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Trustworthy Carpet Installation in Rhode Island and Surrounding Areas you must Hire

Most of the apartments I’ve seen in Rhode Island have gorgeous hardwood floors, but for those of us not lucky enough to uncover such beautiful floors underneath the linoleum we’re removing from our house or if you’ve had an accident that ruined all or part of your flooring, it’s essential to find good carpet installers. Unless you want to completely refinish your floors, carpet installation in Providence, RI is probably your best bet. This is equal to buying the best portable carpet cleaner for upkeeps too. Just make sure you don’t rent to slobby dog owners, or you’ll be replacing those carpets no time. Not sure who the best carpet installers in Rhode Island are? Here are a few local carpet installation experts you can call for quotes.

DRL, in Woonsocket, RI, provides licensed and professional carpet installation and carpet cleaning and has been serving Southern New England customers for over 25 years. DRL serves both residential and commercial markets, so whatever your carpet installation in Rhode Island needs, DRL can help you out. DRL has the latest equipment and technology on hand to ensure the best carpet installation possible. You can get a free carpet installation estimate by calling DRL at (401) 345-3318 or check out their website http://www.drlcarpet.com.

Need a carpet installer a little closer to home? If you live in Pawtucket, Rhode Island, you might want to give A  amp; G Carpet Installation a call. Their hours are a little more varied than those of DRL, but they offer great service at good prices. Whether you need carpet for just a room or are looking to recarpet a whole condominum, A  amp; G Carpet Installing in Pawtucket RI can service your needs. Visit them at 17 Rufus Street in Pawtucket or call (401) 726 – 4180.

If you need carpet installation in Warwick, Rhode Island, you might be tempted to give Carpet City USA at (401) 732 – 6380. Although I haven’t personally used their services, I have read a few online reviews that suggest that Carpet City doesn’t offer the best customer service. Carpet City USA (80 Lambert Lind Hwy in Warwick RI) sells product, but complaints have been centered about the low-quality carpet installation. As I said, I haven’t used their services, but I suggest you keep other people’s comments in mind when you go and talk with them. If you have a bad feeling about the company, go somewhere else; however, if you trust they’ll do a good job, remember that some people just like to complain without reason. Trust your gut.

Remember, when you are installing carpet, what you pay for is what you get, and since most carpeting is expected to last for many years, you shouldn’t go with the cheapest carpet installation you can find just because it’s cheap. Go for quality and you’ll thank yourself years down the line.

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