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The Best Shower Doors And Enclosures For Your Bathroom

When you are planning to make upgrades to your bathroom, one of the enhancements you might consider is your shower doors and enclosures. There are a lot of choices when it comes to shower enclosures, like frameless shower enclosures, semi-frameless shower enclosures, and framed shower doors. If you are having trouble finding the best shower door and enclosure, then you are in the right place. Here are the types of shower doors and enclosures, and their best properties.

  1. Frameless shower doors and enclosures

A frameless shower enclosure seems to be desired by a lot of people nowadays. But before we go to the reasons why, here are the features of a frameless shower enclosure. It uses a hard tempered glass, which does not need support for its sides. Because of the glass being free from edge support, it looks clean and advanced.

That is the reason why everybody likes a frameless shower enclosure. They are very clear, which complements if your walls have a complex tile patterns, stone works, or have some hardwares like waterproof bathroom televisions. They frameless edges offer no obstructions to those features.

Take into consideration that not all frameless enclosures and doors are really “frameless”. Some of them include a little bit of metal, most particularly in hinges, handles, and other places.

Due to the inherent design and build of a frameless shower enclosure, they usually come at a price double of the price of a regular metal framed shower enclosure.

  1. Semi-Frameless Shower Doors and enclosures

If you would like the modern day appearance of a frameless enclosure but your bathroom design and spending budget cannot afford the expenses of a frameless design, you can go with a semi frameless bathroom door and enclosure. When shopping for a bathroom enclosure, try to find high quality parts like those with permanently attached handles, solid handles and glass finish.

  1. Framed shower doors and enclosures

A framed shower door and enclosure can be just as great as their frameless door and enclosure brethren just because they are a cheaper option. There are plenty of models that are not just stylish but also durable, due to the high quality aluminum framework that offers durability and support to the frame. This traditional pivot shower enclosure can still find its place in a lot of modern bathrooms.

  1. Sliding shower doors

The manner in which you want your shower door to open is dependent on your personal preferences as well as the layout of the bathroom. Sliding doors are an effective option for tub enclosures and bathroom with limited space. Sliding doors are also useful if your bathroom furnitures are spaced closely together.

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