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The Keys to Online Social Networking: Rules and Strategies for Artists and Small Businesses

Part of having a professional web presence for today’s artists is being involved in the correct networks online and knowing the keys to using them well. This knowledge can increase your fan base and further your business. For A List and Description of the Top Social Networks Online click here. Over time we see Many small businesses are discovering the value of CRM software which is another vital aspect of marketing on social media platforms.

These are the Eight Keys to Social Networking Online:

Be Effective

As an artist who has a busy schedule and a million ideas every day, it is best to pick two or three online social networks (OSNs- like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to join and maintain. One should probably be reserved for your family and friends while the other(s) can be used to network with people in the same field or to build interest in your brand.

Be Active

Get on your preferred networks more than once per week (I recommend you choose one to visit daily). Update your status; comment on other people’s statuses. Find new “friends” with similar interests. If someone has posted a question you know how to answer, help them out.

Be Unique

Personalize your page if you can. MySpace, Twitter and Ning all allow for different backgrounds and graphics to be used. Try to plant your brand everywhere you can, without being tacky.

Be Cordial

Promote others online as well. If someone wrote a blog post or article that is extremely helpful or interesting, post about it on Facebook or Twitter. If all your posts are shameless self-plugs then people will eventually get tired of you (translation: only your mother will continue to follow you online, if she knows how).

Be Patient

Don’t join an OSN and send out hundreds of friend requests each day (unless you’re Oprah). Take it slow as you begin to post useful content. Find people who are posting useful and interesting content and see who they are friends with, or who they are following. Become friends/followers of a few of these people at a time and expand your network from there.

Be Genuine

It is easy to say things you don’t mean when online. You don’t have to see the people you communicate with online, so it is easy to flit about the web making insincere comments. People can tell if you really took the time to read their posts; they can tell if you really care about what they’re saying. We all know the old adage “If you don’t have any real support/advice/interest/thoughts/opinions/feelings to tweet about what someone is saying, then don’t tweet at all.”

Be Professional

Your online presence is a VITAL part of your brand; therefore, your social networks online are probably not the place to bash people or to talk about your seriously wild  amp; crazy adventures…unless that is part of the image you want to portray.

Be Linked

On your blog, set up links to your OSNs that you want people to befriend you on. Include links on your websites, newsletters and e-mails. The people who are interested will find you on your networks and establish a connection with you.If this article was helpful to you, you may also like: What to Include in Your Artist Website and How to Promote It, How to Make a Great Artist’s Résumé: What to Include to Make Your Résumé Stand Out, or How to Build the Best Business Card and What it Should Include (for Artists).


Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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