Things Required And Steps Included Inbuilding A Cheap 3D Printed Micro Drone

The idea of building up a cool 3D printed micro drone is super exciting. The micro-drones are becoming more popular as they can easily fit into one’s palm but need to be powered by high RPM brushless motors and a Li-Po battery. We will know how to build a cool and cheap 3D printed micro-drone, which will also show that RC vehicles and the 3D printers are a perfect match. Also, the 3D printed quadcopters can fly inside and outside because of its diagonal size, which is 90mm.

Almost all micro drones use the same parts in them, but the main difference is in their quality. The 3-D printing process is additive manufacturing that helps in making new things using advanced technologies. Here in this article, we will know the things required to make the micro drone and how to make it.

Things required:-

  • Giant power 2S 300 mAhLipo
  • Racestar RC1103B 8000kV
  • CharsoonLipo charger
  • JST connector
  • Frame
  • 3- wire servo cable
  • 2035 propellers
  • Eachine VR D2 Pro
  • FVP Camera with OSD

Steps included:-

Quadcopter fly is basically a set of four motors that are arranged in a way that two are clockwise and other is counter-clockwise. The different sets of motors have a different set of propellers. All four motors must generate the thrust of at least two times the normal amount of the weight of the machine. The 1:3 ratio is the ratio when the proper racing quads go much higher than required.

  • The trickiest part is to power the motors, and to power them, you need a battery. You need a battery according to the spin of motors that you want. If you want to spin them faster, then you need a big battery. Making the best power to weight ratio is an infinite loop as according to the battery, you need to arrange bigger prop and stronger motors.
  • In building up the micro quads, you will be limited by batteries, which are one-to-three cell batteries. The 2S, which is a two-cell battery, will be appropriate for micro quads.
  • Now you need to get and set up the parts that can match and are compatible with the voltage of the battery. You need to buy the parts that will not be fried up once you attach them.
  • ESC board contains the regulators for all the four motors, which helps in controlling the speed and direction of rotation. You need to choose the regulator according to the current of the motor.
  • Now comes the receiver, knows the protocols that the receiver uses as they mainly work with FlySky or DSM-X and FrSKY. Most transmitters tend to use the FlySkyprotocol to communicate with the Flight controller using the single-wired interface commonly known as SBUS or IBUS.
  • Last but not least is the camera. You can get many sorts of cameras that can record video on any SD card. To active the OSD function, you need to use the camera that will have four wires for sure, which are Voltage, ground, video-in, and video-out. You can also opt for Eachine’s product line instead of OSD, as they are relatively cheap and good.

Making a micro drone is really fun, and you can make 3D printed cool and cheap micro drones at home itself. Check out the above steps and things required to make cool micro quads.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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