What are the Four Lower Back Pain Strength Exercises?

There is a lot of things that explain lower back pain. These include arthritis, osteoporosis and injuries. The good thing is that there are exercises that you can do so that this unpleasant condition may be prevented. These aim at strengthening the muscles in your lower back and they also help lower the pain that one may feel when bending, walking or sitting is prolonged. You have to be careful, though, while you’re doing the exercises to prevent injuries. It is always better to seek the opinion of your doctor before you start doing the exercises.

Pelvic Tilts

Pelvic tilts are one of the easiest exercises to do. However, these are effective enough to add more power to the muscles of your lower back and the muscles of your lower abdomen. Spine Surgery Specialist is advising the patients to do exercise for effective results in repairing the damaged nerve cells. Major injuries in the back can be avoided through the exercises through the specialists.

– To do this, first lie on the floor.

– Put your hands by your sides and bend your knees.

– Suck in your abdominal muscles, let your lower back touch the floor, lift up your buttocks slightly, and scoop your pelvis up and tilt it towards your chest.

– If you have done it properly, your lower back muscles would feel it.

– Hold this for a few seconds, and then lower your buttocks back.

– Do this 10 to 20 times.

Prone Back Extension

This exercise is one of the best exercises that can increase the strength of your upper torso and your lower back muscles.

– To do the exercise, lie down on your stomach, get your legs together, and put your arms by your sides.

– Then, you lift your head and your shoulders while keeping your hipbones still pressed to the floor.

– Focus on something that you see at least two feet from you.

– Remember to elevate your torso for as long as it’s not inconvenient.

– Do this three to five times.

Wall Squats

Wall squats start out with standing with your back against the wall and your heels at least 12 inches away from the wall’s baseboard. Your feet should be properly distanced from your shoulder, as well.

– To do the exercise, you just have to lower your torso until your thighs make a perpendicular angle to the floor.

– Then, hold yourself in that position for five seconds, and lift your torso up again.

– Now, it may not be as easy as it sounds, but don’t give up.

– You’ll get the hang of it pretty soon, and when you do, make sure to remember to do the exercise five to ten times.

Lying Leg Raises

The more you practice these lower back strengthening exercises, the better you would be at doing those that are harder. The lying leg raises are examples of that. But, this exercise arguably has the most powerful effect on your muscles.

– To do this exercise, first lie on your back in the floor.

– Then, bend your legs and tuck your arms by your sides with your palms pressed against the floor.

– Keep one of your legs bent, and then extend the other leg and raise it 4 to 6 inches above the floor.

– Hold it in that position, and slowly lower it back down.

– Do this five to ten times, and then work the other leg, too.

– If you need better support while you’re doing this, you can use your hands.

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