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Choosing a Bathing Suit Color That Will Compliment Your Body Shape

There are so many sites on the internet that give information about what type or style of bathing suit you should wear for a particular skin type but what part does the color of the bathing suit play in the look? The color of your bathing suit could be blemishing the look of your overall appearance on the beach. Choosing a bathing suit color that compliments your body shape is vital to achieving an overall appearance that is flawless and worthy of sunbathing at the beach or by the community pool. Here are some tips for choosing a bathing suit color that will compliment your body shape! As you are done with all these tips you can get a perfect bathing suit for yourself on one piece swimwear online with their best service and products.

Black: A black bathing suit is great for areas of the body that are large and you wish to draw attention away from. If you have a large chest then it may be a good idea to wear a black or dark-colored top with a bold light-toned bottom. For a large bottom, a darker bottom should be paired with a lighter top.

The pattern of the bathing suit material also plays a key role in how your body shape is or is not flattered by your suit. Diagonal lines will draw attention away while horizontal lines tend to make the bust or the waist area look larger or at least the same size. Vertical lines will create a lengthening appearance while cut-outs will create a slimming and shortening appeal to lengthy parts such as a long torso.

Pink: There are so many shades of pink that you can get a pink bathing suit that will complement nearly any body shape. A bold and dark pink is perfect for creating a slimming effect or to draw attention away while a lighter tone of pink can be worn to draw attention to a specific body part or area. Pink is a great color for both dark and light skin tones as it creates a warming tone that is perfect for sunbathing bodies!

White: A white bathing suit is perfect for dark skin tones. White will definitely draw attention to a specific body part or are so if you don’t want a part to be noticed then don’t cover it in white! A white top will create a larger looking bust area, especially when paired with a black or dark lower bathing suit piece.

Nude: A nude color bathing suit is for perfect beach bathing bodies only. This bathing suit color is very difficult to pull off for even the most perfect body shapes! Nude works well when you want a body part seen by all!


Blue: Blue bathing suits are most suited for darker skin tones. Bold bright blues can be worn to attract attention to a specific body part while a light baby blue will draw attention to a rounded overall look. Blue patches are perfect for creating a slimming look for unsightly body shapes or areas.

Red: Want to get a specific area of the body such as your bust noticed? A bold red bathing suit top will definitely do this! Take care to pay attention to your skin tone when deciding on a red bathing suit as certain cooler skin tones may clash with a bold and bright red suit. A maroon suit is perfect for lighter skin tones and it really will flatter a mid-drift that may be slightly bulgy!

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