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In part one of social media wrote a few months ago I explained a few things that have still not changed today, if you have not read that article you might want to read that before reading this because that explains the ethos of social media and the extensions which provide a platform to crunch down a few sites in one click.

This part of social media is about getting free organic traffic to your sites that you write content. That could be here on our site or somewhere else where you hope to get viewed not just within this community but within other communities that look for content. This in-turn should raise your links in the search engine. One search engine everybody seems to want in on is Alexa. I will talk about this at a later date when my personal experience with Alexa improves. If you are not a writer or blogger and just want people to see your art or poetry social media is something you should research. Knowing the right questions to ask in the search engine is one way you can improve your social media’s artistic reach. Similarly this applies to those interested in affiliate marketing, CPA, Magnetic sponsors and micro niche people. You also have to understand why do we need more followers on instagram and on other social media platforms.

The reason why you might want to improve your ability to use the Internet tools which broaden your availability in social media is a number of things. These things depend on your habits online, how you have been taught to use the Internet, who mentored you into what you know and how you move on line and other things that may slow you down. The key point I”m trying to explain is things change. These things are widgets, communities where people spend there time, the key tools you can use to probe the net as the information evolves (notice I say evolves not devolves). Another thing to remember when posting things through social media devices is time. Google is now live and as you make a post on micro-sites like Twitter it immediately pops up at the top of the search, sometimes above the fold of paid ads and number one ranking sites. Remember though Google is not the only search engine on the planet.

On the subject of time, remember this social media people, if your writing or art is targeted at a particular culture of localised audience you might want to consider this when posting, writing and sharing. By reading other people who are local to yourself you can almost create your own little community of social media groups. The advantage of this is that you can dominate your area, with the abundance of information you churn out. Particularly if you are all on the same page. When you get confident at this I strongly suggest to create a forum on your website. Or on your blog somehow drive your community to a Yahoo groups or more popular recently Google groups. Google groups over the past year have been fantastic, especially if you have a Google G-mail account. You get like most e-mails posts to your inbox however with Gmail the same thread of the post stays within the same e-mail. Similarly I would never have a free Google Waves account without joining a Skyhook forum on Google.

Google Waves is still in Beta format and similarly Google have a thing called API, very common now for people who have certain HTML and CSS of flash knowledge. If you have a mobile phone you should know about API because without the home made API applications by the users you would not have free Apps on your phone. This I think is a key reason why you will find it difficult avoiding social media. The grip social media has on users of the net is huge. So if you think its a bit geeky and would rather walk the dog, I’m wondering whether you remembered to bring your phone with you to check your e-mails on the beach or down the park.

In conclusion of part two of social media world we have explored the range of people who would want to socialise online. Exclusively we have bequeathed the reasons why these people seem so happy with the areas they live. Outside of this social media has been distinguishably defined as a changing environment where many of your friends live. Some of us are more advanced consequently this gives us an upper hand on the conversation. The key thing with social media is don’t give up and never underestimate what you already know. Many of these things you know may have got forgotten by the things you experiment with today. Now worries though you will be back and when you do you can help the people new to those communities and greet them like you were greeted when you first joined. And remember these days no ones a novice in the world of social media. You just have to switch on the telly to see what people are harping on about.


Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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