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Super hero latest hearing aid : Affordable and Quality

As we grow older, there is a high tendency that we lose our sense of hearing. It is considered as one of the most common conditions that affect older people and even elderly adults. Based on studies, about 1 in 3 people in the US aged from 65 and 75 have hearing loss or having […]

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6 Reason Why CBD Oils Are Medical Marvels

CBD is an active component that you find in the cannabis plant. Even though CBD is one of the components that you find in the cannabis plant, users do no feel any intoxication with the use of CBD products. Additionally, you have this Cannabis website that will share all the information that you need to learn about in case you are interested in learning more about CBD oils and other relevant products that have CBD in them. 

With CBD being a medical marvel, we are here with the top 6 benefits that you get with the use of CBD oils. 

  • Anxiety And Depression Relief

The biggest reason why CBD oils are popular in the medical market is because of their anti-anxiety and depression properties. CBD is capable of changing the way serotonin works which can help you with your mental health. These brain receptors react with different situations and are also responsible for the way you feel in different situations. 

According to several studies and research with a continuous and controlled dosage of CBD oils, it helps you in reducing stress, helps you with the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, induces sleep in case you are suffering from insomnia, and regulate your heartbeat which is a psychological effect of anxiety. 

  • Anti-seizure

Another reason why CBD is in news lately is because of its anti-seizure properties. Although it is still under the development phase, researchers all around the globe are looking at the benefits of using CBD oils when it comes to its Anti-seizure properties. The way CBD can reduce the number of seizures makes it a highly potent way for the treatment of epilepsy. Moreover, there are no side effects of using CBD making it more useful as a medical treatment. 

According to a survey that happened in 2016, 214 people suffering from epilepsy were given oral doses of CBD. About 36.5% of them had fewer seizures while 12% faced adverse effects with its usage. This indicates how CBD is a potential component that can be used for the treatment of epilepsy once the treatment process and its research get more refined.

  • Neuroprotective

Besides all this, researchers are also trying to figure out how CBD affects and react with the receptors in our brain and is beneficial for people that have neurodegenerative disorders. Such diseases are responsible for the damage to brain nerves and CBD is seen as a viable solution to this problem. 

Considering this, we are looking for a potential way through which we will be able to cure stroke, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis (MS), and several other neurological issues. 

Additionally, the use of CBD oils can ease up the inflammation that can increase the negative effects of these neurodegenerative disorders. However, a ton of research is still required to completely understand the effectiveness of CBD oils with such problems.

  • Pain Relief

Keeping in mind the effects that CBD has on our brain receptors, it is seen as a safer and better alternative to pain killers because of its effective pain-relieving properties. It is also beneficial for patients going through chemotherapy as it really helps them with the after-effects of the process by reducing the symptom and the pain. 

With more development and research we might be able to use CBD for the treatment of muscle pain, spinal cord injuries, arthritis, chronic pain, and MS pain as well. 

There are even government-approved drugs that are available for the treatment of MS pain that contain CBD and are available in the U.K. and Canada. With a little more clinical trials, we might see CBD as a popular pain relieving med. 

  • Anti-Acne

CBD is also beneficial for the treatment process of Acne as CBD is really effective in reducing the inflammation that is caused due to the production of excessive sebum in our body. With controlled use of CBD, you will be able to regular the production of sebum in your body which in turn will help you with the reduction of acne. 

Although, it is highly recommended that you connect with your dermatologist before you start using CBD for the treatment of acne.

  • Cancer Treatment

Lastly, researchers are looking at the anti-cancer properties of CBD oils. There are studies indicating that CBD oils are effective in cancer treatment as they prevent the growth of cancer cells in our bodies. Besides that, CBD is also helpful in alleviating the cancer symptoms while reducing the side effects that cancer treatment processes have on our bodies. 

All this makes CBD a promising and potential way through which we might be able to treat or cure cancer in the near future.

7 Tips for Quitting Smoking

The below techniques are tips I have compiled that have worked for well for me in the past. Yes, I have quit and started again a number of times. I am currently a non-smoker. These tips are geared towards quitting “cold-turkey”. For me, I haven’t found the step down or gradual approach effective. You could also use the patch or other quitting aids/meds with the below tips however.

Read over the techniques below and use them throughout the quitting process. If you have other tips/techniques you want to use, just incorporate them into your plan. A plan should be prepared through the person to buy Premium e liquid. The facilities should be great to meet with the requirements with a correct plan. The quitting process for smoking is not easy so there should be proper information about the same. 

  1. Start with a plan.

One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when they are quitting is to just pick a date to quit and have no other real plan for dealing with the difficult path ahead. It’s important to make a contingency plan for every possible situation or urge that my come up during the few weeks you will be quitting. If it helps you, make a list of possible scenarios you think you will be tempted to smoke and what you are going to do instead so as not to break.

  1. Think of one or more of your most important reason(s) for quitting.

You don’t have to write it down if you don’t want to, just examine your reasons for quitting and get an idea of the most important one(s) to use for the next technique.

  1. Every time you think about smoking take 3-5 slow, deep breaths through your nose and out your mouth.

While you take these breaths, think about the most significant reason(s) you want to quit for. Mine personally are Money, Health and Smelling Good. If I smoke a pack a day here in Hawaii that equals almost $300.00 a month in cigarettes which is ridiculously expensive just to kill yourself. Plus I hate smelling like cigarettes, it’s disgusting. Figure out how much money you will spend on cigarettes per month and what you could do with that money instead. Think about these things as you are doing your breathing. The breathing usually works good with the next step as well…

  1. When you feel like you are going to go crazy cause you want to smoke, go outside for a walk until the craving goes away.

Do step 2 above while you are walking: Breath and think about your reasons for quitting.

  1. Quitting sucks and it is painful.

Go into this process knowing that it’s going to be difficult. It is going to cause you a certain level of suffering and discomfort. I believe this works better than trying to trick yourself into thinking it’s going to be easy. Make a commitment in the beginning to fight through the pain. Accept it and realize the pain can’t kill you. What’s the worst that can happen? Once you are through the withdrawal period, any pain and discomfort will go away. So once you are already start the process don’t turn back, because you will then just have to endure it all over again. If you are tempted to break, think of how far you have already come and how much you have already endured.

  1. Throw away everything you have related to smoking.

Lighters, ashtrays, anything that smells like smoke.

  1. After you make it a day or two without smoking, start referring to yourself as a non-smoker.

Even in your head. When you get a craving to smoke just tell yourself, “That’s silly, I don’t smoke anymore”. You can even use this technique from the very start. It actually can be quite effective. I found this and other great tips in a really good book on quitting by Allen Carr, The Easy Way to Quit Smoking. In the book they talked about how we are not born into this world with a cigarette in our mouth. That is, our natural state is a non-smoker. In this sense, we are all non-smokers from birth.

One last tip I have for you is to quit with someone else close to you as a team if you can. If there is someone else close to you in your life that is as dedicated as you to quit smoking, you should pick a quit date and do it together. You can then use each other as support when you feel you are going to break. The thing that is great about doing this is you are less likely to break because you have made a deal not only with yourself, but someone close to you. If you feel tempted, you call the other person and they can help you through it and talk to you out of it. Even if you do break, it is good to have someone there who understands and will cheer you on during your journey to becoming a non-smoker.

Can Watermelon Help Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction becomes an increasingly common and frustrating problem as men get older. It’s estimated that up to seventy percent of males experience some degree of erectile dysfunction by the age of seventy. While some men turn to prescription medications to help solve this problem, these medications are expensive and have a variety of side effects. What if there was a food that could help erectile dysfunction? A food remedy for erectile dysfunction would be a less expensive and safer alternative to prescription drugs. Surprisingly, there’s evidence that an inexpensive picnic food found in the produce section of your local grocery store has a Viagra-like effect. What is this food? The watermelon!

According to Dr. Bhimu Patil who is director of the Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center at Texas A  amp; M, watermelon has a phytochemical component known as citrulline present in its rind. Although the benefits of citrulline are still being studied, it appears this chemical has the ability to relax blood vessels throughout the body. To exert this effect, the body converts the citrulline found in watermelon to an amino acid called arginine. Arginine has the ability to elevate levels of another substance found in the body known as nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide naturally dilates and relaxes blood vessels resulting in increased blood flow to the penis which can help erectile dysfunction. Interestingly, this is the same mechanism by which Viagra works to help erectile dysfunction. Different ways are made available through the experts for increasing the penis stamina in male. The production of the penis will be string if purchasing has been done after checking the hyper male force reviews. The selection of the best product will be easy and simple after availing of the reviews. 

The increased nitrous oxide induced by the citrulline in the watermelon may also benefit the heart and circulatory system by relaxing vessels and increasing blood flow to the heart. Some experts are proposing that citrulline may help the immune system function better as well as help to control diabetes and hypertension. Best of all, the citrulline in watermelon can help erectile dysfunction without the side effects of headache, indigestion, and flushing commonly seen with Viagra.

The only drawback to using watermelon to help erectile dysfunction is that the citrulline is found in highest concentrations in the rind of the watermelon which is a part not normally eaten. That’s why colleagues of Dr. Patil are working hard to breed watermelons that have higher concentrations of citrulline in the fleshy, edible part of the fruit

Because citrulline is not found in high concentrations in the fleshy, edible portions of the watermelon, it may be premature to stock up on this fruit to treat erectile dysfunction. You would probably have to eat large quantities of watermelon to help improve sexual function at all. It may be best to wait until new varieties of watermelon are developed with higher concentrations of citrulline. Of course, watermelon also has a variety of other health benefits that would make it an excellent addition to your diet.

Finding a Reliable and Professional Computer Repair Tech

There will be times when our computers get broken. When this happens, you certainly don’t want to replace it and buy a new one right away as it is not economical. Hence, the most ideal thing to do is to call a computer repair tech. But when doing so, it is important to consider first the following factors to ensure that you are dealing with a trustworthy and professional computer repair tech. 

Read Customers’ Feedback

When looking for a trustworthy computer repair tech, it is important that you pay attention to the reviews and feedback of customers. This will allow you to determine if the repair service that you are considering really provides effective and quality service. The good news is, you won’t have a hard time looking for customers’ reviews because everything can now be seen online. There are several blogs and open communication websites where people post and share their feedback about a particular product or service. Hence, you should be able to check some reviews online before hiring a computer repair tech.

On-site support

Certainly, the service will be more effective and reliable if the technician comes to your home and have your computer checked. It is more convenient than going to a mall or any place where there is a computer repair service. With the aid of technology, you no longer have to leave the comforts of your home when having your computer repaired. Most of the companies offer on site support so you get your computer fixed without going to repair services shops. While you will be charged extra for the service, the convenience is certainly worth the money.

