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Helpful Tips for Coming up with a Fun Meal Planning Party

A meal planning party is a great way for you to get together with other moms, and go over what your
meals will be for the next month. I have found this to be a great way to get ideas, tips and suggestions,
on how to plan to feed your family with a limited budget. Budgeting, and feeding your family is really
what meal planning is all about?

In order to organize your meal planning party, you will need to first talk to some of your friends about it.
See who is interested in meal planning or who already does it. If no one is currently meal planning you
can plan a party that will help them learn how to do it. When it comes to the party pick a day and an
evening to host the party. You should have plenty of snacks for your family. If you have some budget
friendly meals, you can create little samples of these meals for each of your guests to taste. Sometimes,
I also prepare some food ideas for vegans they may love. On the invitations you can also put, down for
each of your cost to bring their own budget friendly meal. In my experience I have found it to be fun, to
set a price limit on how much money you can spend on one particular meal. For example you can see the
budget at ten dollars. Ten dollars meals are a great way to create a meal budget for the party.

Have each of your guests give you a call and let you know what item they will be bringing to the party.
This will help you to be able to avoid having too many duplicate meals. It is also a good idea to create
some menus as well with meal suggestions. You can visit food for some budget friendly
meals and then print them out. Place the meals inside of little photo books. You can purchase these
photo books from your local dollar store. These photo albums can be your gift to each of your guests.
They will each be given budget friendly meals. You can go for at least five to ten meals in one photo
album for each of your guest. In the back of the recipe books, you can have a small calendar, where they
can create their menu for each day. Remember that the point of the party is to help moms with their
meal planning and swap suggestions. You can host this party at least once a month. It will also give
moms something to look forward to each month. Some moms may even choose to go shopping
together in order to help each other make sure they do not spend money on items not on their list. Try
seeing if a different person can host the party each month.

Nicole Hennig
Nicole Hennig is a freelance writer, content writer, blogger, and also a photographer. She graduated from the University of Caloocan in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2015.

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