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Your Guide to Sexy Fall Shoe Fashions

Fall shoe fashions this year include the entire spectrum of styles, from tall boots to ankle boots and stilettos to flats, but one thing is clear- sexy is in. Old favorites are back in style and new favorites are making a place for themselves on the fashion front. Sexy heels reign this season, but even when shoes are without heels bold details and bright colors make the shoes sexy, stylish and super fun.

This year’s sexy fall shoe fashions are created by focusing on the small details, details like the color, type of straps used and the materials used. Here is a guide to this fall’s sexy shoe fashions and how to wear them with the latest fashions.

Tall Boots

Fall is the time to pull your tall boots out of the back of your closet. This year’s styles favor rich, supple leather and suede. Materials in the raw and kept in natural looking colors appear to be preferred by shoe designers. The sexy details come in the form of buckles, buckles at the ankle and the top of the boot add to the appeal of the shoe’s design. It is also important that you get some good shoe insoles as it can get really uncomfortable with tall boots. This way you can enjoy wearing your boots for longer durations as well.

Tall boots look great with this seasons selection of skirts and dresses. Try pairing them up with a knee length skirt, a chunky sweater dress or tuck in your jeans.

Ankle Boots

Ankle boots showed up on the fashion radar last fall after a long absence in designers’ collections. As long as wide leg pants are around, the need for ankle boots in your wardrobe is going to guarantee their spot on shelves for years to come. Casual to dressy, every style is sexy with the heels that are holding these pairs up.

Fall fashion is filled with wide leg pants and lots of leggings, so ankle boots are going to become your new best friends. The right pair can dress an outfit up or down. Look for small buckles, slouchy fronts, and leather western styles.


In a market dominated by heels, flats have proven that they have staying power. Attention to small details and the choice of fabrics have made flats the quick favorite to even dedicated heal wearers. Look for bold colors kept basic, no fussy designs, and small details on the toes that draw your attention.

Flats prove their versatility by the variety of outfits they can be worn with. Pair flats with a poofy skirt in the evenings, to dress up jeans during the day, and with straight leg pants to work.

Open-Toed Platforms

Even though fall is here, open toe shoes are still in, making a home for open-toed platforms in your shoe collection this year. Bright colors and rich looking materials are the trademark of platforms and if you don’t have jewel colored toenails to match don’t worry. For fall throw your platforms over thick tights, which have made it from the runway to department stores everywhere.

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