Cost of Service

Another factor that you need to consider when finding a reliable computer repair tech is the cost of service. Surely, when you check online, there will be several repair services that you can find. But aside from the quality of service, you should also give attention to their rates. Generally, it is advisable to look for a repair technician that provides efficient and quality services and at the same time, provides reasonable and budget friendly service fees. Fixing your master computer should not leave your pocket empty.

Check credentials

You should also be able to check credentials when looking for a trustworthy computer repair tech. Make sure that they have the license to operate a business, professional certifications and even insurance. Make sure that they have insurance policy to cover the damage once the technician fries your drive accidentally. You should also be able if they have the right trainings to perform the service. Never trust a computer repair service with no documents at all. If you want to protect your computer from being totally damaged, choose the right technician. You can call your local authority to validate the company’s credentials.

Service Guarantees

You must also be able to assure service guarantees. This means that the technician should not charge you any service fees if he or she wasn’t able to fix your computer. So before any repairs are done, make sure to ask your technician if they offer warranties on labor and parts.

Copenhagen International Airport (CPH) – Great Shopping, Food, Staff, and Smoking

If you plan to visit the splendor of Scandinavia, you have three real choices of entry: Oslo, Stockholm, or the beautiful Copenhagen International Airport. Guess which one I recommend?

I have been to numerous airports in my almost 49 years, and I have to say that CPH is my favorite thus far. Just to give you an idea of what I am comparing this to, Charles De Gaul is crap. Frankfurt, Germany is rising rapidly in my estimation. Miami sucks big time. DFW is a pain in the butt. Tampa, Florida is a gorgeous airport, but CPH outshines even that.

First off, I have to rave about how utterly spotless CPH is. This is one of the few airports in the world that has not banished smokers, and yet it is the cleanest place I’ve ever seen. Kinda shoots down the smoking-is-dirty argument, eh? I mean to tell you that they keep CPH spit-polished and absolutely gleaming. I could spend all day here just wandering about and ogling the architecture.

Speaking of things to look at, do stop and take the time to admire the Mermaid statue and read the story behind it. This is a replica of the famous Mermaid at Langelinie in Copenhagen, which has been one of Denmark’s biggest tourist attractions since being sculpted by Edvard Eriksen and put up on August 23, 1913. The replica is the same size as the real thing at about 4ft tall, but it brings out a feeling of wistfulness in me when I see it. I won’t ruin it by relating the tale, so do go have a look for yourself and discover the story behind it.

Another major point in CPH’s favor is the shopping. Yes, I said that. Look, if I’m going to have a layover of several hours somewhere, then I like to have something to do besides sit and twiddle my thumbs at the terminal. Browsing a myriad of wonderful stores is a wonderful pastime. This is also a great place to pick up those souvenirs you may have forgotten for Aunt Bessie while you await your flight out of the region. After all, they do suggest checking in 3 hours prior to your flight if you are going International, but it never takes that long so you have to do something, right? Well, there ya go.

Now, a lot of airports know they have captive shoppers and rake you over the coals on prices because of it. CPH shops do not do that. Not just the Duty Free places either; they all keep the prices within reason when compared to shopping outside the airport. Major points for that. They accept Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Euros, or credit cards for payment.

Food is all over the place here also. If you go hungry, it’s your own fault. Eateries are all around you and priced within reason. Go ahead and have one last mouth-watering Danish pastry before you leave… or heck, as soon as you land even!

As far as checking in here goes, well that is pretty dependant upon which airline you chose to fly with, isn’t it? I can say that the staff at British Airways, Lufthansa and Air France are always very congenial and efficient. Even when the lines appear long, the staff seem to have the magic touch of being able to move them along at a nice clip… and smile while they do it.

Now what about security, eh? Well, it is a much more pleasant experience at CPH than departing from ANY airport in the US, I can tell you that. They do not look at you like you are a criminal, nor do they treat you suspiciously just because they can. No. They are all very nice here and almost seem apologetic about the whole thing. You do not have to remove your shoes either.

As far as landing here goes, no need to fret about finding everything. Most Scandinavians learn English as a second language from grade school on so don’t be afraid to ask an airport employee anything. They are happy to answer. Also, the signs are mostly in Dansk, but usually have an English counterpart. They all have pictures that are easy to decipher.

Baggage claim is pretty much similar to any other airport. Which is to say easy to find, but a cat fight to elbow in to grab your bag. Heh. They have carts all over for your use so you don’t have to lug everything out yourself. Those carts are free of charge, too. I’ll give ya a tip here: Push down on the handle to get them to move. They have the break set by default; so pushing down on the handle releases that.

Parking has never been a problem here either for us. There is always a space readily available. You take a card from the machine, and then when you wish to leave, you find a different parking machine and stick your card in that and pay. You then get a receipt which will get you past the exit and out to that huge gorgeous bridge connecting Denmark to Sweden… or into Copenhagen proper should you decide to explore that a bit, and well you should. I mean, I just know you will be anxious to come see me in Sverige and all, but do take the time to hang out in Denmark a bit first. You will be glad you did.

If you need a Taxi or rental car, those can be found right off the luggage claim area, and the train to all points Scandinavian has a nice stop at this airport as well. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the service they provide because they are one of the best. They are like aspen to vail shuttle service so you can ensure that they are reliable and effective.

So, as you have figured out by now, when you are coming into or are leaving Scandinavia, do use CPH rather than the other two. Not that those other choices are bad, mind you, but just that CPH is so great that it should be part of your to do list anyway.

Proofreading Tips For Beginners

As a proofreader and professional bookworm, you will face the toughest challenge a book can offer. Try not to listen to it, not to go beyond the surface, try to ignore its meaning. Let alone enjoying the story for yourself. Throughout my work, I have learned to be detached in a rather critical way from the piece of writing that I have to work on. No Barthes with his Le Plaisir du texte can come into the picture. The piece will not become mine. I am the mere cleaner, the maid who makes the princess shine at her full bright.

One advice you might like to follow is to read backwards. Read every paragraph from its last sentence proceeding to the first one. This way you force yourself not to get involved in the story which may prove to be too risky in trying to maintain an objective attitude.

When we read, we do not read character by character, or even word by word. Reading is like playing music. You concentrate on the whole and it is enough to see the first and last letters of a word to figure out what it can be. Our brain builds up the “real” meaning of a word by the context and image of it, which consequently may not be the real thing knowing how fallible human mind is.

As a musician, I do not concentrate on the note I am playing at the moment, rather I am reading ahead in the notes. My brain is able to transfer the information from my brain cells to my fingers with a slight time of retardation. The risk stands for reading as well. You get carried away with the story and you no longer care if it was an “advice” or “advise” you read about.

Keep your desk tidy and spacious. You will need a lot of room on your desk. Often people tend to disregard this tip and pile up books, coffee mugs, and pencil sharpener on their desk. Yeah, it looks cool to be busy but I am the living proof, Einstein risked a lot with spilling coffee over his studies. Similarly, you can also not afford yourself to be asking for a second copy since all your material got soaked in some sticky fluid, or worse, a proof to trace your dinner menu back on. Before starting the education, he students should know that is proofread anywhere legit. The offering of the education should be under the guidelines of the government. The annual fees for the study should be reasonable for the children to get them pass and promote to the next class, The selection of always legal class should be done after checking. 

Help your eyes with a ruler or an envelope to lead you line by line. This way the speed of your reading will slow down not allowing you to “believe” having read something that is not there at all.

Talking about tools, you will use different colours in proofreading.

You will need a red pen to mark typesetter errors.

Non-typesetter errors are marked in blue. Marks in blue might be correcting errors by the editor or alterations made by the author. The reason for differentiating between the types of change is that typesetters do not charge for correcting their own mistakes.

There may be occasions when you are unsure whether to make a change. In such cases, use a pencil to mark the change and carry on proofreading.

Green is used by the typesetter’s reader (proofreader) to raise their own queries to point out matters marked in the edited typescript to be dealt with in proof.

Some publishers differentiate between changes that are made by the author and those correcting an error by the editor. Red and green are assigned to the typesetter, black and blue are used for the editor and author changes.

However, unless otherwise instructed, always use blue ink to mark your changes in a standard way.

Other tools you need to have at hand are a good dictionary, a thesaurus, and maybe a grammar reference book.

We are not infallible, therefore it is worth to keep record of your mistakes from your previous works, and refer to these before you start proofing. For example, one typical mistake of mine is when the publishing house uses -ize form, I tend to keep -ise as I learnt at school.

It might be useful (however, may be somewhat time consuming) to proofread for one type of error at a time. If punctuation marks prove your major problem, it is worth going over the copy just looking at commas, colons, etc. After you have done this, you can escalate to the next error type.

Proofreading, like all other mental exercise, is best done in the morning, or when you are most alert (some of us are night owls and prefer to work when all is quiet).

Similarly, if you are the author and editor of your work in one person, you need to give yourself some time to “forget” what you have written. Knowledge of the text makes proofreading all the more difficult. You might need one night before you start editing the finished work.

If time allows you, and you have some help, ask someone else to read the text to find odd or unclear sentences. A clear eye will always find something extra that your eye might have skipped anyway.

As a first filter, you can use a grammar and spell checker, but do not depend on them. Read the body first, then go back to the headings. Proofreaders sometimes forget to proof the headings.

Look at all the unusual fonts, like italics or bold, make sure they are really needed and correctly applied. Here I would like to mention the boilerplate text, for example the company letterhead, which also needs to be checked as it is still part of the document.

Once you have spotted the typos, you can go back to read again for sense and meaning. Even though, you are not an editor, you can also spot mistakes and unclear meaning.

Review page numbers, headers and footers that they are accurate and in order.

How I Quit Smoking

My New Year’s resolution when I was 18 was to start smoking. I was up to a pack a day by the time I was 19. I smoked a pack of Camels a day until I was 32. I got married at 31, and I quit for my husband.

The miracle was that a non-smoker married me in the first place. It must have been because I was skinny. All those years, I smoked instead of eating in the evening. I stank of cigarette smoke all the time, though. Cigarette stink was in my hair, clothes, and car. It even oosed out of the pores of my skin. I also knew it was killing me.

I quit cold turkey.

I did not use nicotine gum, pills or patches. Truth to tell, it was not really the nicotine that had me hooked on smoking. I actually liked the feeling of having the smoke in my lungs. I liked the process of smoking: taking out the cigarette and tapping it on its filter to tamp down the tobacco, lighting the end, drawing in the smoke and letting it out.

