Why Use SoundCloudAs Your Music Streaming Service

Due to streaming companies turning out to be the norm nowadays, and more consumers are starting to use their services, it is inevitable that you will start using their services. Services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and even YouTube can provide music streaming services nowadays. This article will discuss mainly the advantages of SoundCloud as a music provider, and why you should use it as your main music streaming service. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Take advantage of SoundCloud’s embedding features

One of the biggest features of SoundCloud is its embedding features. It got an advanced embedding capability used by many websites, and their embed function has a lot of functionality too. It shows how many clicks a music track has, and can be embedded into any kind of website. Additionally, it got a nice and clean user interface.

  1. You can save SoundCloud music offline

Although not officially supported, there are lots of third party [google_bot_show][/google_bot_show]Soundcloud downloader available on the internet. You can easily use those third party programs to save SoundCloud songs offline on your device, whether you are using a computer or a mobile phone. When using third party tools and websites to download SoundCloud track, you can download even those tracks that are restricted for downloading. If you are interested in using those third party websites, you can go and read our other article titled The Best Online Downloader ForSoundCloud.

  1. Simple downloading method

This is the officially supported downloading method of SoundCloud, however not every music track is available for this. As such, using the third party websites mentioned earlier in this article is still recommended for seamless downloading. However, if the song or music that you want to save online supports the official download feature of SoundCloud, then definitely go and use it. You can start the download by simply clicking on a download URL, and your file will be downloaded automatically.

  1. Take advantage of the comment section (both as an artist and as a user)

This is considered as one of the greatest functions of SoundCloud. The ability to leave a comment on tracks, which includes making comments at a certain time in the song is very handy for people who like to comment at their favorite tracks. You will see a variety of well known songs and music full of comments at parts that is famous with people.

It may appear to be just a small feature, however, at this point in time, we all want to be listened to and most people enjoy having a way to socialize. This also makes it possible for immediate opinions on your song launches, which can truly assist lesser musicians that are setting up early demonstrations of their songs.

  1. Create your own personal playlists

An additional excellent function of SoundCloud is it makes it possible for people to generate their very own playlists made up of songs published by their preferred musicians. This has benefits for both the artists and the users. As an artist, you will gain more exposure to your songs through playlist sharing. As a user, it will allow you to save a list of your favorite songs from different artists, and play them all in order or in shuffle in just one click.

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