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4 Things To Do As You Visit Sanibel Island, Florida

Sanibel Island is a really beautiful place that you can visit with your friends or family. There are tons of things that you can enjoy as you go there on vacation. You have Sanibel Island shelling tours that are really great and would be really enjoyed by you. Sanibel Islands are also famous for their mangroves, wildlife preserves, and a laid-back lifestyle. This lifestyle attracts a wide spectrum of visitors, you have beach-loving peoples as well as some high-profile visitors. This is a perfect place for people that are looking for a relaxing atmosphere along with the detox from all the daily grind and technology.
Here are some of the best things that you can do as you visit this heaven known as Sanibel Island.

  • Based on the duration of your stay you can select an affordable villa or resort that has a full kitchen. You can even opt for some other amenities such as outdoor pools, golf courses, and restaurants according to your needs. Make sure you compare all the options before you decide for any location. You can save some money as you shop on your own in the supermarkets that are there on the island.
  • There are several small and big hotels and stay options that you can consider as you visit the island. You also get the option of private beaches with some of the hotels so you can choose wisely for yourself.

Overall you should consider the following factors as you decide on the place you are going to stay in.
1. Affordability
2. Basic amenities offered such as outdoor pools, spa, and restaurants.
3. Location of the hotel or resort

  • Wildlife is a major attraction for all the tourists that visit these islands. You have J.N. Ding Darling National Wildlife Refuge that is a paradise for animal lovers. You get to see the yellow-crowned night herons, ospreys, and roseate spoonbills in their natural habitat. The best time to watch these birds is during the time of low tide when these birds are hunting for their food.
    You can even go for bicycling and hiking the indigo trail boardwalks for more adventure. There is also the option of traveling by car which is also really cheap and affordable. You can explore the vast wetlands. There you can also go canoeing, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, boating, and fishing as well in some of the areas as long as you follow the rules and regulations there. 
  • Another major attraction there is shelling tours. As you can see shells in amazing colors washing ashore every day there, making this island a paradise for shell collectors. In order to get the best seashell experience there, you can buy a local guide book that is going to give you all the details and illustrations about the do’s and don’ts as you set out for seashell hunting. Turner Beach and Blind pass Beach are the most popular beaches that you can visit for this. It is also recommended that you visit the beach after and before an hour after low-tide. This will improve your chances of getting really good and vibrant shells. If you have suitable pieces of equipment you can even do this at night for better results. 
  • There are various options for kids as well. If you are on a family vacation then you can check out Sanibel Island’s Clinic for the Rehabilitation of Wildlife. An animal lover can watch vets and medical professionals saving and treating injured animals. This way you learn how important these animals are for our planet. If you want to visit the clinic make sure that you book an appointment beforehand.

Moreover, you and your kids can also visit the Sanibel Sea School for a few hours. There you and your kids can learn how to surf in shallow waves along with important facts and details about oceans. There are various family packs as well in which you can enjoy shell walks and stand-up paddleboard excursions.
For book lovers, there is Gene’s Books a book store with all the latest and popular books. You also get heavy discounts on books as you visit the store all the time making it quite popular among the tourists. 

  • The most important activity without which your whole trip would be incomplete is watching and admiring the technicolor sunsets on these islands. You will complete love and adore the sunsets there. With a sea-facing hotel, you can enjoy these beautiful sunsets from your room’s balcony as well. The “green flash” is an optical illusion that you can see right when the sun sinks below the horizon. This is what all the tourists enjoy the most. 
  • Delicious food is also a big part of your trip which is why you should visit Cabbage Key Inn and Restaurant for some of the most delicious and lip-smacking food that you can eat on your vacation. You can easily get to this restaurant with the help of a water taxi and enjoy your meal. 

Sanibel islands are not known for cheap resorts and hotels which is why it is recommended that you wait for a good deal and keep an eye out to some of the best offers and promotions. Summers are the least expensive time of the year, however, the temperature can be a little intimidating at the time.

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