Deciding to quit was the hard part.

The whole 13 years I smoked, I knew it was hurting my chances of ever getting married. I knew the smoke was damaging my lungs and might give me lung cancer. For all those years, the “pleasure” of smoking outweighed the damage I knew it was doing.

Thank God, my husband loved me anyway and married me, smoke stink and all. His gift of loving me made me want to give him the gift of a wife whose kisses didn’t taste like an ash tray. It took a year, but finally my desire to please my husband won out over the “pleasure” of smoking.

I changed into a non-smoker overnight.

I had to identify myself as a non-smoker. The day I decided to quit smoking, I bagged up all my cigarettes, lighters and ash trays and threw them in a dumpster five miles away from my house. I washed all my clothes and bedding. I sprayed my curtains and upolstery. I left all my doors and windows open all day. I had my car professionally detailed.

What I did instead of smoking:

Unfortunately, I ate instead of smoking. I gained about 8 pounds a year for the next 15 years. By last year I weighed 240 pounds. Deciding to lose the weight was the hard part, but today I only weigh 161.

If I had it to do over:

I wish I had brushed, flossed and gargled whenever I got the urge to smoke at home. I could have stayed skinny and healthy by chugging bottled water whenever I got the urge to smoke in the car or at work. At parties I wish I had brought soap bubbles to blow instead of munching on the appetizers.

Or… I could have also used vape instead of cigarettes. Some experts recommend vaping over the traditional way of smoking (cigarette). I should have visited This website offers e-cigarette kits and other accessories needed for vaping.

The urges gradually went away.

I’d say it took about a year before the urges to smoke no longer came on their own. Five years later, I could see or smell other people smoking and not want to join them. Even today I avoid hanging out in places where people are smoking, but the smell of cigarette smoke doesn’t tempt me near as much as it did that first year after I quit.

The Emergence of Korean Cinema as the Most Exciting National Cinema in the World Today

Cloverfield is attempting to do for monster movies what the bloated and predictable, though unfairly maligned as a piece of utter dreck (it was better than Titanic), big-budget American remake of Godzilla in the late 90s tried to do. As of this writing, whether Cloverfield will fulfill its mandate remains to be seen. What cannot be denied is that a Korean movie already beat the makers of Cloverfield to the punch. The English language title of this film is The Host and it managed to redefine the expectations of the Godzilla genre in a way that Cloverfield cannot if only by virtue of its unfortunate gimmick of using jittery-cam cinematography. The Host is a perfect example of the new wave in Korean film and is also a perfect example of why most viewers either seem to love the contemporary Korean movies or hate them. American audiences have become conditioned to accept the really quite ridiculous idea of genre. We don’t want a lot of laughs in a drama, and too much seriousness in a comedy is the kiss of commercial death. In contrast, The Host is indicative of the Korean cinema’s reliance upon disturbing turns of mood and direction: one minute your heart is beating at the sight of the greatest CGI creatures so far created and then-like that-you are laughing from the pit of your belly.

The past thirty years have been lean times for foreign films in America, though in the past decade Japanese horror films and Hong Kong gangster films have become popular, mostly as a result of fans wanting to see what inspired the Hollywood versions of The Ring and Infernal Affairs. (For the record, The Ring is better than the original Japanese version, and The Departed is an embarrassment compared to Infernal Affairs.) Those who enjoy the John Woo-style exercises in empty style should set their sights on the Korean film with the English title Volcano High. At first it will remind you of The Matrix or even Bored of the Rings, but it is important to remember that those films derived (plagiarized) much of their style from Asian filmmakers from Kurosawa to Woo. Volcano High is another great example of the move that Korean filmmaking has made in the past decade; you can’t go in expecting the same mundane and boring emotional register throughout. It combines the astonishing action of a Hong Kong movie with a comedic sense that owes much to early silent film comedy. The visual imagery is just as strikingly diverse: students dressed in traditional school uniforms while sporting Day-Glo hair. Even more striking is the contrasts in which a monochromatic background is punctuated with bright reds and yellows. The byword of contemporary Korean cinema is contrast. The disconcerting juxtaposition of the visual elements is entirely coherent with the equally jarring emotional rollercoaster that take viewers from intensely dramatic scenes to over-the-top comedy within a space of minutes. No wonder so many American audiences used to being spoonfed their emotional manipulation by screenwriters who learned about life from college professors and studio executives who routinely think all American moviegoers are stuck in their teenage years react violently upon the challenges placed in their path when watching a Korean movie like The Host. After all, comedic relief is fine for a monster movie, but only to relieve tension, right? Not according to Korean moviemakers. (If you really want to have some fun, read the IMDB reviews and messages left by viewers who just don’t get The Host.)

Even the American sub-genre of serial killer movies has been approached by Korean filmmakers. What many people don’t know is that the serial killer is unknown in many other countries, and even those countries that have produced don’t even come close to producing the sheer quantity that America has produced. Memories of Murder is a serial killer movie made in Korea and you should be prepared before deciding to view it that the emotional rollercoaster is present here as well. American serial killer movies are typically devoid of any comedy; Silence of the Lambs may contain the fewest laughs of any Best Picture Oscar winner. Memories of Murder is based on a real even which is, not coincidentally, the story of the first case of a serial killer in Korean history. (Not including the genocidal policies of its past leaders, of course.) Where this particular Korean film diverges from the standard approach taken by American serial killer movies is in dislocating the central focus away from the killer himself and to the police procedures involved in the search. Equally important is that Memories of Murder also chooses not to lovingly focus on grisly constructions of the scenes of murder. Instead, and this may well say much about Korean culture, the real violence in the movie arrives courtesy of the violent beatings of suspects by the police. What this serial killer movie ultimately is about is the violence of the searchers rather than the violence of the killer. Making this film even more of an object of outrage is that, well, I’ll use this comment left on the IMDB message board by way of

“I watched this movie in all earnest for 2 hours and they don’t have any ending? what kind of an idiot makes such movies? i wait for the whole movie to find out who the killer was, and they never ever show it? Nonsense, I will never watch such huge let down stupid korean mystery movies again. I just cannot comprehend the fact that people can feel satisfied after seeing a movie that does not offer a concrete ending, especially when it is a mystery movie.”

Can you imagine Hollywood producing a serial killer movie in which the killer’s identity is never revealed? That’s the thing about the movie. It’s not a mystery; this person has merely been conditioned to believe that if a movie is about a serial killer then it must by definition be a mystery. Well, obviously not. Far from being the idiot here, the Korean filmmakers are simply working at a level that is simply not allowed in the Hollywood of today. The movie isn’t about a serial killer any more than The Host is about the monster. It helps, of course, to be somewhat familiar Korean politics and culture before watching the current cinema arriving from this fascinating country because, like all truly astonishing national film, it is being informed by its culture rather than attempting to inform the culture itself.

It remains to be seen on whether Korean Cinema will achieve the status in the near future to be compared on par with the biggest film industry in the world called Hollywood but has indicated many positive points that do point that way.

Scroll Saw- Select the Best and do the Needful

Given the current pandemic worldwide due to the corona virus, people are simply confused about what to do and where to go as they have been confined to their homes due to the rapidly rising death toll everywhere.

Since the virus spreads fast upon contact, everyone is advised to keep social distance from strangers and crowded places as they are quite vulnerable outings to be on, alongwith washing their hands for 20 seconds.

On the positive side, people have found out a way to undermine the grim atmosphere by staying at homes and engaging themselves in numerous indoor activities, apart from games.

Gardening has become a more frequent practice than usual in the past few weeks and the lawns look greener and cleaner than usual, which is a step in the right direction as this practice will make them care for nature more.

The people most hit by the virus are the labor workers with wood cutters and merchants topping the list as their business has hit rock bottom and they have no means to fend for themselves.

Pedal Saw

Since we are on the subject of woodcutters, let us focus the topic of discussion on one of the most important tools that a woodcutter of high repute should possess, which is the scroll saw.

Now, most people are familiar with sea saw or electric saws in the field of wood, but scroll saw is one tool that most people have neither seen nor heard, despite it being such a common tool.

To begin with, scroll saws are basically electric saws but of smaller size than the regular ones and is operated with the use of pedal and is used to cut the most intricate and delicate curves in wood, metal and various materials that have been left out by the regular saw.

The blade is so sharp that it cuts faster than an electrical jigsaw and much more easily than a manually operated coping saw. Falling in line with similar tools, they are capable of creating edged curves that are so jagged that a simple brush of the skin would make it bleed profusely.

As the name suggests, the name of the tool comes from scrollwork and ornaments of different culture that contains scroll related designs that are based on antique pieces of the bygone era and that are lost with time with very little remnants.

Size and Shape

It is similar to a sharp bladed electric saw, but as mentioned above, it is mainly for the purpose of clearing of the sharp edges and wood shavings that are left out. These saws have been described as being the size of a human’s throat that covers up the distance from the blade to the backend of the saw.

In this case, the throat is referred to the front side of the saw and is named so for understanding purposes as a man’s throat is visible from the front itself and the size of this throat determines the piece of wood that can be cut, be it large or small.

If you look at it closely, you’ll observe that many scroll saws emanate light if placed in flexible hands which illuminates the entire area right in front of it but at the same time the wood carvings and cuts are clearly visible to the naked eye.

It is an admirable thing that in an era when there was no advanced technology or computer graphics, people used to achieve everything through the hard work of manual labor as it is virtually impossible to think of doing the same now.

The regular saws in old times were used for making bigger objects that were by attaching or hanging the large linkage mechanism to the top of the ceiling and thereby making up a convincing deep throat.


As given in the first paragraph, the corona virus has reached wreaked havoc over the entire world and forced people to go into house arrest due to which they spent most of their time home.

While gardening is a good practice, scroll saw is also an excellent alternative that can be taken up as a practice hobby which will help you to learn some new technique about the same like cutting wood and the different types of saws that can be used.

The first thing that comes to mind is what saw should be purchased as they are quite versatile in nature and a beginner wouldn’t know which one will be useful for the task at hand.

If you want to upgrade the old one then it will take a lot of time to do so and if you want to purchase a completely new model, you need to understand the basics of scroll saw itself.

