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Top 4 Rolling Workbenches for your Garage

Are you looking for a good rolling workbench for your garage? To complement and make your life a bit more organized, a workbench tailored to your needs is essential. But you just can’t settle with any model you find in the market. The best thing is to study reviews and ratings before the final investment. Please read below to check the [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]best rolling workbenches reviews.

Milwaukee 60 inch 11 Drawer Mobile Workbench

  1. Storage
  • Equipped with11 drawers, spacious enough to hold gears and parts safely, this mobile workbench is suited for perfect power users
  • Covers around 24199 cubic inches of space
  • Is capable of carrying 2200 pounds with ease
  1. Worksurface
  • A 60-inch space to work on, this bench provides a 22-inch pegboard for support as well.
  • The pegboard on the back wall is sturdy and adjustable to 3 different positions for your ease
  1. Size
  • This mobile workstation is approximately 26 in height, not including the
  • Industrial construction

  1. Build quality
  • Capable of holding over 220 pounds of gear, this mobile workspace will give you more than ample satisfaction from the build as well as storage capacity and quality.

Knack 44 Jobmaster Workbench

  1. Storage
  • Equipped with 41.5 inches of heavy-duty space, this workbench gives you around 50 pounds of storage capacity for each of its drawers.
  • In total, this bench provides you with an 800 pound of loading capacity with ease.
  1. Worksurface
  • You get 40” space here to station your laptop, papers, tools, and other electronic gears.
  1. Size and weight
  • This workbench is 25.5 inches in width and 37 inches in height and quite aesthetic to look at.
  • It weighs around 255 pounds.
  1. Build
  • Along with a sturdy built, you get a watchman iv lock system for extra safety,
  • Ball-bearing wheels are used for ease in mobility.

Trinity 72 inch Rolling Workbench

  1. Storage
  • 8 drawers are given with 2 cabinets for maximum storage space for increased functionality.
  • The total capacity for storage here is around 2200 pounds.
  1. Worksurface
  • A wide area of 72 inches space is big enough to accommodate maximum of your work requirements or gear, if not all of it.
  • The 1.5-inch thick panel gives you a strong and sturdy space to work on.
  • 3 inch of increments is included which can be adjusted to suit your requirements.
  1. Size and weight
  • The bench is 15.5 inches in width, 16 inches deep and has 4.75 tall drawers and 9. 50 small cabinets
  • In regards to weight, it’s around 250 pounds
  1. Build quality
  • The Trinity 72 inches is constructed with metal and wood for a sturdy built for heavyweight application
  • For ease of mobility, 5×2 inches of caster and ball bearings are used.

Husky 9 Drawer Rolling Workbench

  1. Storage
  • This home depot bestseller has 9 drawers and this workbench can host a mighty load of up till 1000 pounds.
  1. Worksurface
  • A welded steel panel of 51 inches is available to you as your work surface
  • This type of panel is resistant to chips and stains.

  1. .Size and weight
  • The Husky 9 Drawer Workbench is 52 inches in width, 18.1 inches deep, and has a height of 37.1 inches.
  1. Build
  • It is strong and sturdy and extremely durable due to its welded construction.
  • Protected with locks for the drawers.

All of these workbenches are well received and recommended due to their amazing build and quality along with high functionality. Go ahead and make your life and your work easier and for everyone.

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Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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