The Diet Zone, the State of Being Mentally Ready to Diet

Before you begin any diet, you really should decide if you are in the diet zone. No, the diet zone isn’t a new fad diet. It isn’t a new exercise program, either. It is what I refer to as the state that will allow you to loose weight naturally, without the help of the best cool sculpting procedures. What do I mean my the state that will allow one to loose weight?

Think about your dieting in the past. Are you one of the thousands of people who are considered yo-yo dieters? A yo-yo dieter is a person who goes on a diet and may do wonderful on it. This person may actually loose weight. Then that same person becomes bored with the diet, stressed or both and goes back to his or her old ways of eating. The weight creeps back on, plus maybe more. Time passes, that person again goes on a diet the cycle repeats. This cycle may repeat itself time and time again. This is yo-yo dieting. This is not healthy, either.

The diet zone is a different approach. To get in the diet zone, you have to actually want to accomplish your goals and you must be committed to put in the time and the work to actually loose that weight. It won’t be easy. Dieting is not easy.

You also have to finally admit to yourself that there is not no free passes. There are no safe pills out there that will magically melt that extra weight off of you. There are also no magic lotions that will rub away that fat from your legs, stomach, etc.

Once you admit that any so called magic tricks are illusions when it comes to weight lost, you are beginning to get your set place in the diet zone. Now you can begin by making plans. You can start planning alternatives to the fats and the junk food you normally eat. You can decide what vegetables and fruits you just might eat. You can also decide what snacks you would like and would help with your for certain cravings. Once you have this grocery list in hand, go shopping. Stick to the list. Bypass that cookie and snack aisle.

Okay, you have some food choices. Now think about what you can do as in exercise. What may work for you? Would you enjoying walking in the neighborhood? Should you invite a friend for company? Would you like to join the gym? Could you afford a trainer? Would you feel better starting out home, where you would have privacy?

Make those decisions and then make some realistic exercise goals. Strive to exercise three times a week, at least for a half hour each session. Now write these goals down and mark down each time you complete a goal or a task.

Keep a food journal to mark down the progress you make her eas well. By writing things down, you can see what you are actually doing and you can either feel better about yourself or you can tell yourself you need to work harder.

Keep the goals realistic. If you fail, start over and remember you are human.

If you pushing on, day by day, month by month, you will be in the diet zone. Plus, you will soon be the healthy zone.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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