Important Points

We are going to look at certain tips that have to be taken into consideration while purchasing a scroll saw and they are as follows:

  1. Blade- The most important aspect of the saw is the sharpness of the blade so as to get the job done properly and every model should have a blade of atleast 5 inches. While pinned blades are the most preferred ones, they have limitations like difficulty in cutting off the small splinters that have been stuck
  2. Budget- Quite obvious, budget constraints play spoilsport all the time so take care to buy the one that you can afford but a commendable scroll saw costs a minimum of $300
  3. It is not that you have to buy the best scroll saw in town but take care to maintain its speed is noteworthy because it is determined by the number of strokes it takes per minute and it should be according to the material you have like hard or soft wood while the choice is yours
  4. The size of the throat needs to be ascertained before purchasing the model which only involves the length between the blade’s rear end to the very rear end of the scroll saw as both are different

To conclude, a scroll saw is a hobby that can be taken up currently but it should be done by keeping the above points in mind.

How to Save Money on Air Conditioning Bills

While the summer heat will be beating down on most of us here in a short month or two many people will see that with the thermometer raising outside the electric bill will be rising in the mail. I know that for some of us we will be trudging off to work and not even consider how to save money during our summer cooling season. However, I have a couple of tips that I use that worked wonders on helping me save money on my electric bill.

The first tip that I have is if you are leaving your home for the day, but do not want to come home to a roasting home because you turned your air conditioning off is to turn the thermostat up. I know that I turn it up about five to ten degrees above what I normally would and the house is a little bit warmer than what I like, but typically the air conditioner doesn’t come on at all during the day while I am gone. So that is a definite plus and saves me quite a bit of money. Please note you can even do this step even when you are going to the grocery store, park, or other area that you are not going to be home.

The grocery store expenses can be cut down to a great extent with only the essentials for a few months so that the bills start coming down at a slow and steady pace and have your AC repaired by hvac repair San Diego.

The second tip is that for me I have found that if I turn the air conditioner down in the morning to about four degrees lower than what I normally want the temperature to be that it works wonders on saving the electric. What I mean is if you want your house to stay around seventy all day then in the morning when it is still cool out and you’re going to be home turn the thermostat down to sixty six. Then once your home reaches that temperature turn the thermostat back up to the temperature you want it set at. What I found is that the air conditioner will not come on as often because the sun has to heat your home past the four degrees that you placed as a buffer. I know that for my house if I turn the air conditioner down about eight o’clock in the morning the air conditioner will not come back on for about four to five hours. Then depending on how much the sun is out it might not even come on at all.

The third tip that works out really well is if you shut off rooms that you are not using and take them out of the cooling. Now these rooms will be warm to hot, but the air conditioner will normally not be picking up on this extra heat because the room is closed off so your air conditioner will not have to work as hard which is nice because you save even more money.

While many people will be dreading seeing the electric bills this summer because of air conditioning cost I have found that these tips helped me save money on my electric bill. Now each person’s bill will be different, but these tips worked great for me and the savings that I made were significant and helpful on the wallet come summer months!

How To Teach With Posterous – An Excellent Social Networking Technology For Your Classroom

Posterous is a great social networking tool to use if you want to share information with your students/community in a flash, display student work, or to get your message across a wide venue of reviewers in the quickest assemblage possible.

Posterous is an excellent t echnology for education because it is free, easy and works with a variety of social networking platforms. Sean Junkins first told me how easily I could upload photos and information into this social networking connector, which would then post the information into a variety of my others blog and social networking tools such as Blogger, Facebook and Twitter.

Create updates in a flash to a variety of social networking sites:

It used to take me hours to post information across my various technologies for education, but now I had everything going to all of my social networking sites in one shot. Thanks to Posterous, I now have the ability to touch as many loves as possible with social networking. I can show off the work of my students to the community and connect with other teachers to learn/share other technologies for education. It is like Instagram where buying followers for Instagram account is now possible. Yes, you can now easily grow your network and audience by simply buying followers and likes.

How teachers and students can use Posterous

Posterous can always be used a safe social networking tool to be used with your students. As the teacher, you can create the class as “private” so that your students discussions will be in a safe online environment. You can break up lists of students to work in groups as contributors and administrators. But probably one of my favorite things is how you can use this technology for education while being mobile from your Smart Phone or Apple device. Students can take a photo/video/text with their cell phone, and then upload directly to the site, which can again – be fed into a variety of other social networking sites.

Social Networking as a Classroom Technology

There are plenty of other ideas that you can find out how to use Posterous in your classroom as a form of technology for education. I would have to say it comes down to……

Sharing information with your students, their parents and the community.    You can create a safe blog where students can post their own work and maintain it as a digital portfolio.    You can also create special events or network with other people on Posterous to follow what they are doing, all from the comfort of your mobile device.  Posterous is a tool of the future when it comes to education technology, and it will make the world a smaller place through the inter-connectedness of social networking.

Best Spy Shops Online

We all seem to have busier days than ever and a lot more people in and out of our lives. This also means that we have to have a little more concern about the people we trust around our children, and due to the media, we now know that more goes on when we’re not looking than we may think. Thus began the creation of Nanny cams as they are so often referred to, not to mention almost everywhere you go, someone is getting you on camera. Drive through an intersection, you’re photographed, walk down almost any city street, you’re photographed, walk through the grocery store eating grapes you haven’t paid for yet, guess what, you’re photographed. It is just the way of the world and to keep your little corner of it safe, here are some sites to find surveillance equipment so you know what’s happening around your home and to add some security to your life.

To begin your search for a surveillance camera, I would try where you can find these starting at $79.99 for a color video wireless streaming pin hole camera. They offer secure purchasing with free FedEx shipping on all orders over $49.99. You can also get wide eye cameras for more viewing area for around $100. If you have concerns that maybe your teen is sneaking out at night, then you probably need a night vision camera and you can get a wireless one here for $100.

I remembered the first spy shop I ever saw was located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and they now have a web site where you can purchase all your surveillance needs. If you want to view what they have available, log in to The site accepts credit cards as well as PayPal and is a secure site and I know they’ve been around for a long time. Here you can get some real spy and surveillance products such as a wall clock, cigarette pack and even a calculator with built-in cameras. The list goes on and on as to what you can purchase which conceals a wireless camera. If you’re just looking for something simple to keep an eye on say, your babysitter, there is a large selection of mini cameras that you can conceal in your home for under $100. They also offer outdoor cameras, including night vision cameras, in the $300 to $500 range, including weatherproof cameras. is also a good site to check out for cameras, whether you seek indoor or outdoor surveillance. You can find some great prices here on wireless cameras for as low as $85 and wired for almost half the cost. Another great product they have is a wireless rechargeable lithium battery cameras which are on special right now for $115. All major credit cards are accepted and you can feel safe ordering from them as they have been in the business for over 20 years. You can safely order from this secure site 24 hours a day, every day of the year. They also offer free receivers with the purchase of their wireless cameras which is an $80 value.

Looking for something that people wouldn’t think twice to notice, go to and check out their line of security cameras and nanny cams. You wouldn’t believe some of the options they carry, such as a wireless camera in a handy wipe box for as low as $374 for black and white, or $614 for color. Other options are cleaning wipe containers, teddy bears, books and even hair dryers. The assortment is so wide that surely you will find something here that fits your exact needs.

There are a few more sites you can check out such as where they offer free overnight shipping. One example of what they offer is a $139 black and white pin hole camera and they throw in a free 50′ video power cable. Great for home or office is the spy plant that you can get at for around $500 that would work at your home or office. offers all sorts of surveillance cameras and they claim that if you don’t find what you want on their web site, they will get it for you. They have a great weatherproof USB wireless camera which uses your computer to record video for about $350. Another site to check out is where they offer nanny cams, bullet cameras, button cameras and much more. If you’re looking for something really reasonably priced, check out for a mini wireless camera with receiver and cable and the great thing is the shipping is only $8 for 1-6 day delivery. Peace of mind without breaking the bank.

There are many options and ways to protect your home and your family and hope you find what you need at the sites suggested above.

There are many spy websites that are in use that serve as inspiration for secret agents who are dedicated to serving their nation and risk their lives by spying in enemy countries and one of the best is that has numerous points that can be followed and analyzed.

Taking Your Fitness To The Next Level With These Amazing Fitness Accessories

Over the last few years, everyone out there is trying to get in better shape and more and more people are into fitness these days. This is why there are tons of interesting accessories in the market that are specially designed for fitness enthusiasts. Right from waist trainers to portable gym equipment, everything is out there for people that are trying to get in better shape.

In this article, we will be going through some of the essentials when it comes to equipment that you need to make your workout regime more effective and productive than ever.

  1. Weight Bench is one of the most vital and necessary pieces of equipment if you are seriously thinking about training. With the help of a weight bench, you can try a bunch of activities including weight lifting and core training. This is why it is recommended that you pay attention to the type of weight bench you buy for yourself. You should invest in a flexible, adjustable, and durable weight bench that can withstand all your exercises.
  2. If you are a heavy lifter then you are already familiar with the importance of wrist bands. Along with that you also need a good pair of gloves so that you can get a perfect grip on your training equipment. There are training gloves that are available in the market that you can try as they provide you better grip along with wrist support making them really good for fitness enthusiasts.
  3. It is really important that as soon as you are done with your training session you properly recover. With the help of amazing rollers that are available in the market, you can easily recover from your workout session. As you use these rollers you can relax while getting a little workout as well.
  4. Keeping yourself hydrated is also quite important as you start with your workouts. This is where stainless steel bottles are more effective and safe as compared with plastic bottles.  it is a myth to not drink water before or in between your workout laps, moreover, you should also add a little glucose to your drink which will further help in maintaining blood pressure levels and will also provide you with energy to complete your workout more efficiently.
  5. Push up bars are also an important part of your gym equipment as no matter what training routine you follow you are going to start or end your regime with push ups. With the help of push up bars, you can effectively improve the number of push ups you do while maintaining a better and more accurate posture in the end.
  6. Fitness balls are really useful when it comes to training. With the help of fitness balls, you can do a variety of training as you can use these fitness balls in your cardio or cross-fit training routines.
  7. If you are interested in resistance training then one of the best things that you can buy is resistance bands. These really affordable and useful bands are quite effective as you get different levels of resistance that you can choose according to your training style.
  8. Knee support sleeves are also useful as they provide you excellent support as you start with your workout. Moreover, there are knee supports that are there in the market that are really comfortable and durable making them perfect for daily use.
  9. For all the weight lifter out there, a weight lifting belt is a really important accessory that you should invest in. Using these weight lifting belts gives you additional support that helps you as you undergo weight lifting.
  10. It is also important that you keep a track of your daily progress, this is where you can use fitness bands and apps that can help you in keeping a daily track of your progress that will help you psychologically.

