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What Darts And Dart Boards Are The Best?

Darts game is trendy in the world, even in the past, Darts were played by everyone as a game to enjoy your free time. As darts is an indoor game, if we talk about how it is played, there’s a circular board with numbered spaces between them. Featured darts were used to throw on the circular board. In the early ages of the dart game, darts were made from the crossbow bolts. All of these darts were imported from France, and hence the name came as French darts. If you are looking for the best dart and dartboards, here is the list.

First, let’s have a look towards the best darts.

IgnatGames Steel tip darts

The best you can get is from the company IgnatGames they manufacture the best darts you can find. This steel tip dart set is said to be the best because of the material used in it. The attractive design will amuse you and as we talked the steel tip is the best. Another best thing is that this dart set is wholly protected from sun, moisture and dust.


  • Elegant design and easy to carry.
  • Protection from impact.
  • Beautiful and sleek design.
  • Dart sharpening is also included.


  • Flights are not included.

Bottelsen Hammer Head Steel Tip

Another set of best Darts comes from a company called Bottelsen. Bottelsen is in the game of darts for a long time now, and they manufacture some of the best quality of darts available in the market. Top professional players use all of their darts, and even non-professional players use them. Theses dart are made up for durability, and hence tungsten is the element used here for manufacturing. Despite being a bulky design, these darts provide a great balance.


  • A movable point is there along with the package.
  • The shaft is made up of aluminium
  • The alloy used is tungsten which is 95%.


  • For beginners, it’s a little bit heavy.

CC-Exquisite Professional Dart Set

Well as the name suggests, these dart set is specially made for the professional players. Although it doesn’t mean you can’t buy it. The material and quality are good plus its best for beginner, intermediate and experts. So these darts are used in every aspect of the play. The sharpening stone is included with it to sharpen the tips easily.


  • Manufactured with very high-quality material
  • Not that expensive.
  • A sharpening stone is included.


  • Easy to break.

CueSoul Tungsten Steel-tip dart set

This Cuesoul steel tip dart set comes along with the various type of choices, 26/28/30 grams are available to buy. The barrels are 95% made up of tungsten, and each dart has a maximum of 7.22mm diameter. The shaft is made up of anodised aluminium. Theses darts are tough and don’t break that easily.


  • Different weight choices.
  • Durability factor.


  • Balance is not great for a professional.

Rose Kuli Darts Steel Tip Set

Rose Kuli Dart set comes with different colour options; these dart sets are the ideal ones to play this sport. What makes this model best is the inbuilt rubber which comes in in between the steel barrels.


  • Eva-case ( custom made ).
  • Multiple colours
  • Inbuilt rubbers.


  • The flight comes out easily.

If you want to know more information about the best dart and dartboards visit –

Now let us talk about the best Dartboard out there –

Winmau Blade 5 Dual Core Bristle Board Dartboard

This Dartboard is said to be the king when it comes about being the best Dartboard out there. Sisal density is very high, which leads to a minimum bounce out a durable board to use. Triangular wiring is used in the board which further minimizes bounce outs. Some of the darts will bounce out which have a shorter trip, so try always to use a long tip dart because the sisal density is high.


  • The design of the board is excellent and reduces bounce outs.
  • Durability factor.
  • Best looking board, size and feel are amazing.


  • Not good with shorter tips darts.
  • A little bit pricey.

Doinkits dart – Best magnetic Dartboard.

If we talk about playing darts casually here comes the best Dartboard, which is magnetic. The size is almost equivalent to a regular dartboard, and there are various upsides to it. This board is not mainly for a professional player, but it is used for daily usage, for recreational. Dart and board are made up of a high density, and it is not easy to break it.


  • Durability is high.
  • Not pricey.
  • Package includes six darts.
  • Style and size are equivalent to a real dartboard.


  • Theses magnetic darts are heavy, and it can be dangerous.

Arachnid Cricket pro 800

The Arachnid Cricket pro 800 regular size dartboard which comes with a lot of pre-programmed modes and gives and equal fun as compared to a regular dartboard. Eight players can play it together, and there are 40 modes. It can auto calculate points and show it on display. It’s a portable board and can be used anywhere.


  • Portable and small.
  • Its an electronic board comes with pre-programmed modes.
  • The durability factor is very high.


  • Dart quality is not good.

Conclusion –

A dart game is fun to play, and anyone can easily play it. For more insights, visit – to know more info about the dart game and other relevant information as well.

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