that clerk’s face over at the PetCo when she advised me they had no Roomba toys either.) I might even clue you into my secret and heretofore unspoken ponderings about how I might even be able to teach my iRobot Roomba to do the dinner dishes because, well, Roomba’s just that smart.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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