These are the most important accessories that you can buy as you start with your fitness routine. Moreover, there are certain things such as your budget, the quality of these accessories you are going to buy, how much space you have at your home that you should keep in your mind as you invest your time and money.

Lastly, as you get more comfortable and proficient with your training routine you can also invest in high-end equipment and training kits which are going to make your workout session more productive.

Top 5 Best Water Purification Filters At Home

Looking for the best water purification filters at home? Well, you are in the right place. This article will give you the top 5 products that offer excellent quality.

Home Master Artesian Reverse Osmosis System

One of the best, most effective and strongest filters for drinking water that you can find in the market is the Reverse Osmosis Filter System. It is popular for its ability to remove almost 100% of most dangerous contaminants in the water such as herbicides, heavy metals, chlorine, pesticides and other chemicals. It also adds healthy minerals back after filtration. It has low water wastage and it has easy maintenance so it is ideal for a family who is in a tight budget.

Aquagear 8-Cup Water Filter Pitcher

Now, if you are a household of three, then this water purification filter might be the best deal for you. It is also one of the most popular water pitcher filters. Over the years, it has surpassed some of the big names and brands in the market. This filter pitcher has the ability to reduce chloramine, fluoride, and mercury in drinking water. Another great thing about it is that it has lifetime guarantee so you can have a free replacement if it breaks. Aquagear 8-Cup water Filter Pitcher uses numerous 2 micron pores in its filtration materials which trap the pollutants as water passess through it.

Big Berkey Water Filter 2.25 Gallon

If you check some of the best water filters in the market, there is always a big competition between propur vs berkey. While both brands are effective and offer great quality products to people, it is still important that as a customer, we carefully choose the best item for us. Big Berkey Water Filter can produce enough pure drinking water for 6 people. It has excellent quality in removing pollutant water from the drinking water. This water filter is ideal for a household of 6 people.

Big Berkey Gravity-Fed Water Filter

Another Big Berkey water filter is its Gravity-Fed Water Filter. This one comes with arsenic and fluoride filters and it is popular for its Black purification elements certified by EPA accredited laboratories. Hence, you can guarantee that the product that you are using are really made from quality materials and can offer you great service. This filter can handle fluoride, arsenic and it also reduces other metals and chemicals. It has a long filter life as attested by some customers. It comes with stainless bottle. Just like any other Big Berkey products, this filter is certainly worth your money.

Home Master Whole House 3-Stage Water Filter

Last in our list is the home master whole house 3 stage water filter. It is known as an effective filter in reducing iron and other sediments from water. It also improved water smell and taste and it doesn’t significantly affect the water pressure. This filter comes with three stages of filtration so you can ensure that the water will be delivered to you as safe and healthy.

Top 9 Ways to Earn Money Online

With the rise in popularity and access to the internet, all the people are looking for different ways through which they can earn money over the internet and make a career out of it. Moreover, you can generate a decent revenue of these easy ways that are mentioned in this article. 

  1. PTC websites
    PTC is a form of online business in which you draw online traffic and earn money from that. These websites act in such a way that they connect advertisers with their potential consumers. The advertiser pays the website a certain amount and the viewer who watches the advertisement also get a certain amount, this is how ptc works. 
  2. Freelancing
    This is a really popular way of earning money these days. As you get a plethora of options when it comes to freelancing. You can start working as a freelancer depending on your skills. As there are tons of companies are looking for various talented people.
    All you need to do is create your online account on job search engines and browse through the listings that are mentioned there. Or interested companies will contact you on their own.
    The thing that you need to keep in mind is the fact that you will only get paid once you finish the task that is given to you. Moreover, you may have to redo your task again and again before you get paid for your work.

  3. Starting Your own website
    You have vast resources when it comes to creating your own website. You can start with choosing the domain, designing your website, create templates and once you are ready with your website you can sign up with Google Ad-sense and start earning money from that. This way you can earn more money depending upon the number of visitors that you have on your website. 
  4. Affiliate marketing
    Once you are ready with your website you also get in touch with different companies and start with affiliate marketing on your website. In this process, you can add web links of different products on your website and get paid as any of your visitors uses the link that was there on your website. 
  5. Survey and research reviews
    There are tons of websites that are offering you money as you take part in their online surveys and researches. You can carry out online researches and get paid for that as well. Although with these surveys you may have to add your bank details which is why it is really important that you pay attention and avoid websites that are credible. 
  6. Translation and interpretation
    If you know any other language you can also provide freelance translation and interpretation services as well. There are tons of websites that offer freelance projects where you can translate documents in the target language. There is a huge demand for translators and interpreters when it comes to Spanish, Arab, German, or any other foreign language to the English language. 
    You can register yourself as a professional translator there and can earn really good money with that. 
  7. Online Tutoring
    This is another really good option for people that are interested in earning money online by teaching others. You can sign up with different websites that offer online classes to students all over the world and work there as an online tutor. In order to start your career like this by just filling out the forms and do a teaching demo online that can get you this job. You can get a really good income. 
  8. Social Media Affiliate
    With the rise of social media platforms, there are tons of people that started working as social media affiliates with the help of their social media accounts. As a social medial affiliate, you can start earning money by endorsing products on your social media page. All you need to do is promote your page and get a decent amount of followers. 
  9. Web Designing
    If you have relevant skills in this category you can start working as a website designer and offer your services to your clients. As there are tons of tech-savvy companies that just started with their businesses and are looking for website designers that can help them in setting up their websites. 

These are the top 9 ways through which you can work online and earn money from that. 

Solar Hot Water, what it is?

This article, the third in the series, will cover the passive solar hot water heating system. One of the simplest systems of heating your hot water using nothing but the energy from the sun, it is also one of the least expensive to build.

Just as the name suggest, passive means there are no moving parts in its system it relies on gravity and thermal dynamics to heat the water in your storage tank. I will explain this as we get further into this article. For our purposes we will cover the most common and the oldest type of solar hot water heater known, the “Batch” type. Surprisingly enough the remains of a rudimentary batch type system consisting of a large can painted black were found at the “Robber’s Roost”, the hideout of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, in Utah.

Basically what you have is tank that is located on the roof of your home in a position to harness as much of the sun’s energy as possible. This tank is usually coated with a heat transferring coating, such as flat black paint, so as to absorb as much heat as possible and transfer it to the water inside. Attached to the house water supply, cold water follows in under normal household pressure to replace the hot water as it is used. In most applications the solar tank is used in conjunction with your original hot water heater to provide for back up heating during the night or during colder weather.

You can further reduce the use of back up heat by placing the tank inside the roof instead of on top of it and providing for access to the sun through a glazed opening. This also negates the need to remove the tank when you have to replace the roof. Another option for keeping the water in your tank as hot as possible during the night is to install an insulated lid that can be lowered over the glazed part of the tank at night. There are several automated lowering devices available that are commonly used in the greenhouse world.

So if you are looking to get the most out of your solar hot water heating system, while leaving the smallest carbon footprint, this is the way to go. With minimal parts to buy, and no moving parts at all, this system is by far the easiest to install and maintain. In addition, Solar Hot Water is also considered as the commercial water softener alternative as it also helps in removing some toxic chemicals from the water supply. 

So now that we’ve covered the basics of how solar hot water heating works. In the next article we will begin looking at installing one in your home from choosing the style to having free hot water.

Top 4 Rolling Workbenches for your Garage

Are you looking for a good rolling workbench for your garage? To complement and make your life a bit more organized, a workbench tailored to your needs is essential. But you just can’t settle with any model you find in the market. The best thing is to study reviews and ratings before the final investment. Please read below to check the best rolling workbenches reviews.

Milwaukee 60 inch 11 Drawer Mobile Workbench

  1. Storage
  • Equipped with11 drawers, spacious enough to hold gears and parts safely, this mobile workbench is suited for perfect power users
  • Covers around 24199 cubic inches of space
  • Is capable of carrying 2200 pounds with ease
  1. Worksurface
  • A 60-inch space to work on, this bench provides a 22-inch pegboard for support as well.
  • The pegboard on the back wall is sturdy and adjustable to 3 different positions for your ease
  1. Size
  • This mobile workstation is approximately 26 in height, not including the
  • Industrial construction

  1. Build quality
  • Capable of holding over 220 pounds of gear, this mobile workspace will give you more than ample satisfaction from the build as well as storage capacity and quality.

Knack 44 Jobmaster Workbench

  1. Storage
  • Equipped with 41.5 inches of heavy-duty space, this workbench gives you around 50 pounds of storage capacity for each of its drawers.
  • In total, this bench provides you with an 800 pound of loading capacity with ease.
  1. Worksurface
  • You get 40” space here to station your laptop, papers, tools, and other electronic gears.
  1. Size and weight
  • This workbench is 25.5 inches in width and 37 inches in height and quite aesthetic to look at.
  • It weighs around 255 pounds.
  1. Build
  • Along with a sturdy built, you get a watchman iv lock system for extra safety,
  • Ball-bearing wheels are used for ease in mobility.

Trinity 72 inch Rolling Workbench

  1. Storage
  • 8 drawers are given with 2 cabinets for maximum storage space for increased functionality.
  • The total capacity for storage here is around 2200 pounds.
  1. Worksurface
  • A wide area of 72 inches space is big enough to accommodate maximum of your work requirements or gear, if not all of it.
  • The 1.5-inch thick panel gives you a strong and sturdy space to work on.
  • 3 inch of increments is included which can be adjusted to suit your requirements.
  1. Size and weight
  • The bench is 15.5 inches in width, 16 inches deep and has 4.75 tall drawers and 9. 50 small cabinets
  • In regards to weight, it’s around 250 pounds
  1. Build quality
  • The Trinity 72 inches is constructed with metal and wood for a sturdy built for heavyweight application
  • For ease of mobility, 5×2 inches of caster and ball bearings are used.

Husky 9 Drawer Rolling Workbench

  1. Storage
  • This home depot bestseller has 9 drawers and this workbench can host a mighty load of up till 1000 pounds.
  1. Worksurface
  • A welded steel panel of 51 inches is available to you as your work surface
  • This type of panel is resistant to chips and stains.

  1. .Size and weight
  • The Husky 9 Drawer Workbench is 52 inches in width, 18.1 inches deep, and has a height of 37.1 inches.
  1. Build
  • It is strong and sturdy and extremely durable due to its welded construction.
  • Protected with locks for the drawers.

All of these workbenches are well received and recommended due to their amazing build and quality along with high functionality. Go ahead and make your life and your work easier and for everyone.

