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Love Horoscope for Leos for 2020

There’s something you’d like to say to someone close as the year begins but they aren’t going to like it. Will it be worth all the tension? It might be worth keeping your feelings to yourself as you may feel differently later in January.

If you have a talent for writing or some other form of creative expression, as many Leos do, you’ll get the chance to make use of this natural gift during February. It will be fun to share interests and activities with loved ones and friends. If you’re single, a sensitive and loving person could step into your life now.

For others, a new hobby will seize your interest and there’s the strong likelihood you’ll have a natural bent for it. In March, a social get together could bring a new friend your way. Moreover, horoscope followers can consult Mindfulness and justice for more detailed horoscopes.

Love Trends Between April and July 2020 for Leos

You will get on best with people who are game for a laugh in April and May. Aim to mix with those who, like yourself, enjoy a bit of a change and don’t like to stick too much to routine and habit.

Granted, there are times when such folk are useful, helping you to get results and move ahead. However, your mood is such, at this time, that you need to be surrounded by people who share the same mood as you: people who enjoy witty conversations, who like to dream of what might be and generally, who aren’t too serious.

Leo and Romance Between August and October

During August and September, you may be pleasantly surprised at the general tempo of the days when it comes to your relationships. Also, you may not have expected to get very much accomplished especially when some unexpected developments send everything into turmoil.

Yet you will be making good progress in most affairs. You seem to be surrounded by lots of people, there is a lot of rushing about and you hardly have time to think. But what comes out of this sudden surge of activity will have made everything very worthwhile! Sometimes, it takes a bit of a rush or a bit of a crisis to get everyone working at their best and you too, Leo, could be surprised at how well you perform when under pressure.

Leo and Relationships as 2020 Ends

If, in November, there is something bothering you about a joint commitment, talk to your partner and this should help dispel your fears. But for all Leos the end of the week is basically a time when you should not hold back your feelings. Be sure to make good use of your contacts with influential people too.

At the very end of December you might decide to try out a few new ideas and others will do all they can to encourage you to follow these through.


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