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Tips for a Successful Relationship: How to Resolve an Interpersonal Conflict

For you, there are some tips that will allow a successful running of a relationship. If there are any doubts, then you can catch cheating wife on phone. Otherwise, the following tips will maintain a healthy relation.

  1. Clarify what the exact problem is. Often people begin fighting when miscommunication gets out of control. Making it clear what your problem is the first step in determining which kind of compromise you can reach.
  2. Make reasonable demands. Conflict dissipates when both sides become more reasonable. Often their reaction will be a mirror of yours. When you become more reasonable they will be more likely to follow your lead.
  3. Pick a proper time to argue. For example, it is better to argue when someone is in a calm state of mind than it is to argue with someone who just got off a bad day of work. Both parties should discuss the conflict when they are in their optimal states of mind.
  4. Focus on one problem at a time. There will be enough conflict over a single issue let alone bringing in more. Both parties should focus on a core issue at a time. Once a single problem is solved they can move on to the next issue.
  5. Criticize behaviors but not the people themselves. For example, you can say “I don’t like when you talk to me that way” instead of saying “you are a jerk”. People may be willing to compromise on their behaviors but most will not accept wholesale generalizations about themselves.
  6. Discuss the positive things that will happen if the person meets your demands. This way both parties can get something from the outcome. Furthermore, discuss the negative consequences of not meeting your demands. Explaining these consequences to your partner will help them in determining the next step to take.
  7. If you can’t come to a solution then propose that you meet up again in the future to discuss it. Sometimes people just need to cool off or sleep on an issue before they come to the proper realization. Just because a problem cannot be solved at the immediate moment does not mean that the situation is hopeless. There will always be a new day to work on an issue.
  8. In relation to tip number seven both parties should cease contact if things get out of control. If verbal or physical abuse becomes involved then the conflict itself has become more problematic than the issue at hand. You can say “I feel this argument is getting out of hand and I need to be left alone right now”.
  9. Probe the other person to get to their core complaint. Keep asking questions until they fess up about what is really bothering them. A person may say “you don’t treat me right”. You dig deeper and they change that to “you don’t talk to me much anymore”. One last probing question and they might say “what I really wanted to say was that you don’t seem interested in me and the accomplishments I have made at work”.

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