Tea Maker: A Companion For Tea Aficionados

There are two types of drinks, apart from water, that have become a necessary beverage for everyone throughout the world: coffee and tea. They are also a distinct part of our lives and just as important for human survival and almost as basic a necessity as food, water and air, not necessarily in that order.

While some prefer coffee and some tea, there are also others who have a preference for neither. In today’s date, they have taken over the hearts and minds of human beings in such way to the point of addiction that it becomes difficult to resist the temptation when offered at home or at public gatherings despite many reports of health issues rampant on its frequent consumption.

However, just as everything has its fair share of pros and cons, tea is no exception in this case so it may be argued that its addiction is no less of a health hazard as the addiction to alcohol and drugs, there’s no denying the fact that it has just as many, if not more, health benefits to its name.

Tea, is one such beverage that is just as old and ancient as alcohol, and shares quite a few similarities with it, apart from the addiction factor, both have a history of its origins from normal, authentic medicinal plants and berries from trees, but with the modern age of chemicals, pollutants and synthetic items, both have become a liability for health-conscious people.

Well anyways, the arguments can go on and on and on regarding its strengths and limitations, the major health benefits that you get upon its consumption is universally acknowledged and appreciated by many health experts and reputed doctors throughout the world.

Certain health benefits:

  • Tea is very useful when it comes to grappling with life threatening diseases like heart attacks, cancers, strokes, kidney ailments etc.
  • It contains the essential compound poly phenol that as as an antioxidant.
  • It helps in keeping the body fluids balanced and strong.
  • It is helpful in preventing dehydration as it is high on water content
  • It acts as an anti-ageing agent and makes you look young and keeps you active and happening in old age.
  • It makes the skin look neat and clean
  • It enhances the memory power as it is good for the mind

There are many different aspects and benefits of tea that cannot be explained in any one single article or discussed at lengths in such a short while as time is limited and with everyone being extremely busy in their own lives and worries due to tension and stress regarding different issues and problems everyday.

The very best tea makers throughout the world vouch for the fact that tea has indeed played a very pivotal role in shaping their boring and mundane lives for the better as they are basically makers and not only consumers and therefore have a better understanding of tea, regarding its consumption and benefits, than normal people do.

As it happens in other products, tea as well is one where only the best brands with reputed names are chosen by the consumers and different brands such as brooke bond, tata, wagh bakri and many other reputed names and companies can claim credit for the betterment of the general lifestyle of the public.

Some of the best tea makers are as follows:

  • Breville
  • Gourmia
  • Black Teavana Perfect
  • Camelia Teapot
  • Chefman

A Guide On Buying The Best Portable Projectors Of 2019

Are you looking for the best projector solution for people who are frequently traveling? If your answer is yes, then you came to the right place. In this article, we will discuss how you can buy the best portable projectors that you can buy this 2019. We will also include our personal favorite when it comes to portable projectors that you can carry whenever you may go. Without further ado, let’s start by first defining the importance of portable projectors:

Portable projectors allows you to do demonstrations on the go and much more

Just a few years back, the idea of possessing a projector tiny enough to bring with you within your carrier, not to mention within your pocket, had been simply a wishful thinking. However, because projectors have gone down in proportions, lightweight versions have definitely become more and more reliable, allowing you to project crucial data presentations as well as videos wherever you go.

In addition to that, lightweight projectors cover a remarkably wide selection in terms of dimension, lighting, and functions. In the next section, we will allow you to have a knowledge and decide on their variations, in addition to emphasizing on the great must have features.

Pico or Palmtop Projectors

Pico or mini projectors are slightly bigger than mobile phones. For that reason, they can allow for movies and pictures projection for on-the-go leisure, together with slideshow and graphs for company or class demonstrations. These versions could be essentially considered as multimedia presentation devices due to their potential usage as an entertainment device and as a business presentation device. Even though the best pico projectors are handy, they have a tendency to have reduced brightness and comparatively costly for their overall performance.

LED versions – bigger and brighter while keeping their portability

A lot of producers have launched pocket projectors using LED that are usually a little bigger than palmtops, however, they are substantially brighter. They contain a somewhat high resolution at 1280×800, and their bigger structures allow them to incorporate more external jacks when compared with their scaled-down brethren. Despite the fact that several possess internal battery packs, the majority of LED models run exclusively on AC power.

These projectors are highly lightweight, however, you spend a high amount on this. They normally have a restricted amount of ports to keep their lightweight size.

Ultimately, a number of regular projectors are also compact and sufficiently light to be readily transportable, regardless of whether you are relocating them around classes or taking them over a cross country airline flight. A lot of projectors feature a soft bag, however, they can simply be just tucked into a traveling bag or back pack.

Our best pick

AAXA P7 Mini HD Projector


One advantage of this mini projector is that it is extremely small and easily portable. It features a 1080p HD native image resolution, internal battery pack, and can display clear image quality. Can play music and shows pictures or video clip through memory cards and USB flash drives.

Final conclusion: The AAXA P7 Mini HD Projector is really a scaled-down 1080p product great for company presentations while traveling, and it will do a good job at demonstrating movies and pictures, in addition to playing audio.


A Guide On Getting Rid Of Beastly Pests From Your Dog’s Fur

Fleas are one the most common parasites found on dogs and cats, and thereby the most annoying ones. A survey was conducted by the ‘Korean Journal of Parasitology’ on domestic dogs from 3 regions. A total of 407 fleas were recorded to be found from 83 domestic dogs. Studies also showed that fleas are more common in temperate areas and during the summer season. So, this is when you need to pay attention to the signs your dog may show.

How do I know if my dog is infected

Your furry friend may start displaying certain symptoms, and it is often not that hard to notice fleas. Frequent itching and biting are common signs. Another way to check for fleas is by examining your pet’s fur for ‘flea dirt.’ This can be done by combing the fur and seeing if black flecks that resemble dirt fall off, after a while they appear rust red in colour, this is the blood sucked by the fleas. Fleas prove to be extremely uncomfortable, which is why you should ensure you rid them as soon as possible.

Best Flea treatment

There are many different ways you can treat fleas; however, always make sure you consult your vet before carrying on with the treatments. Mostly a vet would recommend a fast-acting oral treatment, which kills fleas. Putting special sprays called ‘flea sprays are also effective, in order to prevent repeated infection, make sure you treat all the pets in the house, even though there aren’t affected. Also, wash your dog with flea shampoo. Furthermore, purchasing a flea comb will come in handy as you can comb the fur simultaneously as you wash the dog, for a much effective result. For furry dogs like golden retrievers, it becomes quite hard to manage, thus giving them topical treatment (according to the Vet’s advice) all year round may be beneficial.

Natural ways to get rid of fleas at home

  • Salt

Yes! Salt! It acts as an amazing dehydrating agent, thus sprinkling some salt in carpets and other ‘flea prone’ areas. After two days, vacuum the area thoroughly.

  • Lemon spray

Make a citrus spray by squeezing a lemon into water and bringing it to a boil. Set it overnight and transfer it to a spray bottle. Spray this on infected furniture, and the low pH prevents the growth of fleas.

  • Dish wash soap

How amazing it is to think that such simple items can have multiple uses! This method can be used to create a flea trap. All you have to do is mix some dish soap with warm water and place it in a vessel. It is more effective in the night as fleas tend to come out at night. Thanks to the high viscosity of the liquid, fleas get trapped. However, this needs to be repeated every night.

  • Flea repelling plants

This can’t get any more natural, certain plants contain pigments, oils, and scents that repel this insect away, thus installing such plants will be helpful, just make sure your pet doesn’t knock the pot off though. Examples of such plants include;

  • Lavender (Smells blissful)
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Spearmint
  • Pennyroyal

In general, taking care of your pets by cleaning them often and combing their fur will help in preventing parasitic insects.

The Greatest Racing Seats You Can Buy For Driving Long Distances Everyday

Generally, your car chairs might not provide the greatest dependability and convenience based on your choices specifically for daily traveling. You are able to alter this by choosing racing chairs. Possibly many individuals are uninformed that these greatest race seats for every day traveling are not only created for formula one racing and NASCAR car owners. If you are looking for the best racing seats reviews, then you came to the right place.

Why choose racing seats for your car

Daily actions like getting and transporting your children at their school, managing chores, and attending to your work can put pressure on your back as a result of being seated for an extended time. Investing in a fine racing car seat can safeguard your bones while improving dependability. Racing car seats feature elevated leg and entire body assistance which protect motorists from falling from their chairs in case of accelerations as well as sharp moves.

The steadiness of a racing car chair stops the motorist from misjudging ranges and prevents the loss of the handle of the automobile. The racing seats are getting more and more reputation with motorists, there are several choices in the market place nowadays.

Finding the perfect racing chair for your vehicle could be a struggle. In many cases, it is not with regard to understanding the readily available products. Instead, it is related to determining the reason why they are the finest for you and what you need to assume from a racing car seat. Listed below are the most effective racing car seats obtainable and sold in the market nowadays that you can set up within your vehicle. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Auto Dynasty Full Reclinable Black and Red Cloth Type-7 Racing Seat

This racing seat is the greatest example of a car seat with outstanding balance and protection. It includes a lightweight metal framework and is protected with comfortable injection cast foam and fabric intended for additional assistance on both your backside and shoulder muscles.

Auto Dynasty Full Reclinable Black and Red Cloth Type-7 Racing Seat is a versatile product which you can use with seat belt slots with point 6, 5, as well as 4. This type 7 racing chair is included with heavy upper leg supports that keep the motorist in position and enhances the convenience and traveling security. They cannot slip in the course of performing a sharp turn.

This racing chair is manufactured out of high quality woven fabric clothing, specifically created for the completely reclinable top of the line race.

2. BRAUM Black and Red Leatherette Carbon Fiber Mixed Universal Racing Seats

The weight of a car seat is a big factor when choosing one. This is where Braum car seat is dominant, featuring a lightweight 25 pound car seat. This is due to its tubularmetal structure which is coated in compact natural powder. At the moment, it is one of the least heavy racing car chairs available for sale.

This Braum racing car chair is made from scrape proof and tremendously long lasting components. It possesses a compact yet strong tubular framework and includes a reclining control type system. The base mount design needs car-specific chair mounting brackets before they can be installed.

