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As technology has raised its bar on a significant level and in every field, the technology always helps us to make our life easy. Whether it is anything with the help of this aspect, we can handle all the complications securely, and the same goes for gamers as well. There are massive varieties of laptops which are specially designed for their specific purpose. And the main question which arises in everyone’s mind is which laptop is best for them according to their preference for around $100 because the budget is always an issue for the majority of game lovers. Therefore with the help of this article, we will help the readers to pick their choice without many efforts.

What to look before buying a gaming laptop?

One of the most vital aspects we must always consider before buying any laptop is the capability of the machine to take the load and how the device responds to high and intense graphics. The user interference of the computer should be simple, and everyone can use it in simple ways. Also, the machine should have a high-resolution feature in its pocket, as this will enhance the overall gaming experience of the gamer. Therefore chipset is the central aspect on which the gadget revolves because if the chipset is weak, then players will defiantly reject the device in no time.

Best gaming laptops of 2019 

Asus ROG 

Without any doubt, it is the best gaming laptop in the world because the hardware of this device is unmatchable. The way this device handles high resolutions is unbeatable, although the computer is a bit expensive, it is rightly said that everything comes with a price. And the same goes for this electronic device as well. Because it has the premium build quality and highly portable design, and these are the main aspects why it is considered as one of the best laptops in the world. The Max-Q card, which is the backbone of the device and the real-time tracing facility of the device, makes sure that we always have the upper hand from our competitors in the game. Adding on the powerful chipset and CPU of the machines ensures the fact that even after high and long usage, the device does not heat up.


One of the primary laptop with super build quality it comes under the roof of one of the most powerful devices in the world as the computer highly portable and lightweight also, and this is the primary reason why people loves to use and purchase this machine. And there are other many features which it has like the screen resolutions are a colorful and bright panel which has lighting on edges of the screen, and this is the main reason why it looks elegant. Also, the combination of the chipsets which it has is unmatchable, and this provides us the best operating order. And gives us the primary feel, which makes sure that we have the best gaming experience also the liquid plates which this gadget has in their operating system. Proves about the fact that even after playing and using the device for a longer time, it does not get heats up and stays in better shape during the tenure of playing session. Therefore the other central aspect which attracts many gamers to the device is its battery backup, which has lots of stamina in it. The device can stay with you for 8 hours, even if you play the games with the most massive graphics.

Hp 15

The devices which change the image of this company in a short time. Because we all know about the fact that hp is the company which is highly used in the office for operating their operations. But the introduction of the machine makes sure that this company stays in the run for best gaming laptops in the world. As we all know about the fact that hp is the venture which has the best goodwill when it comes to the field of laptops because they are leading the market for a longer time. The Intel core processor makes sure that one has the best and premium gaming experience altogether. The screen comes with 15.6 inches of high quality of HD display, and also 512 GB of storage makes sure that it stays in the market for a longer time. The design of the device is refreshing and different from its alternatives, and one of the best aspects of the gadget is its price. The gadget is one of the cheapest materials available in the market.

Wrapping it up 

All in all, to conclude this article, we have depicted some of the best gaming laptops in the world. Also, through this article, a brief discussion of the best objects which are available in the market has been shown under one roof.


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