Top Reasons To Invest In Bitcoin

It’s never too late to invest in Bitcoin. This digital gold has been steadily growing and increasing in value over the years. If you are looking at a diverse mix of investment portfolio, Bitcoin should definitely be in the cards.

People are taking advantage of a decentralized currency. The future of money is here with Bitcoins and while it may be intimidating for some, a lot of younger investors are actually taking more aggressive risks with the enticing trend that the Bitcoin era is displaying for several years now.

Why Invest In Bitcoin

The adoption rate of Bitcoin has grown exponentially over the years. It has seen an explosive boom in acceptance and credibility. Bitcoing trading has been growing and even the giant e-commerce sites like Amazon are adopting the use of this digital cash in the buy and sell trade.

Fast and Secure Transactions

Being a decentralized and online system, Bitcoin transactions are secure, transparent, and fast. Sending and receiving payments is seamless and quick as compared to the traditional banking route. All transactions are recorded and validated in the blockchain.

Young Digital Currency

Bitcoin is considered to still be in its infancy phase. The fluctuations would give you a hint on how volatile this digital cash is and that you should take a cue on whether this investment is a good match for your risk appetite. There is still a large market to capture and disrupt for Bitcoin which gives you a clue as to how lucrative an investment this is.

Diversification is Power

Integrating Bitcoin in the mix would give investors a diversified portfolio and guaranteed high returns. Bitcoin has performed very well in the past years and history would show that it is a good asset to combine with traditional investments like bonds and stocks.

Law of Scarcity and Demand at Work

The idea here is to play up with the limited and scarce number of Bitcoins in circulation and watch how the demand would rise at peak levels. There would only be 21 million Bitcoins and around 17 million has already been mined. Bitcoin is the most popular and biggest digital currency in the market with very limited number. It is therefore wise to invest in Bitcoin now knowing that the scarcity would pump up the demand and increase its value over time.

The Big Shots Joined the Revolution

The big names in the industry like Apple, McAfee, and Amazon have shown support and are now Bitcoin enthusiasts. They now even include Bitcoin as a mode of payment for their customers online. This speaks volumes of how the Bitcoin revolution has changed the face and phase of money over the years. The digital currency has pivoted the way financial transactions are made in the virtual sphere. It is continuously reaching and disrupting wide markets. Bitcoin exchanges are now regulated which opens more doors of opportunities for institutional investors.

You should always look at the long-term viability of any investment. Don’t be too obsessed with the short-term gains and don’t panic when the prices go down because that is actually the right time to hold on to your Bitcoins until the prices stabilize or go upward.

The massive price surges would tell you to hold it out because true gains are realized in the next 5 or 10 years. This digital asset has a sizeable return in the future if only you would have the right strategy and mindset in place.


Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.