Why Use SoundCloudAs Your Music Streaming Service

Due to streaming companies turning out to be the norm nowadays, and more consumers are starting to use their services, it is inevitable that you will start using their services. Services like Spotify, SoundCloud, and even YouTube can provide music streaming services nowadays. This article will discuss mainly the advantages of SoundCloud as a music provider, and why you should use it as your main music streaming service. Without further ado, let’s start:

  1. Take advantage of SoundCloud’s embedding features

One of the biggest features of SoundCloud is its embedding features. It got an advanced embedding capability used by many websites, and their embed function has a lot of functionality too. It shows how many clicks a music track has, and can be embedded into any kind of website. Additionally, it got a nice and clean user interface.

  1. You can save SoundCloud music offline

Although not officially supported, there are lots of third party Soundcloud downloader available on the internet. You can easily use those third party programs to save SoundCloud songs offline on your device, whether you are using a computer or a mobile phone. When using third party tools and websites to download SoundCloud track, you can download even those tracks that are restricted for downloading. If you are interested in using those third party websites, you can go and read our other article titled The Best Online Downloader ForSoundCloud.

  1. Simple downloading method

This is the officially supported downloading method of SoundCloud, however not every music track is available for this. As such, using the third party websites mentioned earlier in this article is still recommended for seamless downloading. However, if the song or music that you want to save online supports the official download feature of SoundCloud, then definitely go and use it. You can start the download by simply clicking on a download URL, and your file will be downloaded automatically.

  1. Take advantage of the comment section (both as an artist and as a user)

This is considered as one of the greatest functions of SoundCloud. The ability to leave a comment on tracks, which includes making comments at a certain time in the song is very handy for people who like to comment at their favorite tracks. You will see a variety of well known songs and music full of comments at parts that is famous with people.

It may appear to be just a small feature, however, at this point in time, we all want to be listened to and most people enjoy having a way to socialize. This also makes it possible for immediate opinions on your song launches, which can truly assist lesser musicians that are setting up early demonstrations of their songs.

  1. Create your own personal playlists

An additional excellent function of SoundCloud is it makes it possible for people to generate their very own playlists made up of songs published by their preferred musicians. This has benefits for both the artists and the users. As an artist, you will gain more exposure to your songs through playlist sharing. As a user, it will allow you to save a list of your favorite songs from different artists, and play them all in order or in shuffle in just one click.

Factors To Consider When Buying Your Very First Cbd Oil

If you are planning to buy your very first CBD oil, you are in the right place. This article will go through some of the important factors that you need to carefully consider so you will be able to get the best deals in the market as much as the best deals you can get from CBDistillery coupon code.

One of the important things that you need to take into account is the source of the hemp. Remember, the hemp origin plays a vital role in the overall quality and condition of the product. For you to get the best CBD oil in the market, you should consider the geographical area or location where the hemp plant grew. The good news is that most of the reliable companies provide information about where they source out their hemp that they use in the production of their CBD products. The main reason why it is very important is that when hemp is growing, it has the ability to absorb different components found in soil, air, water and others where it grows in. That said, if the hemp plant is grown in an area where all of those elements are rich in nutrients, then you can ensure that it is quality as well.

Another factor that you need to consider is the extraction methods used. Knowing this is also crucial because it significantly determines the purity of the product. Nowadays, companies are using different extraction methods. So far, the most efficient and safest method is the carbon dioxide extraction process. The reason for this is that this method offers a more potent and high-quality products compared to other extraction method. Furthermore, the use of CO2 extraction method uses CO2 at high pressure levels and as a result, it can effectively extract different components of the hemp plant. That said, it is very important that before buying any CBD oil in the market, you must inquire about the extraction method that the company is using so you can ensure that their products are potent and high quality.

It is also important to check the THC levels of the product that you are buying. Basically, THC is a compound also found in hemp plant and it contains psychoactive properties. As required by the FDA, CBD products should not contain more than 0.3 percent of THC. So before buying your very first CBD oil, you should check the THC level content.

Finding the right concentration is also needed. Usually, you can find the concentration details of the CBD oil on the label of the product. Before making a purchase, make sure to check for the same oil products. Some products have concentration ranging from 205 to 1000 mg. You can find this product on a label on the bottle. Another thing that you need to take into account is that if you have severe chronic conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, you will be needing a higher dose of CBD than the rest. If you buy the product for pain relief, anything above 250 will work for you.

Another important factor that you need to consider is the price. Yes, there are several providers in the market, providing wide variety of CBD forms and products. There are brands that are too expensive and there are brands that are affordable.  But some customers tend to choose expensive brands as they tend to have better and effective results compared to other brands. But keep in mind that this is not always the case. You have to look for brands that are worth the price.

Last but not the least, you should also consider the form of CBD oil that you want to buy. Generally, CBD oil can be purchased in several forms. It can be purchased in liquid form or you can consume it through capsule. Some consumers, especially smokers also prefer vaporized CBD oil as it is considered as healthier and safer compared to other brands.

Overall, before buying your very first CBD product, it is important that you consider lots of factors. This will help you get the best deals in the market and at the same time, you can ensure that the product you are interested in buying is high quality, effective and most importantly, safe!

Where to Find Free WordPress Blog Themes

Do you have a WordPress blog and are tired of the same look and feel of your site? Many people do not realize that there are a number of sites that offer 100% free WordPress templates for you to edit and use as you like. Some of these sites literally have thousands of free templates for you to download and install. The best part is, you don’t have to edit or change any existing copy to use the templates; just download, install, and activate! Moreover, you have options like Dallas web design, that can help you with the designing of your website up to its full potential.

WordPress ThemeViewer

This site is the Cadillac of free WordPress theme sites. This site has several thousand templates available for immediate download and usage. You can query their database of templates and sort your results based on whatever criteria you decide. For example, if you are looking for a 3-column template that is widget-ready, you can simply check the boxes next to “3 columns” and “Widget ready” and press the Search button. You can even search for a theme by a particular keyword! For instance, searching for the keyword “flower” returns about 50 templates – all ready for immediate download!


A no-frills free WordPress themes template site. These free templates are sorted alphabetically, but the site does not include any type of search or sort function to narrow your results. Still, there are plenty of great free templates here for you to download and evaluate.


This site is a little different from all the other free sites because this site offers 2401 free WordPress templates for download in a single file. The file is about 250 MB in size, so unless you have a fairly large broadband connection, your download of this file might take some time. However, once you get the file downloaded, you could “enjoy a new WordPress theme every day for about 6 and a half years.” It’s worth the wait.

WordPress Loser

Simply a huge stash of free WordPress templates for you to use! The site does not include any kind of search or sort function, so sifting through about a thousand templates can get a little tedious, but if you are patient, you’ll find a template you’ll love!

Alex King has quite a large compilation of free themes at his site. I wish his site included some sort of thumbnail view of each template, just so you could see it in action prior to downloading. However, don’t let that stop you, as he has a ton of great free templates available!

Adding and installing a new template is a great way to spruce up your little slice of digital paradise easily and efficiently. Check out what these great sites have to offer and you’ll be able to give your WordPress blog an instant makeover!

How to Chinchilla Care

So you have bought a Chinchilla? Chinchillas are fun and playful pets to have in your home. So what do you need for a Chinchilla? Well, there are many things you can buy for your new Chinchilla, but there are some basic things a Chinchilla requires to keep it healthy and alive!


The first thing you will need to buy is a cage, big enough (no smaller than 3x3x3)for the Chinchilla to be able to get daily exercise, a two or three-level wire cage is best, they love to climb and jump. If you want to know why you need a big one then you should click on the link given here. Make sure the bottom of the cage is at least partly solid instead of all wire because the chinchilla’s feet will get sore from standing on the wire all the time. The second item you will need is some bedding or litter for the bottom of the cage for the Chinchilla to sleep in and poop and ( pee) which they like to pick a certain corner to do that. The bedding or litter needs to be made out of white pine, aspen, or Carefresh adding a 1-inch layer in the bottom every time you change it. The bedding or litter should be changed at least once a week. DO NOT EVER use cedar bedding or litter, because it contains phenols that are too strong for the Chinchilla and can cause serious health issues, such as skin irritation and breathing problems.


The third thing you will need is some food for the Chinchilla. There are many brands to choose from, but as long as you get a kind that is made special for a Chinchilla that is a pellet form and not allots of treats added(anything that does not look like a pellet is a treat) will be fine. In addition to the pellet food, the Chinchilla needs Timothy hay and you can also offer weekly fresh vegetables and fruits to your Chinchilla, such as carrots, apple raisins, and banana’s once or twice a weak is enough. To many treats can make them sick. The Fourth thing you will need is a water bottle. If your cage did not come with a water bottle then you will need to but one. I suggest a glass because if you get a plastic one and the edge of the bottle is in chewing range the Chinchilla will chew it. I also recommend not using tap water and buying purified or distilled water from the store, because some water from the tap can contain harmful things to a Chinchilla.


The Fifth thing that is vital to a Chinchilla is taking a dust bath. This helps keep their coats clean and shiny. You will need to buy special dust made from volcanic ash. Just pour a cup or two of this dust in a med size plastic dishpan, place the Chinchilla in the pan and watch your Chinchilla roll, they love to roll and dig in this stuff and they are fun to watch them take a bath. The dust can be messy so make sure to do it where it is easy to clean up after the Chinchilla is finished Allow 10-15 min twice a week, no more than that or it will dry out their skin. The most common dust brands are Kaytee, Blue Cloud, and Blue Sparkle. When you see someone’s teeth and they are yellowish-orange and you atomically think wow they need a good cleaning, but with Chinchilla, this is very normal. this means they have enough calcium in their body.

If the Chinchilla’s teeth are a pale yellow then it will need an extra form of calcium. you can buy drops to add to their water. Chinchilla’s teeth also need to be filed down and they can do this by themselves by chewing on things, you should get some wooden chew toys or sticks and supply them in the cage. Make sure that the wood is safe for Chinchilla’s and not have been treated with harmful chemicals. Chinchilla can shed their fur like cats and dogs. You can reduce the amount of shedding but brushing your chinchilla once a day with a wire slicker brush. Just start from the head and work down to the tail.

There are some brands of dust that are scented but do not use theses with scents added in. Chinchillas are sensitive and these can cause respiratory problems.

