The Best Construction Software That Deals With Bid Processing

Construction jobs and projects rely on the bid process a lot. Without it, there won’t be any construction to develop. The bid process starts the whole thing which is why construction firms have to manage these in the first stages. This is where the use of construction software comes in so it’ll be easier to draft proposals and pitch their bids.

What makes the bid process so intricate that a construction software is needed? In order for your firm to land the project, you have to start with cost estimates and then submit a bid that is the lowest of all the contractors. This includes studying the plans and materials needed. It is then presented to the customer through a proposal with all the accurate details involved.

In the early construction years, firms would do this manually. It may take time and a lot of trials involved. With the help of construction software, creating a proposal for the bid process would be easily done.

In this website, you’ll find several construction software that helps firms deal with the bid process in construction management:


This product of Oracle, who is known for their database and enterprise software along with cloud engineering system, is a well-known management platform that deals with engineering and construction process. Aconex has users from around 70 countries and has helped build over 16,000 infrastructures.

This software features tools that help in workflow management, bid processing, document management, safety and quality, and project controls. Aconex is also integrated with apps such as Quickbooks and Google Maps. Disseminating information and coordinating workflows between you and your clients, subcontractors, project managers and consultants will be a breeze with the use of this software.


This web-based and easy-to-use-interface helps construction firms in collecting all information that is necessary to control bids, orders, and budgets. It has a client portal wherein you can manage orders as well as deal with customer inquiries and other concerns. CoConstruct is the ideal software for handling estimates and biddings. It also generates summaries that are informative for forecasting.

Activity scheduling and planning are also one of the main features of this program. Customization options are unlimited making this software a popular choice for many construction firms. It’s also available on the cloud so you can access it anywhere.

If you’re interested in checking CoConstruct out, a free demo is available for you to try.

Building Connected

Another online construction software is Building Connected. This program makes the building process more efficient. It also helps manage projects and bring contractors and sub-contractors together in a very well planned out workflow.

Project teams involve in the construction are also brought together with the use of Building Connected by tracking a detailed history of bidder notes and actions. If you upgrade to BC Pro, you’ll have access to performance analytics, tracking of vendor relationships and historical cost information.

This software has a free version but with basic features you can check out. This already includes sending out bids and managing pre-construction process. The dashboard is easy to use and allows users to see every activity in a single screen.


Started in 1995, e-Builder has been helping firms with their construction projects for a long time. Their features offer assistance in cost management, planning, scheduling, documentation and bid management. It’s cloud based so you need not worry about maintenance and installation. It has a collaborative communication feature that users can use along with a customized dashboard for your convenience.

HCSS HeavyBid

If you need a software that helps in estimating and bidding, then this one is definitely worth checking out. HeavyBid is used by over 50,000 estimators to manage construction projects. Several sources are used to help estimate costs and performance data.

HeavyBid can also help firms in analyzing errors and edit estimates so as to give a fool-proof cost for bidding. A 24/7 customer assistance through email and phone is readily available should you need any.


Another ideal software for large companies is Adoddle. This program deals with managing project portfolios, documentation, construction and cost. With a single collaborative platform like Adoddle, you can manage your tenders and bids in such an easy way.

Other features in this software include integration of project information, document control, and easy tracking of transactions. Email support as well as a hotline for customer service is available for users.

With these software mentioned above, you can collaborate tasks, manage construction and bid processes with ease. You don’t need to worry about miscommunication and improper handling of cost and estimates. These software will do all the work for you.

If you’re hesitant to try it out, some of these software include a free version for several days for you to get the hang of it before using the whole package. So try them out and see for yourself which software suits your firm best.

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