Tea Maker: A Companion For Tea Aficionados

There are two types of drinks, apart from water, that have become a necessary beverage for everyone throughout the world: coffee and tea. They are also a distinct part of our lives and just as important for human survival and almost as basic a necessity as food, water and air, not necessarily in that order.

While some prefer coffee and some tea, there are also others who have a preference for neither. In today’s date, they have taken over the hearts and minds of human beings in such way to the point of addiction that it becomes difficult to resist the temptation when offered at home or at public gatherings despite many reports of health issues rampant on its frequent consumption.

However, just as everything has its fair share of pros and cons, tea is no exception in this case so it may be argued that its addiction is no less of a health hazard as the addiction to alcohol and drugs, there’s no denying the fact that it has just as many, if not more, health benefits to its name.

Tea, is one such beverage that is just as old and ancient as alcohol, and shares quite a few similarities with it, apart from the addiction factor, both have a history of its origins from normal, authentic medicinal plants and berries from trees, but with the modern age of chemicals, pollutants and synthetic items, both have become a liability for health-conscious people.

Well anyways, the arguments can go on and on and on regarding its strengths and limitations, the major health benefits that you get upon its consumption is universally acknowledged and appreciated by many health experts and reputed doctors throughout the world.

Certain health benefits:

  • Tea is very useful when it comes to grappling with life threatening diseases like heart attacks, cancers, strokes, kidney ailments etc.
  • It contains the essential compound poly phenol that as as an antioxidant.
  • It helps in keeping the body fluids balanced and strong.
  • It is helpful in preventing dehydration as it is high on water content
  • It acts as an anti-ageing agent and makes you look young and keeps you active and happening in old age.
  • It makes the skin look neat and clean
  • It enhances the memory power as it is good for the mind

There are many different aspects and benefits of tea that cannot be explained in any one single article or discussed at lengths in such a short while as time is limited and with everyone being extremely busy in their own lives and worries due to tension and stress regarding different issues and problems everyday.

The very [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]best tea makers throughout the world vouch for the fact that tea has indeed played a very pivotal role in shaping their boring and mundane lives for the better as they are basically makers and not only consumers and therefore have a better understanding of tea, regarding its consumption and benefits, than normal people do.

As it happens in other products, tea as well is one where only the best brands with reputed names are chosen by the consumers and different brands such as brooke bond, tata, wagh bakri and many other reputed names and companies can claim credit for the betterment of the general lifestyle of the public.

Some of the best tea makers are as follows:

  • Breville
  • Gourmia
  • Black Teavana Perfect
  • Camelia Teapot
  • Chefman
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