These are the basic things needed for a Chinchilla, but here are some other things that are also factors to consider:

Chinchilla’s need lots of exercises. The safest way is for you to interact with them in a quite room and supervised. NEVER leave them untanned, they can get into many different things that can harm them. If you use the bath room for the Chinchilla to exercise in close the toilet lid because the Chinchilla can jump in the toilet and drown. Make sure that the room is safe to allow your Chinchilla to roam around such as no electric wires down where the Chinchilla can chew them, also make sure there are not any other harmful items they can chew. Chinchillas love to climb and jump, but they also can be hurt if they climb up something and jump too far, make sure that the room has no high places to jump from. Another form of great exercise for a Chinchilla is a running wheel in their cage. Please NEVER put a Chinchilla in one of those plastic balls you see in pet stores. They can cause Chinchilla harm, such as heat strokes( a chinchilla must be in temperature not higher than 75 degrees Fahrenheit or below 50 degrees Fahrenheit and because the ball is made of plastic and heats up easily when the Chinchilla pees in it), broken toes. Many Chinchilla has died in these exercise balls. Another good thing to add to the cage is a hiding area since Chinchilla is nocturnal(sleep all day, up all night). A wooden log that has been approved for a Chinchilla that has not been treated, makes a great place or a plastic igloo that you can find at the pest store. One good thing to buy when you purchase your Chinchilla is a care book or guide on them, it will answer allot of questions and concerns. All of the items mentioned in this article can be found out at most pet stores.

Finding Good Customer Service when Furniture Shopping

You’ve heard the expression a thousand times: “The customer is always right.” This, in a nutshell, expresses what good customer service looks like. Spelled out in more explicit terms, a business should: 1) listen to what a customer likes and does not like about your business, 2) keep all promises that they make, 3) when they fail to live up to a promise, make it up to the customer in some way, and 4) be helpful, even when there’s no apparent financial benefit to do so.

But what about furniture retailers? While good customer service seems to have made its way into business websites such as those operated by hotel chains and high-end clothiers, with furniture dealers, it’s a mixed bag. There are a few that do rather poorly, a few that seem to excel at customer service–with the rest somewhere in between. To evaluate the state of customer service among online furniture dealers, we examined six that give a good cross section. Hopefully after you see what each of these does right and wrong, you’ll be better equipped to know what you should look for before you shop for furniture online. Our six sample dealers are: Ashley Furniture (, Simplicity Sofas (, J.C. Penney (, Furnitureland South (, Overstock (, and Ikea (


While we tend to think of customer service as dealing with refunds and warranties, it actually starts before the purchase itself. That is, an exceptional store will help a person figure out what will work best for their home. Unfortunately, the big department store chains tend to be more reactive in customer service. For instance, in our sample group, J.C. Penney offers little assistance in planning your room, spending most of their customer-service efforts on explaining returns and warranties. At the other end of the spectrum is Simplicity Sofas, which uses a lot of its website, not just to sell, but to inform. They do so on their educational blog, newsletter, and by their offer to send free fabric samples–as far as we can tell, something that only they do..

Furniture Land South also makes a valiant effort at being helpful through their Design Folder. This allows you to select your favorite furniture from the site and send these to a consultant, who will contact you with further assistance. Ashley Furniture tries to add some education in the mix by offering cleaning and assembly instructions–though no real assistance to help you decide what to purchase. Overstock is mostly reactive like J.C. Penney. But by far, the least informative is Ikea, which offers only a “virtual agent” named Anna who answer all your questions. In actual practice, “Anna” is not much help at all. We’ll talk about her more later.


After you’ve bought your furniture, the most important aspect of customer service is the warranty. That is, if the purchase doesn’t work out, you want to know what the company will do to correct the situation. Each of our sample group either offers their own warranty, or works with furniture manufacturers that do. However, some are much better than the others. For instance, J.C. Penney promises only that some furniture “may be subject to a manufacturer or store warranty,” and notes that if so, it’s “only valid for a limited time” and that “misuse by the customer voids all warranties.” They never explain what constitutes “misuse,” however. Contrast this with Simplicity Sofas, which has the most extensive furniture warranty that we’ve found on the Internet. They promise that if the customer is dissatisfied for any reason, they will refund the entire price, including shipping costs.. Granted, it’s easier for them to do this than the others, since they both manufacture and sell their product line, but still, it’s a significant difference from the others.

Ashley Furniture notes several times on their website that each store is independently owned. So what kind of warranty will you get? They can’t tell–because it depends on what your local store chooses to offer. Furniture Land South is happy to give you a refund or repair any item, provided you can prove that any defect happened because of them and that it was delivered in that condition. This means, they’ll do little for you if you not properly inspect the furniture as soon as it arrives and before the delivery man leaves.

If nothing else, Ikea is very blunt about their warranty responsibilities: “Ikea will examine the product and decide, at its sole discretion, if it’s covered under the limited warranty.”


Five of our six furniture dealers allow customers to contact them via email. Unbelievably, Ikea does not, preferring you to use “Anna” their virtual customer-service agent. We tried asking “Anna” how to get a refund, and no answer came back. Therein lies the problem with this approach. You usually have to phrase your question just right for virtual agents to even understand the question.

Each of our group has a toll-free number, and all of them offer Facebook accounts for their customers to use. However, Ashley Furniture appears to use theirs only to promote their products, and do not accept “wall” posts by customers.

It is not just with Ashley but many other furniture brands that care only about promotions so that their product will be in the spotlight as a result of which it will be more visible to public eye and once the sales start picking up, the furniture will be no less than a chairthrone.

As for the old-fashioned telephone call to the companies, both J.C. Penney and Overstock appear to have mere sales agents answering your calls. For that reason, they don’t seem to know that much about the furniture itself. Contrast this with the furniture-specific companies, Simplicity Sofas, Ashley Furniture and Furniture Land South. These seem more likely to have someone who knows the product answering their phones. What’s more, we found it especially easy to speak directly with the higher-ups at Simplicity Furniture, and frankly, those we spoke with seemed passionate about their product. At the bottom of the totem pole again was Ikea–offering only “Anna” the virtual agent to assist you.

Our conclusion is that slowly, furniture dealers are joining the rest of the online world in offering better customer service. However, many of them–if not most–have a ways to go before they are truly treating their customers as though they are “always right.” If you’ll be shopping for chairs, small sofas or other furniture soon, and if customer service is your concern, we recommend that you select a company that manufactures the product they sell. These are the ones who seem to have a passion for treating their customers right.

A Divorce That Left Me Bankrupt

We lived in Palm Springs, had 3 cars, a beautiful home, and I never worked unless I wanted to. I had everything I wanted. When I decided to leave my husband, I left with nothing. This may sound strange but I had my reasons. I didn’t want anything from him; I just wanted to find some sort of happiness again. That was a prideful thing to do and I paid for it in every way possible.

I hadn’t finished my degree when I was married. I stayed at home with our children, worked part time, and then we opened a business of our own. We ended up losing our business and our marriage. We were still in good financial shape after all was said and done, but our marriage was in shambles.

After leaving, I soon discovered that I had no way to make the kind of money I was accustomed to. I worked as a server and a bartender for a short time. Credit card debt was out of control and my ex-husband wouldn’t help with any of the debt we had accumulated together. It was his way of “punishing” me for leaving; of making me suffer. I soon found myself awake every night worrying about paying for basic needs like food and shelter. Bankruptcy was my only reasonable option at the time and I filed.

Being married for so many years and having every luxury was something that I came to rely on. Having no real job experience, no degree, and no means to support myself and my children was a real eye opener. After getting the immediate debt taken care of with bankruptcy, I immediately returned to school and finished my Associates degree in business management. I began looking for a high paying job that I could excel in and stumbled into sales. I’ve now been doing this for three years and managed to buy two homes. I now have a great credit score and am doing very well financially. However, the road to this success was long and difficult. Good thing I sought help from bankruptcy lawyer san diego. They help me through the bankruptcy process. I did not have the knowledge about the legal process so I needed someone to help me. Good thing I found reliable lawyer. Through his help, I was able to get past the circumstance.

The financial side of divorce can be very ugly. I’ve learned to protect myself from this sort of thing happening again. I will never tie my finances to another persons, married or not. The fact is simple; someone can be angry with you and ruin you financially. It isn’t mature of them to do so but it happens. I will always be in control of my financial future and make my own decisions concerning money. I will not spend more than I make. I have become extremely thrifty and constantly save as much money as possible. I never want to find myself in that situation again but rather in a position of strength.

I have no problem trusting other people in relationships because of the actions of my ex-husband. I simply believe that there is no reason to put your entire financial future in another persons hands. You may think you know someone extremely well but the fact is that people change. Even someone you trust can surprise you. It just makes sense to protect yourself in this manner.

Learning Photoshop will give you these 5 business benefits

If you are a business owner, it is important that you find ways on how to make your business or brand stand out. One of the best ways to do this is through Photoshop. This software has been helpful to several businesses not just in attracting customers but also in generating sales. 

Product Photography

Certainly, if you own a business and selling products, it is important that you highlight all the great things about your craft. Product photography is one of the best ways to do it. Product photography shots have the ability to increase your sales. It can be posted in your stores as a banner, flyers or even in the packaging of your product itself. As such, learning Photoshop to creatively layout pictures of your product will certainly help you gain more customers, which will result to more income or profit.  In addition, through pictures, there is a high possibility that your product will leave an impact to your target market.


Leaning photography is definitely helpful in the marketing activities of your business. Obviously, most of the marketing platforms, whether it is traditional or modern, use pictures as a center or focus. From flyers to banners, to stickers to billboards, pictures or images are always part of every marketing instrument. As such, it is very crucial that you know how to use Photoshop so you can manifest your marketing ideas and strategies effectively. Again, as a result, you will gain more profit.

Social Media

Nowadays, most businesses use social media as a channel for their marketing and promotional activities. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and even Youtube are just some of the most common social media platforms that businesses use in order to market their products or services. And just like any marketing platform, images play a vital role in social media. Thus, if you want to attract more customers, you must be able to know how to use Photoshop so you can create quality and attractive images about your business or product. This will help you gain more followers so you can expand your network and market reach.

Web Design

For a business to be competitive, having a website is necessary. Having a website also shows that your business is legit and reliable. But for your customers to buy your products through your website, it is important that your site contains great content and that includes amazing pictures. Learning Photoshop will help you to create amazing pictures for your web design. Studies suggest that having a website with great design such as images and content will help your business to attract your customers to buy your products. It will also help you to increase the traffic in your site. As a result, more visitors will see your site.

Business Cards

You can make your own business stand out by creating and designing your won business card through Photoshop mac download. With this software, you have the ability to tailor your business cards to match your business exactly. Having professional business cards will certainly make you ahead of your competitors. Remember that your business card is not just for your customers but it is also given to all your stakeholders such as suppliers, business partners, and among others. Your business card is the reflection of your business so make sure you create an outstanding one.

Generally, Photoshop is a helpful tool for businesses. It can be used in an array of business activities and platforms that help promote the products and brands of the business. Hence, it is advisable to learn Photoshop through several trainings available online.

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