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Valuable Tips In Choosing A Comfortable Pair Of Shoes

Are you planning to shop at a local store in a country with different language? Consider checking out beforehand  help you. And if you want to find the best comfy pair of shoes in that store, you must know how to make the right choice as well. Buying wrong shoes just because of cool design would leave you with painful feet.

But how should you pick the best shoes in a market? There are few considerations to help you.

Here’s how to find the Best Comfortable Shoes to Buy

  1. Know your Feet

Begin by knowing your feet and its features. Commonly, you must start by knowing the size of each foot, since it’s possible for people to have different sizes. If you’re still not sure about your foot size, most shoe stores have measuring devices for customers.

Pick a shoe which offers about a half inch of allowance from your longest toe. Or, wiggle your toes while trying a shoe to see if they move comfortably. Wearing tight shoes would exert more pressure to your feet, and would make it harder to breathe out. On a side note, if you have different sizes for each foot, refer to the larger one.

After knowing your size, know the arch of your foot. You’d have one of low, high or neutral arch. Neutral arch won’t have any problems in considering for a shoe. Find a shoe with straight overall shape if you have low arch, while high arch means you need one with special support for it.

  1. Find Comfortable Shoe Features

Comfy shoes come with specific features which offer superior comfort. Yes, the right size is one of such features, with wide toe box being another.

Aside from those, find one with a good support for your ankles. It should have the right measurement of heels, so the ankles won’t get too much friction. But heels higher than 2in aren’t recommended because they put too much strain on your foot.

Then, consider a shoe with foam cushioning especially on the ankle and toe area. Also, test flexibility by picking a shoe up and bending the toe area upward. The bend must be on the ball of the foot, and not on the middle or arch area.

Lastly, look for a lightweight shoe, especially if you’d use it on rigorous outdoor activities. Lightweight shoes gives lesser pressure to your feet. Moreover, they’re generally more flexible than heavier options. As a bonus, they allow your feet to breathe, instead of being fully enclosed without fresh air.

  1. Consider Adjustments

In many instances, adjustments are necessary after buying a pair of shoes. One adjustment is to naturally break in your shoes to make it more comfortable to wear. If you’re planning to wear a new pair of shoes on a party, wear it for few days before the event.

If you feel your shoes lack support, consider buying inserts. These are cushioning you can place in your shoe, and comes in different sizes, thickness and shape. You can buy an insert that offers support on specified area of your foot.

On a side note, be sure to wear the right socks. If you feel your shoes are too loose, you can opt for thicker socks. Otherwise, go for thinner options.

Keep these tips in mind while buying new shoes. Remember that comfort is a valuable factor for your feet, especially if you’d use your shoes for long hours every day.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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