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Where to Find the Best Online Halloween Games

Here’s where you can go to find the best online Halloween games absolutely free. All the links listed here are 100% safe and are age appropriate for children, unless otherwise noted. You can visit for a safe and seamless server experience. The servers are really affordable and easy to use. You can host and play your favorite games along with your friends and family as well.

Have a blast and get in the Halloween spirit with any of the fun online Halloween activities and online Halloween games listed here.

Dimension’s Edge – Halloween Hangman

Believe it or not, this online Halloween game is actually as educational as it is funny! Appropriate for children, teens, and adults, you can entertain yourself for a fairly long time with this Halloween Hangman game. If you guess an incorrect letter, you receive part of a skeleton’s body. The skeleton talks to your through the entire game, and says funny things. If you cannot fill in the blanks, the entire skeleton body shows up and he says something humorous before he falls through the bottom of the floor.

Phoenix Games Examiner – Jan Peterson

One really great resource for online Halloween games for kids is Phoenix Games Examiner, Jan Peterson. Here she gives out several links to some of her favorite online Halloween games including:

– Cat bowling – A game recommended by Jan for both children and adults.

– Transylmania – A virtual world game for kids that takes them through castles

– Streamer Screamer – An easy online Halloween game that helps kids learn how to use a computer mouse.

– Pumpkin Smasher – This one is my personal favorite, recommended by Jan. Launch pumpkins and try to hit unsuspecting trick or treaters.

– Trick or Treat – An fun take on an old classic game.


Kaboose has a big assortment of free online Halloween games, which should keep your children busy for quite awhile. All the Halloween games that Kaboose has to offer are great for children of all ages. Get your kids in the Halloween spirit with any of the games available, some of which include:

– Frankenbrain – Which Frankenstein skull is hiding the brain? Kids have to pay close attention with this online Halloween game!

– Scary Flibricks – A fun memory game that will test your child’s brain. How many matches can your child find on their own?

– Spooky Differences – Can you child spot the differences in these Halloween themed pictures?

– Whack O Wheen – Help the witch whack the ghost before they steal her pumpkins!

Caverns of Blood

Although the name of this website – Caverns of Blood – may sound a bit scary, it’s actually suitable for just about anyone. It may not be appropriate for young children, simply because of the scary “blood” theme they use, but there are fun and challenging online Halloween games for all ages.

At Caverns of Blood, you can challenge yourself to many different online Halloween games, some of which include:

– Scary movie trivia, trivia games about spooky creatures like spiders and rats, or general trivia about Halloween.

– Ask the “Magic 8 Ball of Horror” any question…if you dare.

– Play the “Pumpkin Game” and see how far your skeleton can launch his pumpkin into the air.

– Play “Bash My Face In” and knock someone out just for the fun of it. (This one isn’t appropriate for the kids)

Have a safe  amp; Happy Halloween everyone! If you know a great online Halloween game that isn’t listed here, share what you know.

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