The Best Turntables On The Market With USB Support

Turntables are getting more and more traction nowadays, with more people adapting the seemingly outdated technology. However, the revival of turntables comes with some of the conveniences of our modern times. One of them is by having USB support that allows for seamless recording of vinyl records in the digital format such as MP3 or AAC. Listed below are some of the best turntables that features USB support. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Audio-Technica AT-LP5

Audio-Technica AT-LP5 delivers the level of quality to provide a nuance of records that cheaper turntables cannot deliver. Featuring a full bass, good treble and midrange, you are going to notice details by means of this direct-drive product that you miss out on cheaper models. The sound quality means more pleasant tuning in and much better digital recordings.

The LP5 comes with a sound editing software, Audacity. It is a free of charge sound recording and enhancing application for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS to assist users in creating digital recordings of their vinyl records. On the other hand, you will need to do some set up in order to set up this turntable. You will be required to attach the cartridge and fine tune the counterweight. There are plenty of other high quality turntables that are available for a higher cost than this model, however, this product is still very good on its own and is able to compete with other more expensive turn tables.

2. Crosley Nomad

The appropriately titled Nomad is the most suitable turntable on this list if you value mobility. The Crosley Nomad also features a retro design, with a vinyl-wrapped wooden case that features a built-in audio speaker, a headphone port as well as one additional jack. The case also features a handle so that it can be carried everywhere with ease. It supports records with rotations per minute rates of 45, 33 1/3, as well as 78. The Nomad features an Audacity audio enhancing application that supports converting audio from LP to digital. With this turntable, you should not expect to have a very good sound quality. The built in speakers have a small and inadequate sound. Meanwhile, if you employ the additional output to play by means of your high quality audio speakers, the preamp has a lot of bass. The platter of this turntable does not accommodate the exterior sides of 12-inch vinyl records, creating a lot of wobbling when you’re playing the initial songs on the record. In general, the Crosley Nomad turntable is somewhat more about its form factor, portability and design, and not about having a good quality sound. For more information regarding this Crosley turntable, be sure to check out Crosley’s website.

3. Fluance RT80

Featuring solid bass and excellent sound in general, Fluance RT80 is a steal at its price range. It features a contemporary, minimalist design that appears distinct as the records spin. It comes with a cartridge from Audio Technica, which can be enhanced if you desire much more treble as well as sharpness.

As opposed to a lot of cheap turntables, the RT80 needs a bit of installation, which includes setting up and correctly managing the counterweight. However, when you have finished the set up, it is easy to use after that.


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